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  1. Hello, I am currently working on a Macedonian Christian website called Hristos.MK (Hristos = Christ) and I am in a need of a good logo, but am not really good at graphic design, so I would like to ask you if you can make a logo for me. I need it in two dimensions: 60x45 (without text) and 240x180 (with text) The logo can have a cross, a bible, and/or an ichtus symbol (fish). The text should be this: ХРИСТОС.МК (it is in cyrillic letters) Thank you in advance, God bless!
  2. Happy B-day to me! :P

    1. PastorMatt
    2. AnaBaptist


      Thank you! God bless!
      Btw, how long before the application for the "IFB" group to be approved? Thanks.

  3. "In life in death, O Lord abide with me!" - Henry F. Lyte

  4. Amen to this. Unfortunately, Contemporary Christianity has totally forgotten the message of repentance. The modern evangelism persuades people that they can't live without God and if God is in their life they would live good fullfilled lives, they would be successful, and while it is true that people can't truly live without God, this modern evangelism has too much commercialism into it; are we promoting products here!? Is this a TV Shop program advertising its' very good products that can change your life? Jesus didn't die so that we may feel well, have a high self-esteem, or have fully good and successful lives. He saved us for Himself, He made us a holy priesthood of nations, and He calls us to be holy as He is holy. Man, there were people that died (and were ready to die) for the sake of the Gospel, and they never sought prosperity nor success. They only followed Jesus. Ought we not to be like them? God never changes, so why should His message change? Can it change? Ever?
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