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  1. When Jesus was assumed into heaven he didn't though down a bible and say don't forget to read the book I wrote Jesus never commanded anyone to write a book or wrote anything Jesus never said this is the table of contents No we're in the bible does it say that everything we need to know is in the bible it actually says 1 Tim 3:15 "the church is the pillar and foundation of the truth" Faith alone isn't In the bible either James 2:24 "faith without works is dead Again I'm not catholic But have researched every world religion using logic and reason And have concluded a numbe
  2. @ jerry we are obligated to evangelize the entire gospel
  3. @ swath diver you can get a reversal vesectimy Google micro vas reversal God bless It's almost 100%
  4. 38,000 denominations who all claim they have the truth with nothing to back it up but the bible Except for conservative lutheran, catholic, orthodox, Coptic they don't deny historical facts while from the lds to the baptist they deny historical facts Deaf sea scrolls has the book of Maccabees and Tobit along with your 1611 KJV
  5. Explanation of a mother Carried a baby in the womb Gave physical birth Adopted a child No where it would require a mother to be older than the child but in a normal situation it would happen this way but god is bigger than that I suggest you do research on thekos
  6. Again you can't prove scripture from scripture that would be like telling a judge I can prove I was home alone and I know this because I was home alone. Please provide scholarly sources before te edict of Milan since that is when the roman state stopped pursicuting religion "all religion" Including judisim, gnostism and so on If you don't believe in thekos it was condemned as a fourth century heresy
  7. Again you can't prove a book from a book that is not logical and would not hold up in a court of law or any scientific project Who do we do how many books below in the bible The only sources I can find is that the catholic church decided Note again 1611 KJV has. 73 books not 66!!!
  8. I have studied lds and been on thier on line forums They have zero and I mean zero everidence of thier existence before te mid 1800's Joesph smith even left the lds church he founded for 6 months to attened a Methodist church because it wasn't working out. Lds is pure polytheist they re wrote the bible to promote these views Ask your family for historical proof they can't
  9. This will give Sam a heart attack (Luke 1:28) Hail Mary full of grace The lord is with you (Luke 1:42) Blessed among women and blessed the fruit of thy womb Jesus Luke 1:43) (eph 1:1) (Phil 1:1) (col 1:2) Holy Mary mother of god (1 Tim 2 1-4) (Rev 5:8) (John 3:16) Pray for our sinners now and it the hour of our death This is the catholic, Anglican, orthodox, and Coptic explanation
  10. Sam I reached catholic, Lutheran, lds, baptist and so on ideas and you are acting as uneducated as the lds
  11. Sam again off topic how do you know how many books are in the bible if the 1611 KJV has 73 books ??
  12. Sam again im not catholic, not baptist but at this point thought facts of archeological research I am a triune monothesist Seeking the church christ talked about in the bible He prayed for us to be one in the garden
  13. It doesn't matter what I believe I am not god I am searching what God believes I'm sorry according to Focus on the family Billy grahm ministries Lutheran Missouri synod Iud is abortion
  14. Sam again off topic I have researched every religous group and it is all about 2% child molesters Jew, baptist, muslim what ever Don moommaw Ronald Regan's personal pastor molested dozens of young women in his church office stepped down for 5 years and runs his church again
  15. That is an opinion again a circulars argument you can't prove a book from a book but either the author or a close 2nd or 3rd contact source. Think if you wanted to know what beer babe Ruth drank you would ask babe Ruth and if he wasn't available you would ask Lou Gehrig an if he wasn't available you would ask Lou Gehrig's son or wife Think as if this was a court of law faith in god should not be based on emotion but fact I will also say my option does not matter I live. 2000 years after these events took place But a rational source would be someone that was there when Christianity was
  16. So is an iud or the birth control pill a personal matter since it can kill a fertilized egg??? Or what about abortion Or assisted sucicide is that a personal matter??
  17. So when and who under what authority decided we dont need to use all the old testament from the 1611 KJV. Because I have looked at 100's of copies of bibles from 300-2011 ad and ALL bibles Had 73 books before around 1820 and today the majority published only have. 66
  18. So there are 73 books in the 1611 KJV not 66 today that's not the case So All pre edict of Milan bibles have 73 today that's not the case Today we see 66 books in all bibles except catholic, orthodox, Coptic that have all the 73 from the 1611 KJV
  19. These are just 2 versus there are many more Eucharist King James Version (KJV) 53 Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you. Infant baptism (only Jewish babies were circumsized Colossians 2:11-12 King James Version (KJV) 11 In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: 12 Buried with him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with him through the faith of the operation of G
  20. Yes you can learn from the bible But you can't learn what the bible means from the bible that is my point Currently on the low end focus on the family says there are 20,000 different trinity denominations and on the high end wiki says there are 40,000 Which no agree even with in this forum there is disagreement There can only be one truth and we are commanded to follow ALL of what our triune god taught us So we must look at history and facts to determine the bibles meaning not feelings
  21. Come up with proof that once saved always saved existed before 300ad I can't ....... But I can with the Eucharist and infant baptism Dideche, polycarp,,,,,apostles creed
  22. Like anything carbon dating is just one piece of the puzzle the reason it is imnot accurate is it may take more modern readings like a piece of dirt or skin on the page The shroud of Turin dated any where between 300-1400 ad but we know it had been heavily handled
  23. Amen to John Big question again why until 1930 did all denominations denounce birth control??? Living in Washington state there are so called Christians supporting so called gay "marriage"
  24. Never heard of bei and the dragon Also 1 Macabees is where Jews get Hanakah so it has historical truth because it documents the Maccabean wars the Jews faught against the Greeks with the help of the young roman empire. There are also extra biblical bc roman sources that document this Minumaly both Macabees are at least historically accurate
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