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    Ukulelemike got a reaction from Jim_Alaska in Baptism of John the baptist?   
    I think maybe just the term "Baptist" was coined as a denomination, so to speak. 
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    Ukulelemike got a reaction from swathdiver in Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?   
    Pretty much all (of the few) in our church are of the millennial persuasion, so I can speak a bit on this.
    I have, for instance, twin brothers, 28, who seem to love the church and the Lord, but tend to be in and out, for family events, occasionally getting caught up in a video game, working so any hours of overtime they sleep most of Sunday, spending the day working on their yard or truck. So there seems to be a certain ADHD, of sorts, that they are going so many directions they tend to just...forget. We find that often if we text and remind them of upcoming service, probably 90% of the time they make it. But they are too mindful of other things. They haven't learned to fully put God first. I am patient with them, because I see myself there, too, when I was their age. 
    It is nothing new really-we must remember the Bible says that few will find the narrow path.
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    Ukulelemike got a reaction from Jim_Alaska in Protecting Our Congregation - Church Security   
    In our little country church, maybe we will just bring in our guard dogs. 
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    Ukulelemike got a reaction from John Young in What Happened to my Church?   
    When I first became a pastor, there were no deacons, just 'trustees', because we were small, and they were there for business purposes. I have since done away with the official state business aspect, got rid of the 501C3 aspect of the church, and so no trustees. While still too small to worry about deacons, once I had considered it, and they balked at the idea that, A, they weren't going to be a board who decided what did and didn't go on at the church and run the pastor's ministry, and, B, that their primary job was to take things OFF my shoulders and take over in various duties like visitation and the like, so I could put my focus on the word and prayer for the sake of the church. Even when I showed them in scripture what the deacons were hired for, basically waiting tables, they didn't like it, and so no deacons.
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    Ukulelemike got a reaction from Jim_Alaska in What Happened to my Church?   
    My old church in San Diego, fortunately, hasn't gone through this, though I've seen they are starting to use some contemporary music, carefully recrafted to a more conservative sound. Unfortunately, this is often the first step down. Once the current pastor, who is holding things together, passes, the trip down will be much quicker.

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