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  1. Happy birthday. 🎂 May God bless you and yours.

  2. Fellowship Baptist Church Senior Pastor R. Rubino 2929 West 20th Street (718)-372-5022 "Christian Homosexual LOBby!" Saved To Be Lawless? Part 3 1) True marriage in the Bible is always defined as a sacred bond between a man and a woman. Only a Satanic Theologian could distort this plain Biblical truth. (1Peter 3:1-7) 2) True Christians are always exhorted to flee "lawlessness" in their lives. Children of God will always sin, but never defend it. We are to repent when we commit evil acts, not redefine them into righteous acts. (1Peter 3:8-13) 3) Christians are to fight to extend the Kingdom of our God. Like faithful soldiers involved in any battle we will suffer injury. (1Peter 3:14-18) 4) Jesus Christ truly is King of the Universe and all of creation will bow before him. We as Christians pray for people to bow as servants of the King, and not as vanquished enemies. (1Peter 3: 19-22) Watch Full Sermon on Youtube at http://youtu.be/QmA_8Evfc3E
  3. We are now on SermonAudio. Here is the link www.SermonAudio.com/PastorRubino

  4. We are now on SermonAudio. Here is the link www.SermonAudio.com/PastorRubino

  5. To view sermons click on "Pastor Rubino's Sermons and Devotional" and you will be linked to our YouTube Channel.

  6. Please feel free to visit us online: www.ConeyFBC.com www.Facebook.com/PastorRubino www.Godtube.com/PastorRubino www.youtube.com/channel/UCbce2W6HFneQ6oITRlTCW3g

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