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  1. I am having to look up all our hymns on MP3 out of Soul Stirring Songs and Hymns, on piano, and I have not been able to find too many of John R Rice's actual hymns, just piano, no singing, for our congregational hymns. I can find his hymns on Youtube, but backed by a congregation. Is anyone aware of a CD of his hymns I can obtain?
  2. I am grateful you made it known. I may be using this on 2017 1040 as the IRS decided to give us a hassle on not checking the little box for Obamacare. You may be interested in the Cracking the Code, book, http://d.scribd.com/docs/22egj337rh6jan7u1ki5.pdf The amazon version is overpriced, the new version is $30 on Pete's website at www.losthorizons.com. but here is a seminar on it in a nutshell, It took me three readings to get unbrainwashed. but I think if I heard this first, it may have helped, and I am a good reader. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=105GKdmJ9HU Here is his followup book,Was Grandpa really a Moron? http://www.losthorizons.com/Intro.pdf And a section from Was Grandpa Really a Moron? on Bob's Bicycles, showing an analogy on how the tax scam got so confused. ; http://www.losthorizons.com/comment/archives/BobsBicycles.pdf Here is an educational quiz; www.howyoubecomeliable.com And here are a few interesting sections of law; You will see two classifications , and know it is the activities which are taxed, not the person, as that would be a poll tax and illegal.; “The right to engage in an employment, to carry on a business, or pursue an occupation or profession not in itself hurtful or conducted in a manner injurious to the public, is a common right, which, under our Constitution, as construed by all our former decisions, can neither be prohibited nor hampered by laying a tax for State revenue on the occupation, employment, business or profession. ... Thousands of individuals in this State carry on their occupations as above defined who derive no income whatever therefrom. But, where an income is derived from any occupation, business, profession or employment, then the Legislature may lay thereon a tax...” Sims v. Ahrens, 271 SW 720 (Ark. S. Ct. 1925) (emphasis added) Definition of employee; [1] 5 U.S.C. Sec. 552a (13). the term “Federal personnel” means officers and employees of the Government of the United States, members of the uniformed services (including members of the Reserve Components), individuals entitled to receive immediate or deferred retirement benefits under any retirement program of the Government of the United States (including survivor benefits). See also 26 C.F.R. 301.6331-1 further identifies the federally privileged persons as “(4)(i) Federal employees, (ii) State and municipal employees and (iii) Seamen” See also enforcing regulation for 26 U.S.C. Sec. 6331 – Levy and distraint, which is found under Title 27 Part 70 (Intoxicating Liquors), to identify federally privileged persons found under Title 27. Definition of Employee IRC 3401 (c ) For the purposes of this chapter, the term “employee” includes an officer, employee, or elected official of the United States, a State, or any political subdivision thereof, or the District of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of any one or more of the foregoing. So investigate these sources and tell me what you think.
  3. Hebrews 7 read the whole thing reaaaaalllyy slowly. Ruminate on it. It discusses the importance of tithing and that the tithe is a sacrifice. The last three verses are the punchline. For such an high preists ( Christ) became us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, , separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens; v27 who needeth not daily, as those High priests, to offer up sacrifice, first for his own sin s, and then for the people s: for this he did once, when he offered up himself. v28 For The law maketh men high priests which have infirmity; but the word of the oath, which was since the law, maketh the Son, who is consecrated for evermore.
  4. Thank you Alan. I prayed the prayer of praise and Thanksgiving to our situation and these folks are digging their own hole and jumping in.
  5. I have a need for some brain storming. Since you listened to the 7 habits, I appreciate the ideals but am having a hard time figuring out how to apply some, which i feel we need to do to build the team that is our small church. Some here are familiar with a subject I brought up recently and got some flak for. Here's my question: when this 25 yr old comes to church ( first one there usually, way early for I don't know what reason) in either a proper skirt but with cleavage ballooning out, or , alternatively, a proper top but with too tight pants or shorts. Or too tight all over, how do I word it to be edifying? My example I just looked at in the 7 habits of highly effective families: a husband comes home greated by his 3 yr old who announces " hi Dad, I'm a hard-working man!". He finds out he tried to wash dishes with jug water from the fridge, making a huge mess. Mom asks a series of questions finding out his motives instead of yelling at him and making him feel bad. Makes suggestions like " how about next time you ask me to pull the chair over so you can reach the sink? ". Child happy, no guilt or iffense taken. What could I say that would support a behavioral change in this girl that would avoid making her feel offended? This is the main issue.
  6. We have taken them out to shop at thrift stores, in fact, a year after their quickie wedding we helped them buy her real wedding dress for her “real” wedding, (It was $35, a steal!), satin and embroidery and a train and lace. I had to taylor it some to get it to fit right. I was sad and disappointed when maybe 10 people (relatives) showed up. And they didn’t know how to dress for a wedding. Everyone came in their slob clothes. Jeans and T shirts. Maybe two girls in real dresses. It was supposed to be a potluck. One sister brought macaroni salad. That was it. We too late realized we would have to kick in with serious food and special ordered fried chicken from the local convenience store (nearest real shopping 40-60 miles away) enough to feed everyone. We had been accustomed to providing 75% of food at potlucks, but no longer have our church building with oven, so I couldn’t just pop in our usual two giant pans of chicken to roast. If we had been aware this would have been needed we could have planned better. Also, no one brought them wedding gifts, like they just weren’t aware that was the norm. The groom’s dad gave him a cheap birthday card. That was it. This kind of shows the lack of normalcy. For other clothes, yes we bought her other things, she would wear a time or two and then never see again. Sometimes he shows up dirty and in tank top and has to be sent home to change. It’s funny, they are driven to show up an hour early, but in their rush, say they didn’t have time to change. They are a block away. I have shared many books with them. We bought them the KJV on CD (the James Earl Jones one). Somehow they still haven’t gotten through it. How much more can we do? They harbored a fugitive at their house and lied to us about it. They almost got arrested for it. The sense isn’t there. The judgement is not there. The desire is not there. I think they come to use us for rides and get what they can.
  7. It does make sense, but since the man insists he has a BS in biochemistry, and pretends he loves to read, I doubt he will take me up on that sort of class. The wife, she actually is good at reading, so ditto. There is a woman they invited to church that comes about once a month, and she we discovered has a 1st grade reading ability, I set up some phonics lessons for her (I have done this before- got an "LD" student reading, they never bothered with phonics evidently) , and she does well before or after service, but I think she really prefers to get disability and if she could read well, she might have to get a job. Another one that doesn't have a car and we have to take shopping. However, she only comes about once a month and I would have to work with her more often to make it stick. But again, I think she doesn't want to lose her SSI , She's 49. I never can get over the terrible job the government schools have done. Also Matt 6:21 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. We can tell what's important to them by how they spend their time and money. God , the Bible and learning are not it.
  8. PArtof the problem is that this isn't just a "women's issue" because the husband is as immature as the wife, he won't read his bible either. (she actually has a better brain and memory- she gets most of the question candy because of this, she just can't/won't apply it to herself). Without reading and study he cannot hope to guide his own home. He is great for asking questions all during, and even disrupting service, but the nature of most of his questions shows he has very little understanding of a lot of things. He, for example, thought "humble" meant "prideful". How do we even attempt to correct something so basic? If he doesn't understand basic English (and he's a white boy born in the USA) how can he ever hope to understand the KJV? I was homeschooled and taught to read at 3 but there was always a drive to read things beyond my comprehension, and if I understood some of it I was pleased. Most people don't/won't/can't do that today. But he doesn't even really try. He may never be capable. Is it fair to put him in charge when he can't even judge rightly for himself? His best "friends" are foul mouthed older men that appear to use him for labor "paying" him an old piece of junk they were going to throw away. That's the nature of his "work" for them. That can be a treasure as I have done it myself, but again, he's spina bifida and of a weak constitution. He just can't put in the labor that the average bear can do. It can and has hurt him. When I was his age I was stronger than him. I was stronger than him 5 years ago. But the point is he hangs with bad people, with filthy mouths and doesn't grasp that there is something amiss with that person. We can't be around these people 5 minutes without hearing a slough of curse words spewing forth. And yet the couple tell us no, this man doesn't swear...
  9. I'm asking for help. I'm dying here. I thought I had my adrenal and thyroid back on track and because of this stress I had to go back on my Adrenal and thyroid pills. I can't function due to the health issues this stress is causing. It's not a simple matter of me being mean to people. I am a nurse. I was a CNA for 10 years, 8.5 years in one nursing home. Dealing with sick people , stroke and dementia patients is really hard, but it helped me develop character. I know how to deal with difficult people, and I know how to love them. Some people, who are more able, don't want help, and there is nothing you can do with them. They make their choices. But in 2003 I became a Pastor's wife and found out I had no voice. I was 41 years old. I am 54 now. If I don't get some decent advice here, I can get sick again, because it will be internalized. That is a real thing.
  10. Sorry, I just need to beg for some help because Mike's Sending Pastor died and his other older Pastor soon after, the son left the area, and there are no IFB Pastors around here that we could counsel with. I know it sounds like dirty laundry and complaints, who wants to listen to those? But we are at our wits end. Normally we could resolve long term troubled and roubling people with prayer, but these folks are constantly demanding , constantly texting, wanting rides back and forth from the pot growers house on church day, just yesterday to get to church. They live a block from the church meeting house. But somehow managed to get to the pot growers house OK. I have asked DH to put boundaries on their texting times, say, not before 6 am and not after 9 pm. And please not the Saturday before church when he has to do his lesson. But they just don't care. They just violate their agreements all the time. I used to be able to drive them when DH was at his secular job, but we couldn't afford the fees and couldn't get my Jeep legal, so I have been grounded since November. Now Dear husband has to waste his days off taking people shopping, or they conveniently demand he take them to their dr appointments. For awhile, they would make these appointments during the week and ask him to take a day off from his secular job to take them. recently they have been making their appointments on his day off, Friday. But still, they like to say they don't do this anymore, but then they do. As a matter of courtesy, we take our charges out to breakfast at least, because we need to eat too, and it would indeed be rude to not feed them. But there is no kicking in for gas or helping out with a tip or anything. I just see this as abusing Mike's good nature- I did this for YEARS before him ( with many people) and finally, all my patience coupons were used up. The book was empty. And I began to say "No" to people like this. But he still has patience coupons in his booklet. And he just thinks it's mean to say no. He thinks it's unbiblical to set boundaries. No names are being used. In the medical field, case studies are referred to all the time, and not using a name is standard and considered a legal and ethical way to teach about how to approach illness or as a Continuing Ed class, or in medical books.
  11. Oops sorry, but because we spend enough on " the church" to try to take care of others, I still am waiting for running water inside the house.( Pipes broken). This is going on 3 years. Right now I wash dishes in a 5 gallon bucket outside, my hot water is the sun heating up the hose. In winter all bets are off. Right now we are enjoying our global warming. Warmest March ever and I love it. DH bought me a washer and dryer for $20 not a typo, and I love them. They are outside, so when winter, again all bets are off. Our load was frozen in the washer for two months. Dryer has no heating element, sucks in ambient air to dry, fine in summer, not so effective in winter. I will buy an element for $23 , yes it's in my wish list, but again, I get a little tired if these peoples accusations of wasting church money on the goats.
  12. There really are no ladies except for this young woman, and one on one with her would be unwise. Husband forgot the mention there are only 4 regulars right now , that couple , and two brothers who were saved in our church 7 years ago. Dear Husband also left out these people have been using us both up. Calling and texting at all hours of the morning and night, often sanding rides to the hospital 40 miles away or rides home from the hospital, they don't drive, we are 60 miles away from a big city for shopping. This couple ostensibly invited new people to church, who live close to them, then they were inviting a girl their age to stay with them, them abusing her in their home, accusing her of stealing their Top Ramen, but demanding her food stamps for their food, she finally left the area. The other new people they invited are more welfare folks that don't drive, and now we are taking them shopping every month 60 miles away, and they hardly show up to church, but are at least nice and grateful for the help. The couple are never really grateful for the constant help. We have given them dog food, vitamins for their constant health problems, loaned them two rabbit traps as the husband was always. " Hunting" rabbits with a 22 which his nieghbor complained about, ( remember, very rural), and we never got those traps back, we gave them a charge controller and set it up with the solar panels their landlord had ( father of the twins in our church), when they decided to pay more rent and get into a house, we spent $300 on groceries and flatware and dishes for them to prove to adult protective services they were competent enough to live on their own( maybe that was the mistake). I did that without complaint, thinking I was doing the right thing. I cleaned her refrigerator and stove for the APS worker meeting so she wouldn't send the wife back to her abusive mother ( who is the reason she's in the state she is in). They haven't been able to keep a clean house since. Cigarettes mashed into the floor. They invited us over for Thanksgiving a year ago, house was cold enough we could see our breathe ( yes our house gets like that too but we aren't inviting people over for dinner). Food was cold, served on a take out box lid. We don't have much here but we have a decent thrift store and she goes there a lot. Her idea of cleaning seems to be sweeping everything out the door and throwing it away and buying new stuff to replace it. They are both on disability. Her mother put her on ( mental health) and had her on psych meds that retarded her development. But she has shown an amazing ability to pick up on the lessons. But she won't use it. The husband is Spina bifida, is weak but constantly injuring himself trying to be macho and having to go to the hospital for overexertion. He "works "for a filthy mouthed reprobate under the radar le and works also for the little store. Shoveling snow. Neither can grasp the separation doctrine . Their best friends are this reprobate and a JW that is a very bad drunk and our neighbor also. DH has tried to reason through the scriptures with the JW and had to shake the dust off his feet. This young couple refuse to quit hanging out with him. He's a liar and that alone keeps me repulsed by him. They used to hang with another reprobate who had to move to a larger town for medical reasons, whose son was in trouble for molestation. I mean they have no judgement, they pick the worst people to hang out with. They. Aren't getting them saved. They hang out with drug dealers and turns out they are using pot and now Dear Husband is decided not to judge them anymore. They are now wearing earrings in the nose ( wife) and one ear ( husband). And now we can't say anything because they don't want to be judged. Wife has been showing abundant cleavage for 6 years and abundant legs. Not a pretty girl either. No amount of begging or instruction seems to help. Sometimes she dresses modest. But it seems to be according to her mood. We even had a pentacostal couple coming for a few months and the wife asked why we didn't do something to correct the young wife. I told her I had. She gave it a go and the young wife ignored her too. It's not just that I hate her and single her out to be mean to her. She does things that constantly violate human decency and relationship skills. Formerly known as etiquette. But there's no more if that in this town anymore. She blurts out the latest problem going on in her life with no self control. She does this on Facebook. Constant selfies of her and her cleavage. And then gets upset if I say anything. She constantly misunderstands what I say. One example. I was trying to show the subliminal messages on sex Disney was putting out via Facebook shares, and instead of reading the links and watching the videos, she facebooked to her thousands of " friends" that she was a slut for liking Disney. This began a long public conversation where I was trying to show this was what was going on in the whole world, the deterioration of culture and decency, so maybe she could see where she may have gotten the idea that dressing scantily is something the world influenced her on from. Very young. But not just her, everyone, Brittany Spears and Miley Cyrus are both Disney kids and look at what happened to them. And look at the fools coming out, and just the hypersexuality on of children in no IES and ads. But no, she got mad and her husband got into it and thought I was insulting his wife them started texting Pastor Mike who was in bed Saturday night after 10 pm and he got up and replied to the husband on my computer. But this is typical of what they put us through. The latest thing is what is happening to the church money? There is no church money. Nobody gives. It all comes from Pastor Mike's secular job. He pays for everything out if his personal money. But they aren't satisfied with that. They are asking it again. I sent them articles in " should pastor's be paid"? And the articles largely agreed not only pay the pastor, but his car insurance and food and housing and we know Pastor s that get taken care of. We know we can't expect that. But it's the standard and if they want to help us they can at least start trying to be independent people and quit relying on us for everything so hard. I mean, they don't seem to be capable if buying a stamp to send a letter for example. They ask me for stamps. Sorry for the rant, but I thought it would help to fill in a few areas. Oh and we give eggs, not just a dozen, 3 18 packs at a time. We have chickens and we found if we keep a light on in the winter we get winter eggs. We feed them well and we share. But with this couple it's always a demand and no thank yous and it gets tiresome. When they had that other girl at their house, she announced her pregnancy ( out of wedlock of course, how else would it be?) This wife blurted out pastor's wife would supply her with milk and eggs for the baby. Well I might but don't make the offer if you're not me. That's typical of this girl.
  13. I guess then that you will be joining the One World Religion and holding hands with them and singing Kuumbaya then? You won't listen to reason or anybody but your own brain. I have seen it work, I have used it in my livestock, I have used it on myself, and vitamins are the only things that have healed me. No amount of money thrown at conventional doctors ever gained me any healing. I watch them at my work while they give high doses of RAT POISON (warfarin LOOK IT UP) to multiple patients until they have to go to the ER for bleeding, some die. I would rather have the alternatives like fish oil, vitamin E, vitamin C and niacin. Those will never make me bleed to death.
  14. Which ones and what proof? Stats in the poison control center show none. 100,000 + people die every year from properly prescribed and taken Rx meds. Dirty tupperware for milk? why didn't you say something? Why are we always so afraid to talk about necessary things? Cleanliness is absolutely needed when dealing with milk. Try buying vitamins in the EU- they are regulated and prescribed and very small doses so you can't get enough to do any good. Haven't heard of Abram Hoffer? Look him up! He did phenomenal work with alcoholics and schizophrenics for many years. These are definitely two prOBlem to society groups that need healing. Using a simple vitamin. What could be wrong with that? The only reason we in the US have rights still on our vitamins is because Linus Pauling, the vitamin C doctor , went to bat for us. He won the NOBel prize for his vitamin work with cancer. If vitamins cure cancer, why would you be against that? And yes they do, I have done in home care with a cancer patient and it wasn't until I loaded her up with vitamins that she could tolerate the chemo and grow her hair back and walk again, and clean house again and eventually drive again and be on her own again. She had been down to 83 pounds and couldn't eat (chemo destroys the gut lining) went deaf (healed with vitamins) couldn't walk, couldn't stand, lost her hair. She would have died without vitamins.
  15. My biggest irritation here is that folks are not at all understanding is that vitamins were invented by GOD. Cellular respiration is but one of the processes of cellular work. It is the one whereby the cell makes the energy molecule, adenosine triphosphate. ATP. When I took Anatomy a Physiology (10 units) I memorized cellular respiration because it is a beautiful example of creation, plus I earned extra credit on tests for being able to diagram it. Just google images of it and you will see what I mean- it is hard to say how many steps exactly but there are at least 19, and that is only because many simplify it so I can't show you outside of a hardcopy book the real and beautiful details- because they won't go into all of them. One of the things they have on the online pics is that each molecule becomes another molecule by a change of one or two elements or the movement of certain elements into a different position, for example the first step, glucose becomes glucose -6 and the next step is fructose 6 and on down the line. In order to change each molecule into the next moleculem there had to be an enzyme interact with it to "unlock" it. And that enzyme needs a vitamin or mineral to work. If there is a deficiency, the "key" of the enzyme doesn't have the right shape to fit into the "lock" of the molecule and therefore the action cannot occur. This is why evolution is stupid because all these factors are so minute and detailed that evolution by accident doesn't have a chance. But also, Christians, if we ignore the science that God made, then we appear as fools too. Because you see in the 1890's when the industrial revolution began, they learned how to refine flour and sugar and removed important vitamins in the process, but the appealing whiteness of these denatured foods were so attractive, that people didn't know yet that they were losing important nutrients, And then began the nutritional deficiency diseases, pellegra(niacin-B3), Beri Beri (Thiamine-B1), scurvy©, ariboflavinosis(riboflavin-B2), hypocOBalaminemia (B12), rickets (D and sunlight-as folks left the sunny farmlands and worked in dark, dank factories), paraesthesia (pantothenic acid-B5),etc. These substances were named "vitamins" because they "vita" gave life. You will die if your deficiency goes on too long. Do you not know thousands died from vitamin deficiencies? If your doctor doesn't start with vitamins to heal you, he will keep selling you various toxic drugs to abate your symptoms until you worsen and eventually die and never be diagnosed as vitamin deficient. That is how it is done today. The lesson of vitamins has been lost on the last several generations. It all went to money and when people get well, they aren't bringing in money. I see this every day- I work in a rehab hospital. The AMA was founded by the Rockefellers and they have warped everything they have touched for the last 200 years. Because they are tools of Satan. They are the ones cheifly responsible for work on the microchip/mark of the beast. Out of 129 medical schools in America, 29 have any sort of nutrition classes at all. I know because I have made it my business to know- it is cheaper to feed your livestock all their nutrients than to call the vet frequently and have constant sickness in the herd and no lasting solutions. Read William Albrecht- there are several white papers of his writings online free- see soilminerals.com because you see it all goes back to the flood- we live in a cursed world- before the flood, the soils were still intact with the minerals in a balance placed there by God. The plants were able to make the vitamins with the minerals, and without this balance we have deficient plant crops. When the flood surged and churned, it made places iodine deficient, like the goiter belt. And copper deficient, like many of the western lands, and selenium deficient, like the great basin, and selenium toxic like Kern county CA. Look up the monologue "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" by Joel Wallach, free on youtube. Look up the free pdf Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price; gutenberg.net.au/ebooks02/0200251h.html Look up any books by Pat Coleby on livestock, and Neal Kinsey's Hands on Agronomy. acres USA has some free articles and these show how the minerals work with the plants. Example- if the soil is selenium deficient, the plants can't make vitamin E- these deficiencies cause white muscle disease and floppy kid syndrome in newborns and if you don't get nutrients to them they will die. Or be crippled lifelong until they die. Jerry Lewis was fired from the MD foundation because he found research and excitedly showed his masters that selenium deficiency was the cause (like floppy kid syndrome) and you know what they did to show their appreciation for finding the cure? They fired him. That is money lost to the foundation. I just finished a series of books by Abram Hoffer on high dose niacin to CURE alcoholism and schizophrenia- and he had been doing that since 1950. He got Bill Wilson's blessing by helping him with symptoms that would have driven him back to alcohol. Bill Wilson, the founder of AA was excited and promoted it but his AA board didn't go along with him, can you believe that? Please read this important little book by Abram Hoffer, he worked with many thousands of people that wuld otherwise have been doomed to depression and catatonia in an institution if not for 3 grams of niacin a day (the usual dose- yes no flush works too). He proved many times over that it was safe and more effective thatn drugs- and over time was able to reduce the heavy meds they were on and in most cases eliminate the heavy meds completely. For alcoholics, niacin relieved the symptoms that otherwise would drive them back to drinking. He also wrote a small book on other things niacin heals in Niacin, the real story. As it turns out, niacin is another major nutrient in cellular respiration- NAD and NADH are molecules important in working with the enzyme to facilitate the change to make a molecule take the next step in the cellular respiration chain reaction.http://highered.mheducation.com/sites/0072507470/student_view0/chapter25/animation__how_the_nad__works.htmlSo it is very, very important. Can we imagine why pellegra kills? Dr. Hoffer had come to the conclusion after working with niacin for many decades that things like schizophrenia, alcoholism, OCD, ADD, ADHD, bipolar, etc all were an aspect of severe pellegra, a severe niacin deficiency. As one of the main symptoms is dementia. Hmmmm, wonder if it would clear up a bucnh of our little old dementia people? I just finished reading another book this morning on high dose vitamin D, and the research does NOT show toxicity at the levels that are assumed- but that it began to be used to heal people in the 1930's and the medical indutry fought back with disinformation, and docs today repeat the disinformation because they must have been drunk in their premed classes during anatomy and physiology and just crammed for their tests and didn't retain anything. That's my theory. I didn't come out of those classes without a great deal of validation of my previous use of vitamins.
  16. Did 12 hour night shifts- 1st night had 67 patients! (the 24th to the morning of 25th). Feet hurt so bad. slept all day- no time to visit with family. Tried to eat rubbery chicken fried steak- gave to husband- opinion of chix fried steak not improved from this experience. McDonald's breakfast ran through me unabsorbed. 12 hour shifts next 2 nights- exhausted. Finally slept well last day with benadryl. But couldn't quite come out of the grogginess as I didn't get a full 8 hrs.
  17. My nursing class in 2003-2004 was scary. And this was just to the Licensed nurse level. (3 semesters). The girl in front of me was otherwise a cute little blond, but she made herself rude and piggish in her speech, she used slang such that she didn't understand basic English enough to understand the tests. She would openly insult the teachers and accuse them of "ef--ing" with her. Because she couldn't understand the wording. I sat behind her for 3 semesters having to see her tramp stamp on her hips displayed. One girl threw candy penises around the room. She also snored through class and yet got straight A's so she absorbed in her sleep. She slapped me hard on the bottom during our last clinicals. When I complained to the teacher I found out all that time, the teachers expected us to discipline fellow students. They never explained that before. I expected the teachers to discipline the students and they never did. So all of our expectations were unspoken and it was poor communication. I was appalled at about 1/2 my classmates and hoped I never have to be their patient.
  18. After having read about the 5 point Calvinist in the Sword of the Lord, and what TULIP meant, sometime later, we happened to have a 5 point Calvinist come to our church for awhile. He was very talented with the violin, classicly. We were impressed with that. And he was a sweet man, BUT he wanted to argue that Adam was the last man that had free will. We could not soften his heart on that. Sometime later, he drove himself nuts thinking he was NOT one of the predestined. Literally, he went into a mental intitution, his wife divorced him, he had a pall of depression for a few years. He moved to another state, but would come through and visit every once in awhile. He would come through a fat, unhealthy specimen, compared to before, when he dressed sharp and acted charming, and had happiness. But finally one of these times, he looked a little better and someone from another church had got through with the grace doctrine, and he heard it and he rededicated himself to God. So finally it appeared our friend had made peace with himself and God. But it took a long time and a lot of heartache over the TULIP doctrine.
  19. Calvin was Catholic before he bacome supposedly a Protestant- but with research from David Cloud, it appears he was still pretty Catholic. We know he beat two boys for putting a bean in a cake. We know he persecuted Anabaptists.
  20. Sorry, Mike please forgive me. Whatever Tom Horn is or not, the Vatican is pushing this viewpoint, and the Bible seems to say the Pope will be the first beast and he will present the second beast as Christ. In the place of Christ =antichrist. There are OT prophecies that seems to say he will be blind in the right eye and will have a weak arm. Revelation says he will overcome a fatal wound. Whether that means he will be resurrected or not, I am sure it will be OBvious when it happens. Various sections in Daniel and Revelation says he will torment and kill the saints. He will peform miracles which will convince the nonbelievers he is indeed Christ. They will be such miracles that only Christ could possibly do them. (They will think).The point about the superman and mutant movies is that, in the secular world and the New Age world of which I was from, the aliens are to "hook" the atheists. Many people already believe they exist, thanks to Art Bell, an intelligent and interesting man, who knows what he really believes? But he has enough love and respect from prOBably millions of people that they learned things from him, not all good. (Side note, please pray for Art Bell's salvation- he would be great to have on our side). He DID have Chuck Missler on who explained the aliens were demons and he gave a good biblical account countering much of the stuff Art had on his show. And Art gave him fair time and respect. We like his wife's books Be Ye Transformed, and The Way of Agape. Even though they are not fundamentalists per se, those books get to the heart of Romans 12:1,2 and becoming the mind of Christ, and What we are in the meaning of Ye are the Temple. Interesting stuff. Smart folks. Not KJV per se but use the KJV in Chuck's books. Pray for them too. So there is plenty of background for the alien believers and then with these phenomenally done movies of all the superheroes, it is CONDITIONING the minds of regular folks to expect something along those lines, and when the antichrist comes and shows his great power, they will bite. The alien doesn't even have to look unhuman. Superman is perfect example. He's like good old fashioned American values, grown up in Kansas. That's basically what I wrote to Dr. Cloud, whom we both respect and love even though he does this. We like his materials, his books, his intent mostly. I think he is right on about the music turning the churches and luring them into the One World Religion. I have read about this for years and it still is heartbreaking to see it happen. But by the grace of God go I, may I not fall to join them, pray my head stays clear and we can see what is really happening, it is scary. Churches falling that we never thought would fall. We have lost our local IFB's whom were dear people- two of the older preachers died within months of each other-heartbreak. Don't know how to get in touch with the wives, we just never thought it would happen. The son was wonderful and took over and we loved him and his family and then they were gone. No one has heard from them. One of their families was more concerned with going to every amusement park on earth, than supporting their church.
  21. I have one more thing to add, when you pray please follow this one; Ephesians 5:19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Ephesians 5:20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; And ; 1 Thessalonians 5:16 Rejoice evermore. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:19 Quench not the Spirit. Example to be given- Stephen praying good for those stoning him- we got Paul out of that, and the other, Paul and Silas singing praise to God for being beaten and in chains in prison- God's response was to unchain them, open all the doors and the guard and his family got saved. So when we have prayed for the best of our enemie, we have gotten some powerful answers to this type of prayer. So pray along these lines- Bless Judy and Mitch, pray thanks for their delusions, pray thanks for their bitterness , pray blessing for their life situation and their health, pray good things to come to them, thank God for His will in their lives. Thank God for the evil they speak about us and others. For an example of what happens to other people this is the first chapter of Merlin Carothers Power of Praise (yes I know he isn't IFB, but he carried a lot of wisdom in this praise ministry- a sweet and worthy man or action); The story of how a couple praised God FOR thier dad/father in law's alcoholism, and it changed more than when they lamented over him.
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