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  1. I am having to look up all our hymns on MP3 out of Soul Stirring Songs and Hymns, on piano, and I have not been able to find too many of John R Rice's actual hymns, just piano, no singing, for our congregational hymns. I can find his hymns on Youtube, but backed by a congregation. Is anyone aware of a CD of his hymns I can obtain?
  2. I am grateful you made it known. I may be using this on 2017 1040 as the IRS decided to give us a hassle on not checking the little box for Obamacare. You may be interested in the Cracking the Code, book, http://d.scribd.com/docs/22egj337rh6jan7u1ki5.pdf The amazon version is overpriced, the new version is $30 on Pete's website at www.losthorizons.com. but here is a seminar on it in a nutshell, It took me three readings to get unbrainwashed. but I think if I heard this first, it may have helped, and I am a good reader. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=105GKdmJ9HU
  3. Hebrews 7 read the whole thing reaaaaalllyy slowly. Ruminate on it. It discusses the importance of tithing and that the tithe is a sacrifice. The last three verses are the punchline. For such an high preists ( Christ) became us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, , separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens; v27 who needeth not daily, as those High priests, to offer up sacrifice, first for his own sin s, and then for the people s: for this he did once, when he offered up himself. v28 For The law maketh men high priests which have infirmity; but the word of the oath, which was sinc
  4. Thank you Alan. I prayed the prayer of praise and Thanksgiving to our situation and these folks are digging their own hole and jumping in.
  5. I have a need for some brain storming. Since you listened to the 7 habits, I appreciate the ideals but am having a hard time figuring out how to apply some, which i feel we need to do to build the team that is our small church. Some here are familiar with a subject I brought up recently and got some flak for. Here's my question: when this 25 yr old comes to church ( first one there usually, way early for I don't know what reason) in either a proper skirt but with cleavage ballooning out, or , alternatively, a proper top but with too tight pants or shorts. Or too tight all over, how do I word i
  6. We have taken them out to shop at thrift stores, in fact, a year after their quickie wedding we helped them buy her real wedding dress for her “real” wedding, (It was $35, a steal!), satin and embroidery and a train and lace. I had to taylor it some to get it to fit right. I was sad and disappointed when maybe 10 people (relatives) showed up. And they didn’t know how to dress for a wedding. Everyone came in their slob clothes. Jeans and T shirts. Maybe two girls in real dresses. It was supposed to be a potluck. One sister brought macaroni salad. That was it. We too late realized we would have
  7. It does make sense, but since the man insists he has a BS in biochemistry, and pretends he loves to read, I doubt he will take me up on that sort of class. The wife, she actually is good at reading, so ditto. There is a woman they invited to church that comes about once a month, and she we discovered has a 1st grade reading ability, I set up some phonics lessons for her (I have done this before- got an "LD" student reading, they never bothered with phonics evidently) , and she does well before or after service, but I think she really prefers to get disability and if she could read well, she mi
  8. PArtof the problem is that this isn't just a "women's issue" because the husband is as immature as the wife, he won't read his bible either. (she actually has a better brain and memory- she gets most of the question candy because of this, she just can't/won't apply it to herself). Without reading and study he cannot hope to guide his own home. He is great for asking questions all during, and even disrupting service, but the nature of most of his questions shows he has very little understanding of a lot of things. He, for example, thought "humble" meant "prideful". How do we even attempt to
  9. I'm asking for help. I'm dying here. I thought I had my adrenal and thyroid back on track and because of this stress I had to go back on my Adrenal and thyroid pills. I can't function due to the health issues this stress is causing. It's not a simple matter of me being mean to people. I am a nurse. I was a CNA for 10 years, 8.5 years in one nursing home. Dealing with sick people , stroke and dementia patients is really hard, but it helped me develop character. I know how to deal with difficult people, and I know how to love them. Some people, who are more able, don't want help, and there is no
  10. Sorry, I just need to beg for some help because Mike's Sending Pastor died and his other older Pastor soon after, the son left the area, and there are no IFB Pastors around here that we could counsel with. I know it sounds like dirty laundry and complaints, who wants to listen to those? But we are at our wits end. Normally we could resolve long term troubled and roubling people with prayer, but these folks are constantly demanding , constantly texting, wanting rides back and forth from the pot growers house on church day, just yesterday to get to church. They live a block from the church meeti
  11. Oops sorry, but because we spend enough on " the church" to try to take care of others, I still am waiting for running water inside the house.( Pipes broken). This is going on 3 years. Right now I wash dishes in a 5 gallon bucket outside, my hot water is the sun heating up the hose. In winter all bets are off. Right now we are enjoying our global warming. Warmest March ever and I love it. DH bought me a washer and dryer for $20 not a typo, and I love them. They are outside, so when winter, again all bets are off. Our load was frozen in the washer for two months. Dryer has no heating eleme
  12. There really are no ladies except for this young woman, and one on one with her would be unwise. Husband forgot the mention there are only 4 regulars right now , that couple , and two brothers who were saved in our church 7 years ago. Dear Husband also left out these people have been using us both up. Calling and texting at all hours of the morning and night, often sanding rides to the hospital 40 miles away or rides home from the hospital, they don't drive, we are 60 miles away from a big city for shopping. This couple ostensibly invited new people to church, who live close to them, the
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