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  1. Hello, I am currently working on a Macedonian Christian website called Hristos.MK (Hristos = Christ) and I am in a need of a good logo, but am not really good at graphic design, so I would like to ask you if you can make a logo for me. I need it in two dimensions: 60x45 (without text) and 240x180 (with text) The logo can have a cross, a bible, and/or an ichtus symbol (fish). The text should be this: ХРИСТОС.МК (it is in cyrillic letters) Thank you in advance, God bless!
  2. Well you know what's bugging me? Insecurity, uncertainty, not able to decide... But everyone I asked about this, they all said that I should learn it. My parents are supportive, they say I should go for it, they finance (and will) finance me for it, I have prayed to God about it, and it seems that all the doors are opened and there's nothing wrong with learning French. I am a pretty complicated person, and I always doubt stuff, and am always having a hard time making decisions.
  3. What do you think? Should Christian engage in worldly hobbies? For example: learning languages? I have recently started taking French course, and I enjoy it a lot, but since I have a very weak conscience, something is bugging me all the time. It's just, is there anything wrong with learning French? I don't think it is wrong at all, but I am not sure. I've talked to many people regarding this, and everyone said that is a very good thing that I learn French. What are your opinions?
  4. I am not well. As for school, there are still problems, but it's really hard for me to be alone. I need some Christians that I can be close with. I need people in my life, didn't God create us that way? We need each other. I am depressed, I have pressure at home, pressure at school, and I am just so alone.My spirit withers..
  5. Happy B-day to me! :P

    1. PastorMatt
    2. AnaBaptist


      Thank you! God bless!
      Btw, how long before the application for the "IFB" group to be approved? Thanks.

  6. According to the CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA: Article 9 Article 11 Article 16 Article 19 The full document can be found here: http://www.sobranie.mk/en/default.asp?ItemID=9F7452BF44EE814B8DB897C1858B71FF
  7. Nah, they would never understand it. That's way too much for them. They are spiritually dead, how can they understand it? They will ridicule me even more.
  8. I know this isn't the best category where my topic should be, but couldn't figure out where else to put it. As I posted in one of my previous topics, I need prayers because I have doubts about God, and I also noted that I have problems at school. In my opinion, this isn't a problem that should be taken lightly, so I want some counsel from you. We all know that the Lord Jesus Christ was greatly persecuted in His days, and also His disciples saw a great persecution. He forewarned us of that. We also know that throughout the centuries there were faithful disciples who were persecuted and put to death many times, and they still endured and were content in the Lord. I study in a public high school, and I am facing a great opposition, and yes, I will call it persecution from now on. First of all, I am ridiculed most of the times, I am very often the main theme of gossips, and I am facing many attacks. The most recent one is that male classmates don't allow me to enter the sports hall locker room at school, because I refuse to answer their stupid question "do I masturbate". Masturbation is one thing that I really struggle with, and I am certain that it is a sin, and I don't want to do it. If I answer them "no", I would say a lie because I still haven't overcame that sin, but if I answer "yes" I would be on their side, and on the side of masturbation. Another consequence if I answer "no", would be more persecution, and they won't let me in either way. But I don't want to say yes, and I won't change my mind. Even if I go inside, there are like 4-5 people who push (or pull) me out. So the problem here is that I can't exercise even my basic rights. I really need some help. I also plan to talk with the principal, and the social worker(s), but if this isn't solved, I would be forced to leave that school and seek a Christian-friendly environment. P.S. I have no problems with the teachers because of my faith. Thanks God, they are tolerant, but what they teach is sometimes as hard as persecution, because they want us to be secular humanists, believing the deception of evolution and atheism. P.P.S. My parents are nonbelievers, and I can't talk with them regarding this issue. P.P.P.S. I really want to take a break from this school. Should I skip classes?
  9. I will now post a separate topic regarding the school problems I have.
  10. Thanks for the encouragements brethren! I try to read my Bible as often as possible, and I am reading Daniel these days. Daniel is saying something very important about the end of the days, and I enjoy reading that book, but also new doubts arise, such as: "What if the NT writings are just modified OT writings with nothing outside of it", etc.. But then again, the problem is in "doubts". The problem is not that I am having a specific doubt that I am struggling with, but my mind can create doubts out of everything. It's really hard for me, especially that I don't have too much encouragement here, and I am alone most of the time, and plus I face..let's not be extreme and say that I face persecution, but I do have great opposition. First, I am a junior at a public high school, and I am facing much opposition from classmates. I don't want to give up my faith, I don't want to exchange it, I don't want to gain the world; yet I doubt so often. I often want to have some break from school. Plus, my parents are nonbelievers also, and they don't really approve of my faith. I know that God can give me the ultimate help I can ever receive, but I still need somebody (a Christian) who I can be close with and talk about stuff, pray together, study the Bible together.. I also need a local Bible-preaching Baptist Church, as there are none here, and I don't want to attend Protestant churches.
  11. Okay, just sent you an email. If anyone else wants to hear my testimony, please tell me.
  12. I will write my testimony to you - please write to me at the e-mail address I posted above, and I will reply as soon as I can.
  13. I've been saved for 2 years, and I know that Jesus lifted up my burden back then. I know He has forgiven me, and I am saved by His grace. I believe in that. Although there are other born-again Christians here (relatively a small number compared to other countries), I (we) don't have a close fellowship. Actually, my parents have forbidden me to go to church (it doesn't even matter, there are no Baptist Churches here; and of course, I don't wanna go to Catholic/Protestant/Orthodox church). There is certainly a Christian youth here, but most of us are backslidden and in love with the world and we rarely communicate or have a fellowship. It was just until recently that I was in the backsliden "worldly" group, and just as I got up on my feet and committed myself to holiness and following Jesus, came here the satan and put doubts in my head. I have received Christ. I am totally convinced that there is God, but my mind is all messed up lately. I can't even be sure what I believe, what is true or not, I worry about stuff, it even seems that I might walk away from my faith, but that is something I never want to happen. On the end of this post is my e-mail address, please contact me there if you want to talk with me. But I am very weak when I have doubts. If Jesus didn't rise, I do not need to live, my life won't have a meaning. I also get depressed occasionally. I wish I had someone to help me in this, but all of us (youth in Christ) are obsessed with our own problems, and no one seems able to bear more burden than their own. Most of the time I am alone, alone in faith, alone at home, alone at school (I don't even want close friendships with the worldly), and as I already mentioned, I get depressed too often. My only cure for loneliness and depression is when I walk closely with the Lord. If any of you wants to contact me, here is my e-mail: stefanbaptist[AT]outlook{DOT}com (this is just a little precaution, I want to keep my inbox spam-free; please replace [AT] with a "@" and {DOT} with a ".")
  14. Dear brethren, I would like to ask ye to pray for me, as I am having many doubts about God, Jesus' Resurrection and NT Canon authencity. Actually, my mind is all messed up. I just feel very bad because of this, and I don't know when this thing is gonna end. I have chronic problems with doubts, but I can't take anymore of this. I don't want to doubt my God, yet I haven't found a way to prevent doubts from coming. Please help!

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