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  1. I live in North Pole Alaska , the temp for the last two days has been 50 below. I live in a little dip or valley where its and extra 5-10 degrees colder.
  2. Finished 2 semesters at Golden State Baptist College and Lord willing I will return in the fall. Music missions major with a proficiency in voice.
  3. While I was in California, I regularly would go door to door soulwinning. In the poorer areas of the city, I would ask the question "If you died today are you %100 sure you are on your way to heaven?" and they were very receptive to the question, very thoughtful of it and I was able to give the gospel, now in the richer areas of the city I would ask the EXACT SAME QUESTION and it was not received well at all! I got chewed out quite a few times and it was slightly unsettling since I had never had that reaction before... Is there another way I should begin going into the gospel or continue
  4. Fellow Alaskans! @Jim_Alaska @weary warrior I use to be on this site back in 2005 under the name Bibleworm, Back when I was on here, I think I might have been the only Alaskan. I created this account in 2013 but didn't post or come on soon after I joined. So glad to see you both!
  5. Those who do not love the Lord, will not help us serve the Lord.

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