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  1. Zed

    About To Cause A Church Split......

    Where do I sit now?
  2. Zed

    Windows Support

    Our family often get's phone calls from someone claiming to know that "You have a prOBlem with your computer". My dad humours him and asks "Which one? We have multiple computers in the house." Its quite amusing to listen to what he says. Last time I remember, the guy claimed that the prOBlem was with a computer that had Windows XP running. We do happen to have a netbook that runs XP, but we haven't fired it up in a long time, so it couldn't possibly be that one! It's sad how that these scam companies somehow manage to exist. Thankfully my dad can see through them.
  3. Zed


    I used to collect "special" coins. I still do... kinda. Every now and then I'll get a coin that has a special design on it. Sometimes I'll keep it in my "collection." I started this a couple of years ago. I think I have one or two coins from the 80's! (which is pretty cool, as I only started collecting prOBably mid-to-late 2000's)
  4. Zed

    Literature To Witness To A Jew?

    A word of warning. Some Jews consider "God's Servant" from that chapter to be the nation of Israel, and their suffering throughout the centuries, and not a reference to the Messiah. I'm not saying I agree with them, I am just stating fact. Source: http://www.whatjewsbelieve.org/prooftext10is53.html
  5. Zed

    A Friend Videotaped Our Family

    Don't worry Dad, I can show you it.
  6. Zed

    ....the Power Of The Dog.......

    Fair enough.
  7. Zed

    ....the Power Of The Dog.......

    Have you ever owned a dog heartstrings? Even if it is only the fact that they consider the family to be within it's pack, Dogs can be fiercely protective of their family. They also show "happiness" to see you. When we had a dog ( He died about a year or so ago), I would walk out the back and he would bound and jump up at us, wagging his tail, and just seeming happy I was there. He'd get me to throw the ball, and enjoyed a nice pat. He loved us. I'm not saying we should treat them like their humans (If its a choice between the life of a dog or human, I'd choose the human), but we had a dog who would have done anything for us.
  8. Zed

    Storing Food And Supplies?

    I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. Zed

    Lets Talk About Pastors Children's

    Yeah, unfortunately that does happen.
  10. Zed

    Lets Talk About Pastors Children's

    Sometimes people have unreasonable expectations of pastor's kids... They're just kids. It's the father who was called into the ministry, not their sons/daughters.
  11. Zed

    It's Time For Change...

    No I didn't! Oh wait, that's because we don't have daylight savings here!
  12. This topic is always fun...
  13. Zed

    Republicans Move To The Right On Several Moral Issues

    Actually, in our last election, the LIberal Party got in. They are our more conservative party. To be honest, I think it's a shame not to vote. Even if you have to pick the lesser of two evils, you're still having a say in your country's leadership.