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  1. The meek man cares not at all who is greater than he, for he has long ago decided that the esteem of the world is not worth the effort. He develops toward himself a kindly sense of humor and learns to say, ’Oh, so you have been overlooked? They have placed someone else before you? They have whispered that you are pretty small stuff after all? And now you feel hurt because the world is saying about you the very things you have been saying about yourself? Only yesterday you were telling God that you were nothing, a mere worm of the dust. Where is your consistency? Come on, humble yourself, and c
  2. I don't think I would consider Erasmus a good source of truth.
  3. Normally I would agree with you, Salyan, but in this case I don’t think his church is ready to approach harmony. I think the best option would be to get the Hymns transposed into a workable key until such time as he can get someone he feels comfortable turning the song leading over to. Believe me, I believe in doing things in the key they are written in. In our church orchestra, one of the rules I set down was no transposing: if they want to play in orchestra, they have to play in all 12 keys. But in this case, I think you would be better in the long run having your song leader comfortabl
  4. Weary Warrior, Is your music situation improving, or are you still facing the same problems? If you are interested I think I can help. Sit down with your pianist, and go through the your singing range, have her hit a note and you sing it. Tell her I need to know your highest note and lowest note in relation to middle C. When you get that, send me a list of twenty songs, and I will transpose them into a key that you can sing in.
  5. I don't think it's teaching works salvation in that particular line (in other places it is), they just don't know if it is by works or not. It reminds me of the song "I Can Go In", it sounds like someone running back and forth and back and forth like, "Can I go In? Can I go In?". Then they get the answer they like and they're like "OHHHHH! I can go in!!!". Guess what, man, if you waited until then to figure it out, you can't go in. However, I agree with you that this song is a little off. It seems like they are equating Calvary with Heaven, in which case, they are trying to pray their way thro
  6. Welcome! It's always great to have another music enthusiast around. Looking forward to the fellowship.
  7. I don't have one favorite thing. There are so many good points about my church that I could go on forever. I have a church that stands for right, preaches against sin, has Godly, encouraging music, makes great effort to win the lost, makes just as much effort to teach the ones who do get saved, a family and haven of which I am glad to say that I'm a part.
  8. Tonight I made flat iron steak, sautéed yellow squash with portabella mushrooms and yellow bell pepper, garlic butter potatoes, and a cucumber and tomato salad.
  9. So I'm constantly thinking about musical notation, and how I would do certain things. Well, I ask my pastor's wife and daughter (both musicians) "have you ever thought about how you would write the music to The Song That Never Ends?" To which the mom stares at me in unbelief, and the daughter exclaims, "YES!" So are we the only weird ones out there, or do other people sit around thinking about things like that?
  10. I believe that the Kingdom of Heaven refers to "Spiritual things as they relate to eternity" (i.e. salvation, the rapture, eternal life, etc.) and the Kingdom of God refers to "Spiritual things as they pertain to the Christian life" (i.e. the church, sanctification, separation, etc.). There are places where it would seem that they are interchangeable, but remember that there are many, many truths that apply to salvation and its components that also apply to the Christian life and its components. I would almost agree that they are interchangeable, except there are some places that if you s
  11. I just figured out that if I sign in with my display name instead of my email, it lets me sign in.
  12. I’ve been wanting to try making risotto, but I’ve never had it so I don’t know what it should taste like. Do you think you could post a recipe for it?
  13. I'm still having issues. I don't log out, I just simply leave. I always double check my password, it still won't except it. Literally every time I log in, I have to reset my password. Which means I have to go from OB to my email and back. I know it isn't that difficult, but it's getting annoying. Any ideas, @BroMatt?
  14. Bro. Markle, I have to question your defining of Hebrews 12:23, in light of Hebrews 12:22-24 (and the whole chapter as its context). I question it not because I necessarily disagree with you, but rather because I feel that some things may have been taken by assumption. Is there anything in the aforementioned passage that affirms that the church of the firstborn is indeed in the heavenly Jerusalem? It seems rather to only indicate that they are written in Heaven, that is, recorded, but not necessarily present. In the passage, it mentions eight things that the church that he was writing to (Hebr
  15. A problem I find For from the abundance But it is not my desire, For my heart leads my mouth; As I go through my life; Of the heart doth it speak: So what is it then? In God's Word we can see it. My mouth is the cause The murmurings, disputings, What would thus cause me Yet my heart is not led, Of an abundance of strife.
  16. And here's one on my soprano recorder. This is an adaptation of a Baroque piece by Mouret (pronounced Mor-ay).
  17. Here's one on my alto recorder. I haven't played my recorders in a while, so bear with me please.
  18. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes and rich brown gravy, and green beans. Then we finished off with coffee and cream cheese pie.
  19. Sure you are! Let's have a raise of hands to see how many want HC to post a video.
  20. Lol!!! I know how that goes. I learned music on the recorder. In fact I still have my first recorder.
  21. Ok, I can't carry all the weight by myself. That being said, here's something I came up with while playing for my daughter back when she was 1ish.
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