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  1. I live in North Pole Alaska , the temp for the last two days has been 50 below. I live in a little dip or valley where its and extra 5-10 degrees colder.
  2. Finished 2 semesters at Golden State Baptist College and Lord willing I will return in the fall. Music missions major with a proficiency in voice.
  3. While I was in California, I regularly would go door to door soulwinning. In the poorer areas of the city, I would ask the question "If you died today are you %100 sure you are on your way to heaven?" and they were very receptive to the question, very thoughtful of it and I was able to give the gospel, now in the richer areas of the city I would ask the EXACT SAME QUESTION and it was not received well at all! I got chewed out quite a few times and it was slightly unsettling since I had never had that reaction before... Is there another way I should begin going into the gospel or continue
  4. Fellow Alaskans! @Jim_Alaska @weary warrior I use to be on this site back in 2005 under the name Bibleworm, Back when I was on here, I think I might have been the only Alaskan. I created this account in 2013 but didn't post or come on soon after I joined. So glad to see you both!
  5. Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be on here.
  6. I wasn't sure where to post this Exodus 15:23 And when they came to Marah, they could not drink of the waters of Marah, for they were bitter: therefore the name of it was called Marah. I grew up in a godly family, my dad was a deacon who you would see studying his Bible every single day, the wisest man I knew, he didn't take the pastor's word for it, he researched everything in the Bible personally, he was kind, caring, and loved the Lord greatly. My mother was a prayer warrior, when she prayed, the Lord listened to her prayers, and it was made obvious to anyone who was watching
  7. Those who do not love the Lord, will not help us serve the Lord.

  8. This is my experience with RU: About a year and a half ago, my mom had a mental breakdown, I was scared and really unsure of what to do, when someone suggest RU! I tried it the next Friday, and instantly loved it, over the next few months I applied myself to the work, and found myself drawing closer to God and having that personal walk with him that I have always desired. RU attracts the addicted, yes, but solely for them? No. RU is in fact, a supped up Bible study, meant to get you in God's word on a daily basis and have a strong prayer life as well. It is all about your personal walk wit
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