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  1. Carbon dating Along with type of vellum, ink, binder used matches date
  2. If I wanted to know what cs lewis meant in screw tape diaries I would ask cs Lewis and if he wasnt available I would ask people that knew him You can't learn the bible from the bible that's self refuting and lacks common sence or reason. It makes no sence to ever argue scripture but the catholic church says this is confession to a priest John 20:21-23 King James Version (KJV) 21 Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you. 22 And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost: 23 Whos
  3. I have read the 1611 KJV and 1601 douay Rheims side by side and they are nearly identical so I'm sorry but the catholic bible is identical to the 1611 KJV it has 73 books and almost identical word for word. You can buy copies for very cheap So no the catholic bible isnt different than KJV I grew up near palmyra ny, where lds was founded and it is completely non historical so in my search I have eliminated emotions or feelings and in search of facts. In my early Christianity search I have not found Once saved always saved But have found infant baptism and the Eucharist. (don't get a
  4. I grew up in a non religious home Have. 2 degrees from Cornell university Attended a "non denominational " for 7 years until they started mixing new age and prosperity gospel in. I saw a lot of sin and damge when this happend I really only went for the good coffee and music Now I am not a member of a church but Go to a covedent church, and catholic church every week for service and a bible study each I go to the catholic church because my old pastor never read from the bible and in the catholic church they read a different new and old testament passage every week. I spend about 2 h
  5. Sam you are acting strange I have not mentioned the catholic church My family came to the united states before ww2 and there is a chance I'm Jewish seeking christ Orthodox Judism also recognizes genesis 38 as birth control being unbiblical
  6. Actually codex sinicatus was discovered by Russian explorers under the direction of the Russian monarchy (1873) Go to it's web site
  7. Codex sinicatus is the most viable source since it was lost pre edict of Milan (320ad). And discovered in 1873 in southern Egypt that had always been outside the direct influence of rome and under Coptic influence
  8. My wife and I are not catholic But she has a degree in anchient Hebrew from university of Washington and I have a degree from Cornell university We both have acess to pre edict of Milan manuscripts and non christian translators (Jewish) I have personally held a copy of the 1611 KJV the 1601 douay rhiems and the codex sinacattuis next to each other and they all almost match word for word other than some of the books go by different names They also all have 73 books KJV 1611 and douay. (called 2 Maccabees) Codex sinicatus. (called Maccabees 4) I am here purely on a a scientific
  9. Hey dp you can't prove the bible from the bible If we are talking strictly on a historical basis Paul's interactions with Jesus would be less likely to hold up in court as a eye whitness because he had one brief interaction with Jesus. The accounts of Peter, James and John would be the bests since they were his inner circle. Or Mary since she knew him his entire life. Then the other 9 that were with him for the three years of his ministry. If this was a court of law probably thomas's accounts would hold up the best since he doubted To prove what books belong in the bible all we h
  10. I have a copy of the 1611 KJV does anyone know that it has 73 books and not 66 A calendar of saint holidays The apostles creed on the opening page You can find a authentic copy online for less than 50$
  11. We don't know for sure who wrote Hebrews The apostle Thomas wrote letters but they are not in the bible but we're used in churches in India before the portuguese came in the 1550's Luke and Paul were not apostles but appointed by them and have books in the bible The first unified new testament was 389 at the council of hippo. And this was after catholism was already the state religion of The roman empire How do we know what books belong in the bible? And I know the holy spirt wrote them but there has to be an earthly reason also
  12. NO! One word can change a lot John 3:16 KJV 1611. (might) have eternal life Modern KJV. (should) have eternal life Niv. (will) have eternal life
  13. I have read both and the 1769 just seems to be a language update We have to remember until around 1500 what we would call modern English did not exist Dearth Vader means the father in old english Funny play on words for star wars
  14. Ok now what do we do about spreading the word that is is unbiblical I have never heard a pastor preach against it
  15. Genisis 38 Onen was put to death for birth control Sadly 75 percent of all african Americans conceived in new York state die in abortion
  16. Genisis 38 Onen was put to death for birth control Sadly 75 percent of all african Americans conceived in new York state die in abortion
  17. If neither one of you were not baptized according to the bible it was never a marriage or if only One of you were this is also true 1 corinthians 7: 12-15 The marriage bond ends at death according to Romans 7: 2-3. So if your previous spouses are dead the marriage is also over according to the bible
  18. I have been studying the biblical basis for using birth control and genesis 38 condems it and the first use of condoning it started in the 1930's How do we justify it if it isn't in the bible I also studyied the history of contraception and it has been available for over 3000 years I believe the bible says we should not use birth control
  19. Acording to genisis 38 self gratification is a sin that baptists do also that Catholics do not
  20. I would suggest that almost all baptist don't keep the 10 commandments They commit adultery during remarriage They kill life during the use of the birth control pill and iud The venerate money as a god before christ
  21. We have pre 70ad copy of the dideche and a pre 200ad copy of the apostles creed I recommend reading both of those ???
  22. Both the st Thomas church in India and the Ethiopian orthodox church which have been is existence pre edict of Milan an have never been under the authority of Rome have a "real presence" idea of the Eucharist
  23. Google "Robert spencer Islam" He is a coptic Christian from syria and gives some great insight
  24. Google "Robert spencer Islam" He is a coptic Christian from syria and gives some great insight
  25. He worships the god of money
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