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  1. Worship Love Faith Joy

    Kjv Vs Others

    Dr. Kent Hovind is the main reason (along with) Gail Riplinger of why I switched to the KJV!
  2. Worship Love Faith Joy

    Kjv Vs Others

    i switched to the KJV because modern bibles leave out verses like Acts 8:37 and Matthew 18:11. GOD Bless anyone who uses the KJV!
  3. Worship Love Faith Joy

    What Are Your Thoughts On "red Letter" Bibles?

    Red Letter edition of the KJB shows where Jesus our Lord and Saviour is speaking.
  4. Hello, I am unlearned and not "college" or "university" material and can do videos in defense of the KJV!
  5. Worship Love Faith Joy

    My Daughter Got Saved!

    Praise the LORD!
  6. Worship Love Faith Joy

    Wisdom On Tract

    May the LORD grant that person wisdom of knowing who Jesus really is and that they come to know Jesus Christ personally! In Jesus name Amen!
  7. Worship Love Faith Joy

    Another Baptist Here

    May the LORD bless you and keep you safe and welcome!
  8. Worship Love Faith Joy

    Hello To All

    Thank you :)
  9. Worship Love Faith Joy

    'new Guy' Here!

    welcome, I'm new too. :)
  10. Worship Love Faith Joy

    My Testimony

    Amen and praise the LORD!
  11. Worship Love Faith Joy

    The Church I Attend

    Hello, My name is Jonathan or WLFJ (Worship Love Faith Joy) and I attend the fundamentall baptist church which uses the King James Bible. It's a great church and they have showed great love and joy towards me. Their website has sermons of their pastor. And some photos of the church I attend. I hope everyone will be blessed by my church's website: http://www.amazinggr...tistchurch.org/ Also, I am also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Eccadairius just send me a message that you're from Online Baptist Forums. Good day, God bless!
  12. Worship Love Faith Joy

    Hello To All

    Thanks to all who welcomed me.
  13. Worship Love Faith Joy

    Hello To All

    Thanks to everyone. I have a website, but I have to update it since I haven't worked on it since I once used the modern versions. I am more confident now knowing that the KJV doesn't need to be updated with a newer bible text. Praise the LORD for His Holy Word!
  14. Worship Love Faith Joy

    Hello To All

    Hello to all. My name is Jonathan. I am a IFB which uses the KJB. I have one fish which I own. He is a Plecostomus which is a Catfish. I have one website which I will revise since on 01/01/2012 I switched back to the KJV. I hope you all treat me kindly. God bless.