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  1. I have heard a Pastor say such parables as this, Not sure if word for word is correct, but it is similar.. Again, This is not my saying, and no credit should be givin unto me for this... I remember a pastor i was listening to on a CD when i was a truck driver, I had picked this CD up at a TA truck stop a while ago back. He was talking about Gods glory and giving advise as to what God's Glory was.. He was saying that God's Glory was his fullness, his likeness.. His light.. Then he went on telling and reading scriptures about the time that moses had asked God, God, show me your Glory, and God told moses that if any man was to see his Glory, they would surly die, then God went on telling moses that he would cast his hand infront of moses as he past by, and he could see the hinder parts of himself, which is the lesser Glory.. Then the past came about this parable in reference of the Glory of God, and what it would do.. he said, "I love working out in the rain, Jus the feel of the rain coming down, The rain starts drizzling down as a sprinkle, they later it starts to pick up and it gets harder and harder, it gets so hard that you have no choice but to take shelter from it.. The soon its starts flooding, and when the flood comes, with great strength its bound to cause some disasters, sooner or later when the floods start to get stronger, its going to start to beat up against things and, anything that stands in its path that wont co-operate wit the flood, it will tare it down, and destroy anything and everything in its path.. I think that their was more to it but i will see if i can find the CD about it.. But it was a good parable... But it did make sense about God's Glory, cus the Glory of God would do jus that to any man.. God's Glory would destroy the image of man, and for those that are not saved by his grace, like wise the soul of man will be destroyed by the constant burning flame of God, his glory..
  2. Life is like a car without reverse and on a really long one way street running about 60 MPH like an interstate and not able to stop cus other cars follow in the path, some go around you speeding cus of no patience. Others road rage cus they don't know how to control their anger and are in a hurry cus they like the open road, not knowing where they are going, or their purpose, they are jus in it for the ride and don't want anything to get in their way to slow them down plus taking no caution as to what could happen, others go slow, cus they have found their ways of patience and they enjoy life, that's why they take it slow, They have no reason to speed, cus they have found that patience makes room for a good trip, also knowing where they are going and time is no issue for them. They take caution and abide the rules of the road knowing that it will lead them to the destination safe. . others crash, cus they get into a hurry to get nowhere in life and they get really hurt, perhaps they were lost and didn know the way so they did what they thought was the right road but yet it jus led to their destruction and soon the doctor keeps tryin to work on them b4 it is too late while knowing that their time is only limited to a short time, then realizes that the doctor cant save them cus death has taken the toll on them and soon, lost forever. Then Others get stuck in a traffic jam and they have the need to jus keep going, but they cant cus they are having problems moving forward and they think that its the end of a good ride then they think that they are running out of time so they give up and try to find a different way not knowing if its going to be any better, They are always looking for they fastest, easiest, way out not wanting any trouble in their travel, also not knowing if they are even on road that is shorter or longer, Time is their enemy and are bound to take any road but the right one cus they never look at the guidance of the map to help them on their way. While some others sit there and wait in the jam cus they know that later, it will clear up and get better further on down the road. But no matter what happens, it is still a one way street, you cant hit reverse.. So if one was to pass up their exit, their way to get to their destination, they would have to go little further down the road and turn around to correct their mistakes, and also learn from it, so it wont happen again. Some learn, and some keep making the mistakes cus they dont pay attention to the signs that are given. Gas is like life, then not learning from the mistakes and watching the signs, they waste the gas and soon will run out before getting to the destination then stuck in a place where no help can be given. But no matter what, you can always look in the rear view mirror and see the path you have taken, but you must always keep your eyes on the road so you can keep moving forward, if you keep looking in the rear view mirror, and not in the path that you are headed the road that you are moving forward on, you may never make it to when you are aiming to go, and it will be hard telling where you will end up, cus you keep lookin in the past of where you have been. Also, you cant look to far ahead cus who is the say that on the other side of the hill, the road is still there? So the only thing you can do is keep looking forward, check on the past by looking in the mirror to see where you have been jus a glimpse every once in a while, and always be prepared to meet the end of the road, cus you never know when that time will be.. All you can do is travel the road slowly, be prepared for the end, Learn your past by looking behind you, Learn from it, to help you make way for a better future, Remember, you can only take small glimpse in the rear-view mirror, dont keep looking at where you have been, you may run off the smooth road and find yourself in to a rough ride or even worse, finding your self tryin to correct your mistake with the left hand on the wheel, and not attempting to ask for the right hand to help so you can have more control so you can get back on the right side of the road, it could lead to some bad things.. Things that must be done to help you on your travel that will allow you to, dodge the pot holes, and debris on the road by asking another to help guide you around them. Abide the Laws that are given to you so you dont get pulled over and then trouble will be brought unto you. Learn from the signs and follow them.. That way you can learn where you are and where you are headed. Dont let others trick you into racing or speeding, remember, Abide the laws givin, they are there for your safety to help you get to where you are going. Dont rush, there is no need too, you always have time to do something. Be patience in the roadblocks and jams, it may be tough and things may seem like they will never clear up so you can continue on your path, but believe me, it will clear up, Jus be patience, and if need be, talk to your friend to help you keep your wits about things, he is always there to help, listen, and willing to do anything for you that is needed to help you along the wait and on the travel.. He wont leave nor forsake you.. He is here for you and is a friend that can be trusted, Jus call upon him, he is/will be here with out questions. Be careful of taking the wrong roads, Jus cus it looks familiar, dont mean that its the same road, always look at the map so you can stay on the right road, when you are in doubt of anything about your travel, read the map, all the answers are in the map and it will guide you the right way. You could even get you a GPS that talks to you if you dont like to read.. Dont listen to the backseat driver, he dont have a clear sight of the road nor does he even care, he is jus in it for the joy and the ride, in fact, that is all he likes to do is ride, so he will tell you to take roads never taken b4 and may lead you to somewhere you dont want to be which could lead you into finding yourself tryin to get back to the right road, you would find it im sure, but question is.. How long will it take you? Your best friend in the passenger front seat knows where you are, would you ask for his help to find your way back to the right road? Would you try to find your way by looking at the map, I would hope so,but i have one even better, how about you, and your best friend, read the map together out loud so it will register in your mind to remembrance.. That sounds like a plan, dont it? Stay in good faith brothers and sisters, and as the Lord has said to us all, Hold what we have, cus he comes quickly.. Even tho we suffer a great deal at times and our faith is being tested.. Some are able to over come the test, and i am so happy to those whom can/ does. But for those that can not overcome the test and fall and once again, fall in the ways of sin, To you, i shall pray, as i pray for myself for the same reasons. Im not fond of my sinful ways cus i know that i am a sinner, I will be the first to admit this to any being in body or spirit, tho im not proud of it, cus i fail a lot.. But i keep my head up high and lean more to the Lord, cus i know.. Since i still have flaws, sin, unjust and unclean ways,The Lord will never give up on me and will always preform his works in my life by the evil sin i hold in my mind and veins and soon the Lords work in me will make me whole and completed. No man could love another if they could see thru their eyes as Jesus see in us.. Man may say they know love, but in reality, we prolly know about a 3rd of love.. If we know love at all. Love is that powerful.. We have no idea or nothing about it.. We dont even know how how to be right in Gods eyes, even though we think we are doing, but we prolly dont come close to what God wants, intends, and by his ways.. All we can do is try, God knows this, He knows we are not perfect, so thats all that he expects from us, that for us to try.. But i say to you all, Hold fast and keep tryin with all your might, Keep in prayer, and read the map (bible), our day wit the lord is coming soon, and in that day, we shall be completely clean of all sin, and unrighteous ways. (1000 years is as 1 day with the Lord, and 1 days is as 1000 years) For those without understanding of this vers, I shall help you understand... our 1000 years on earth is 1 day to the Lord, and the Lords 1 day, is a 1000 years to us.. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I am looking forward into reading some parables of today's Christians.. So please, for those that have things as such, please share.. I got carried away at the end, I tend to do that when i talk about things of the book, I vent it out and tell things of my life that i compare to the bible and also say it out as to how i see it to be a work from the Lord, When the Lord works in your life, God Bless all, and may God bless the Holy Spirit, May all the Glory be given to God.. For it belongs to him.. Amen (sorry if there are any misspelling of words, if any are found, Please message me so that i can correct my mistakes, like the Lords word, spelling must be proper so that all can understand what is/has been said. Thank you :)
  3. TheWatcher

    America Is In The Bible

    yes that is true, the antichrist will come from the land of the americans.. and will great power.. As i have been watching, I do beleive that he is here, but only time will tell.. 1 individual that has caught my eyes from the warnings of the bible that tells us the antichirst will fore-fill of prophecy. But like i said, im jus watching for the signs and this man is puttin on quiet a show and what a silver tounge he has.. revelation 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. 7 heads= 7 continents, ten horns= 10 people, 10 crowns upon his heads= the people wit the power to rule, such as leaders of high... like presidency. The time has come for these events to come forth and take place.. signs of the so called polar shift is the first warning of the coming of Wormwood.. its cus of the gravitational pull of the star. question is.. when? Revelation 8:10-11
  4. TheWatcher

    Israel's Imminent Annihilation

    Us americans have been helping the Jew find their way back to the land of isreal... I think thats how it is spelt.. The End of Times is closer than most would think, You can follow my posting as i slowly explain some things and the time line, Sure Jesus said that no man knows the time or day, but he didn say we couldn't follow the sign's of events that are happening in the world, and in the heavens.. Revelation... The meanin is to reveal, research, discover.. but yes.. You are right. as it says in Zephaniah 1:14... The lord is coming and is close.. He has show'd me what will take place and i am willing to teach it to all that will listen.. not Just a teaching, but also a warning too.
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    Revelation.... (Aka)- Reveal-

    would like to have some of you to answer some things and as i post things, we will learn more and more, I will post more after We talk about the first postings of questions... I am going to give you a visual of what heaven is and what is given to us from the Father.. Im sure heave is alot more that was is revealed from this little part of scripture below, I will be doing multiple posting in this post.. I will walk you thru some of the revelation of what i have (Reveal'd, discover'd, found, research'd - this is the meaning of revelation) Revelation is the hardest of the book to seek meaning, cus you have to do research to reveal it... We will talk about God and his Glory after he gave it up so that we can have a way to his kingdom, and what role it plays in todays revelations.. We will talk about the crown that Jesus was givin to be King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.. Also about the coming of the Lord and what to expect to see in the heavens of his coming.. we will talk about wormwood, the star that is to fall from the heavens as it says in Revelation chapter 8 vers 11.. What is revealed may come to a shock to you but also interesting on the topic. I will take this slow, I will explain one part at a time, after i give meaning to the scriptures.. If at any time you dont know a meaning, Or if any reason you dont understand what i have reveal'd, please let me know and i will try to clear it up so you can.. i am here to share my knowledge to help others understand, aslo i am here to learn things i know not of.. My God bess you.. rev 16:15 Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. Revelations Chapter 3 vers 12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. What is a pillar in heaven?.. A pillar is a foundation.. Most think when they hear pillar, it is concrete or wood that holds up a structure of some kind right? That is true a pillar does support, but this pillar in the temple of God, isn some concrete support or wood for that matter, It is a pillar of light, you prolly ask yourself.. A pillar of light, how can that support the temple of God, its easy, ever wonder what supports the planets from just taking its own path instead of orbiting around the sun? Thats cus the sun is the pillar, its the foundation.. The sun dont move around the planets.. Do you have a picture now?.. Did you know that Satan is till in heaven? He hasn been casted down yet, he is till bound in the heavens by the archangel michael. So satans pillar is still in heaven and still shines light to the world, even tho Satan is evil, he still awaits his kingdom which is within hell.. now the Lords light is dimmed due to him giving up his glory so that we could have a way to the heavens when he sent Jesus.. When jesus said that he will not wear his crown till his comeing, his glory (light) remains dim and not seen.. yet. The blble also says that all will see his coming from the east on a white cloud. revelation chapter 1 13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. 20 The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches. God talkin about the seven stars in his right hand, it can be seen by the eye of man, I see it all the time on a clear night where no bulb'd light shines. the stars make a shape that kinda looks like a tennis racket or a key.. It also is the (as nasa calls it) the nemesis, Nasa says that it is the evil twin to our sun and between the nemesis and our solar system, they are binary, Now nemesis is the sun to the 7 stars, this planetary system is also called, the planets of the crossing, cus of the position of the planets make a shap of a cross, but in the middle where the cross is made, lies nemesis, as nasa calls it, the dead star, a dwarf star.. Now if you can see, it clearly states in revelation 1:13, And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.. Will continue soon.....
  6. Getting Friends, willing to teach to members also learn new scriptures too...

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    A New Sinner In The Chats

    Hell friends . I would like to start out by telling a little about me, I am 32 yrs old, I have one child, she is 12.. I am divorced/seperated.. I married her b4 i was saved and it was out of lust.. But i love my daughter cus a child is a precious thing to have, like a gift if you will. Concidering that doctors told that i couldn have kids.. I wasn married when she was born.. but shortly after some years foward in my life, I turned to the Lord.. I jus woke up one day and said that I was going to church cus i want to get saved. But some events took place b4 that day on June 9th 2001 of me being saved.. I shalt tell my story of these events that put a boot in my butt to get this done. lol. I was a deisel mechainc at time these events happen'd, at the time i was lost and blinded by my own pride and sinnful ways not having a clue what the purpose, or not even knowing that it was God laying my path out to lead me to him.. Never thought God would ever work this way cus in my eyes at them, even yrs after i was saved, I never seen it till he showed me why things happened the way they did that year of events that was given to me. my brother-in-law and I was coming home from work one night from a long hard day, we had started i cant remember but between 8-9 am that morning, and the time we left work it was 11-11:30pm. on the way home, there was a car that was infront of us, i went around a curve and i didn see it till i got around the curve, he was driving about 30-35 mph and i was going about 55mph give or take a few.. I came up on him fast but i slowed down in time so i didn hit him, he seen me coming up on him fast so he hit his breaks, I guess he was tryin to get me to hit him, I really didn know what his problem was that night.. I am a manic depressant, That is the highest rated of bipolar there is, or atleast one of the worst cases of bipolar, It really dont take much to make me mad.. Plus to top it off, I dont know how to control it and it gets the best of me, but in time (im not a patient man) the Lord will take this part of rudeness and evil part of sin from me, But i know i have to be patient not jus with myself but the Lord too.. The Lord works slow cus when working slow, there will be no mistakes.. he is starting to teach me patience now.. but any ways... as we were traveling on down the road and only had about 5-6 miles to go from the drive way from where we were. The guy in the car kept on going 12-15mph on the straight stretches of the road, and would fly around the curves... and when i would get 1 to 1 /12 car lengths from him, he would stand on his breaks, Well, the second time is when he flipped on my anger switch.. There is no in between wit me, either i am mad and want to ripe someones head off, or i am a kind and giving person.. I dont like that i am like this cus i hurt ppl, and i really dont mean too... well.. we got to about 2 miles from the drive way, he took off really fast like he was trying to race someone, so every curve that i went around, I kinda took it slow cus didn know what he would try to pull to get me in trouble.. i went around 3 curves and he was no where to be found, he was out of sight, so i figured he got tired of messing around and jus went on with doings, No mind you, i was still angry about this, it would have taken me about 30 mins to an hour for me to cool my wits. On this road there is a "S" curve, and going around the first curve you cant see around it cus there was a tall hill on the right of this right handed curve, and when you come around the that first curve there was a small open field to the left. Well, when i went around that first curve he was in between the two curves about to take the other curve b4 a straight stretch of about 1/4- and jus a little shorter than 1/2 mile long.. he was going slow again, So me being young at the age of 20, I figured i would take a short cut thru the small field to straighten the curves and come back out on the road, he seem what i was doing and he punched it to keep infront of me, he still got infront of me, That made me even more angry i was seeing red, my ears were blowing smoke, then he slowed down again to 12-15 mph.. I was determed to pass him this time, I didn care what happen, I went around him on the left, he punched it too, side by side, he came over and hit my truck, that did it, that was the final blow of anger, I cut the wheel straight into his car hoping to push him off the road, not caring what happen'd to him.. he hit his breaks and my back tired it a lil rut off the side of the road and i when sideways in the road as a van was coming and they T-Boned me, about a month later is when i got saved, but b4 that happen about 8 months, there was an elder lady that came up to the shop and handed me a track and asked if i would go to church with her, I really didn want to but i said yea, and i did that sunday, and that was it... about 2 months b4 the car wreck, there was another lady that came up there, handed me a track and told me, The Lord is calling you. God showed me, you dont get to choice what you do, My will be done, I now know that if the Lord really wants you, he will get you. But its up to us rather we listen and look at the signs that he puts out there for us. The ppl in the van was a christian family too, they have forgiven me for my actions.. I could go to their now to this day and have dinner wit them so to speak.
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    I am sorry to hear that. She will get better, The Lord is with you and the child always and forever, remember he had said a promise to all that call upon his name.. "I will never leave nor forsake you" My payer is with her thru the Lord... remember brother/sister, Do not fear..
  9. Delete button not showing so i can remove this post.. I have made another post..... Revelation (AKA)- Reveal- Pls check it out.. Ty