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  1. You won't find real news on the communist controlled mainstream outlets but you will be brainwashed with propaganda. Keep an eye on the censored independent news outlets not owned by free-trade created Chinese globalists. Check these out for stories of actual events occurring throughout the world that China doesn't want you to know about: https://censored.news/ https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/ https://gab.com/home
  2. https://nationalfile.com/myanmar-military-seizes-george-soros-organizations-bank-accounts-announces-arrest-warrants-after-coup/ It is always the common folks confused & brainwashed by their own MSM whom pay the price for globalist interventions. Unlike the recent American election it sounds like China and their free trade created globalists like Soros forgot to bribe all of the top brass of the military before they stole the election, now all will pay the price. They were sloppy with this one but no wonder, it is insignificant nation to their new world order. This will like
  3. Indeed, I have a story about how Scripture (unadulterated by men) changed my future and the futures of my sphere of influence. For over 30 years I was deceived by a "gospel message" that counted the costs of my belief for me. Everything changed eight years ago. I began an experiment based on God's Word. God tells us that faith comes by hearing the Word of God. It doesn't say by reading, it says by "hearing". I know, seems like a semantics argument but in the reality of practice it is far from it. At first I had to force myself to listen but it did not take long at all before I starte
  4. Matthew 25:31-46 is a very appropriate and timely Passage of Scripture for unbelievers and this may apply to some here in a few short years. Pay close attention to it in its context as God intended (Good Seed). A person is either allowed entry into the Millennium as a sheep or they are cut off and damned as a goat. This judgment will occur after the Battle of Armageddon at the end of the final seven years and after the glorification of the saints. Roughly a tenth of the world's current population will be left alive on earth in their mortal bodies. And these people will be judged for entry
  5. Reposting this from July. Very appropriate since it is exactly what is happening. As with every social revolution in the past, the revolutionaries will purge all political rivals. The big difference this time is that it will be worldwide occurring in all western, industrialized nations and it will not stop there, Satan's true goal are the saints but they are harder to find these days. The political-religious are everywhere and most WILL acquiesce to save their lives down here. All Satan needs is to remove Trump and national sovereignty from the world's mindset. That alone is the reason Sa
  6. Biden has already confessed to voter fraud on video. He confessed on behalf of the entire democrat party days ago on October 24th. He also confessed for Obama who won both of his elections via egregious voter fraud previously. Seems very clear with this confession that every democrat won seat in government EVERYWHERE has been obtained at least partially through voter fraud. What more does Trump need to end this farce and take back this country from communist China. Watch his video confession below: Biden's Confession
  7. Only one way out of what's coming Think clearly and hard on this article friends.
  8. Consider doing it again Rose. Listen with a prayerful and open heart and stop looking for reinforcement of what you have already been taught when you listen. Dismiss everything you have heard from men and start over. Only God's unadulterated Word can give you the Spirit's witness with your spirit. Quick human reassurances cannot. I can honestly tell you right now that it will not be a quick change in your heart but it is totally up to you. If you are truly seeking Him than show Him and you will find Him. You may think you have read and understood the New Testament but your understanding is onl
  9. Hi sister, no easy or cliche answers seem to help anymore do they? If you are serious then try this. Listen to His Word and listen intently. As if your life depended on it. Bread of Life
  10. Sadly, the left will win, either with a puppet, empty shell like Biden or through a dark horse yet to be revealed I am thinking. Either a radical VP for Biden or a full replacement for Biden. Leftists politicians don't say and do the things they do because they are nuts. They are the paid actors of globalist billionaires created by free trade with the Chinese Communist Party. This is what the plan-demic and riots are all about. The left will continue pushing for lock-downs and rioting in blue states and neocon red states until they secure massive mail in voter fraud. Not just to stea
  11. Please consider that the Holy Spirit is here to reprove (convict) the world of sin, of righteousness and of Judgment. When those who have ears to hear are convicted and believe they are in fact repenting, as in having a change of heart about sin; about God's Righteousness and about Judgment to come.
  12. Interesting article in the link below. Of course there are 100s daily similar to this on independent news sites lately. Our Lord did tell us that wars, famine, pestilence and earthquakes would be in a diversity of areas on the earth RIGHT BEFORE they come for us. Matthew 24 guillotines Prepare yourselves; your chance to NOT DENY the Lord is approaching quick IMO. They won't be just mocking us soon!
  13. Oh, I believe there is direct evidence in Scripture of a child's innocence before God. Not only direct evidence but also many clues and deliberate omissions in Scripture. Keep in mind that I am not a grieving parent over a deceased child and that I as many, made professions of "faith" as a child. None of that changes what Scripture reveals. Children and the New Birth?
  14. Case closed! Well done counselor.
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