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  1. We rent the local community center, very small, maybe 35 people capacity. We only rent it for the day on Sunday, and 2 hours on Thursdays, and we pay $10 each Sunday, $5 each Thursday. Typically, $70, max, per month. I also have use of office space included, so I don't have to haul everything in and out, just set up and break down. Still rather have our own place. Lots of open buildings here, but they all seem to have weird issues with them, so there they sit to fall apart.
  2. Yes, they weren't there, because they didn't need to be there in the original language-it was added for clarification, because it didn't translate directly into English the way it read in the Greek. So yes, it was added, but the thought was there, it just didn't translate. Some thing. Like Spanish has certain word that are in the female sense, and some in the male sense, Hermano and hermana, both of which translate as friend, but one, we would write as male friend, the other as female friend, because English doesn't have all the words words to specify male and female that way; (those we had, l
  3. These all teach a clear rapture of the church. What's the problem? "13 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. 14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. 16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the
  4. While on a not-strict version, I pretty quickly lost about 50 pounds, not even really trying, and seem to have plateaued there for now. My wife says she can see it, but no one else seems to-a testament to how big I have been: 50 pounds down brought me to just below 300 pounds, so I'm still a big tub of goo, but we're moving along. Congrats on the 16 pounds-I don't recall you being a particularly large man by any means, so 16 pounds is a real difference for you.
  5. Last night, Taco Bell. Blah. Kind of going away from much fast food, as too many carbs. My wife and I are going to try the Keto. Tonight, beef patties with cheese. Probably about it.
  6. I don't think post-millennialism, I think post/mid trib rapture, though, which actually is what I believe. He also has gone to the position of the Antichrist being a Muslim, which I have looked into actually before he talked about it, and while I see merit to it, I am not convinced. With me, I see someone who has to be coming from a position that he can get both Muslims AND Jews behind him, so there can be agreement on the building of the third temple. As well, the Muslim idea of the 12th Imam, and their version of "Jesus", or Isus, whatever, would seem to fit the agenda of a false Chris
  7. I had considered changing our name from Bible Baptist Church to either Foundation Baptist Church or Pillar and Ground Baptist Church-primarily because of the association that Bible Baptist has come to have with Ruckman. But haven't done so. Perhaps when we are able to purchase our own building again, (or if), then I might do it.
  8. I think I may have seen one of them, though mostly I have watched Kent Hovind's 7-part seminar on creation, very good. He has gone now into some things I don't know that I agree with, but his creation seminar is still very good.
  9. Actually it was the Pharisees that wanted them down before the first day of unleavened Bread, which was a sabbath day, a day they did no servile work, so they had to all be dead and down and the bodies disposed of before 6pm/Sunset. John 19:31 "The Jews therefore, because it was the preparation, that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the sabbath day, (for that sabbath day was an high day,) besought Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away. " We must remember, for all we appreciate about the KJV translators, they were, mostly, of the chu
  10. Personally, I believe the great lack of reliable information, and the confusion caused by the entire subject, as well as knowing how integrally the Catholic church is involved in the veneration of Easter and the various pagan aspects of it, we ought to soundly reject it and all its traditions, and seek to Christ and his resurrection, based upon the timing of Passover, nor Easter, which changes according to the seasons, unlike Passover, which, by the Hebrew calendar, doesn't change. To get down to brass tacks, it really doesn't matter why the word was used in the KJV, when there is contro
  11. "Pascha" is the Hebrew word translated as "Passover," coined, I believe, by William Tyndale, if I remember correctly. To this day there is a lot of discussion and disagreement why it was translated as "Easter" in the one account referring to Herod-most believe it was because Herod probably didn't celebrate Passover, (though really, it was after Passover and was during the feast of unleavened bread, sometimes lumped together as part of Passover, but really, when given by the Lord, they were two separate feasts.) Instead it is believed he wouldn't have celebrated the pagan Spring feast whi
  12. Yes, I believe that was from the movie "Expelled", very good. He really boxed Dawkins into admitting what he didn't want to admit: that there HAD to be an intelligent source for life. Later, Dawkins claimed he was 'tricked' into saying it, even though he had the right to have them remove that footage of the show. He is a whiner. Another issue with the Urey-Miller experiment, was that about 97% of what the experiment produced was a toxic tar sludge that had to be immediately removed, or it would have killed the few amino acids produced. So either the slidge, or oxidation, both had to be
  13. I just ask, "So, where did THEY come from? And did they plant the universe in place, as well? Did they supply the open space to put the universe into? You can't have aliens without having the same questions of origins.
  14. The issue with what was "added" in italics, isn't that it wasn't there, it was that the Greek or Hebrew from which it was translated had it, but they didn't translate directly into English, so it was added to show the meaning of the phrase in the Greek and Hebrew. But they placed it into italics to maintain honesty that it had to be added to clear the meaning. I have seen an interesting theory on genesis, that it was actually initially written down by the people it was written about, for instance, Adam wrote part, Seth wrote part, Abraham wrote part, etc, and they compiled the writings
  15. That was my point: that no matter the miracle, to the carnal mind, no proof of God and His power will suffice, if faith won't. And yes, in a sense it is strange to want to kill Lazarus, after just witnessing Jesus raise him from the dead-because, how could they not think that, if He chose, he would just raise him again? This is how twisted their minds were in their pride and carnality. And then they took He that raised the dead, (and didn't dispute that He did), and killed Him, even taunting Him to bring himself down from the cross! Their minds were truly reprobate to the point of unreasonable
  16. Surely even the most amazing miracles will not suffice to change the mind of those who don't believe, who reject Jesus. Consider when Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead: the Pharisees couldn't deny it happened, but they decided the best way to deal with it, rather than accept Christ for who He clearly was, was to KILL LAZARUS! Like, there is some real brain power for you!
  17. Chapter 1 is an overview of creation, while chapter 2 concerns the creation of man and what occurred on, primarily, day six in relation to man. Genesis 1 is absolutely literal, and there is no reason to believe otherwise. Even the terminology used, "Day" "Evening," and "Morning" make it clear it is meant to be literal, the earth is about 6000 years old. Notice, as well, in Gen 1, God created the birds from the sea, while in chapter 2, from the ground. A contradiction? Not at all. God created one of each kind of animals in the garden specifically so that, 1: Adam could name them, 2, so Ada
  18. Well of course, the dating doesn't match biblical timelines, so no, a 10, 500 year old basket cannot exist, and doubtful there's a 6000 year old skeleton, as this area wouldn't have been excepted from the flood. I suspect they're all from roughly the same time period, probably around the 2nd century AD, though the only items they could actually definitely date would be the coins, since coins are datable due to either an actual date on them, or the imagery on them.
  19. Funny how it all dates to around the 2nd century AD, yet included is a 10,500 year old basket??? Funny how that lasted from even before the creation of the universe. And a 1000 year of cache of coins? AND a 6000 year old skeleton?So people were storing things in this cave from 10,500 years ago, to 1000 years back? The numbers aren't adding up.
  20. In response to his statement in bold, does he understand where "AI" came from? Did it develop itself? Or just happen by accident of nature? Of course not, it was made my a human intelligence. And I don't see that it will ever exceed human intelligence, because we have not only intelligence, but wisdom, compassion, emotion, spirit, things that are not found in AI, so it cannot exceed us. Even if it could, that is because we, as humans, are weak and limited, and AI would be limited, regardless of its capacity to exceed, if possible, their 'creator'. But the very fact that AI could ONLY exist b
  21. I get that-in the end, we really can't say, with certainty, what Heaven or even hell exactly are. The one thing I would question in your statement, is, did Satan take the physical form of a serpent, or did he possess it, as we see legion was sent into a herd of swine? And just to thrown some good-natured and unnecessary fuel on the fire, is a serpent, a snake? There are many legged lizards that crawl on their bellies. Did the serpent LOSE its legs, or was it just pushed down into the dust? Or was this particular serpent of a kind that doesn't even exist anymore? Perhaps one of the a
  22. No, I don't. Can the physical exist there? I suppose in a fashion-we know that Enoch went up in body, as did Elijah, but we don't know what their situation is-God can, of course, do as He pleases, as he created all physics, He can manipulate them to His will as desired. But since God is Spirit, the saints are in the spirit, angels are spirits, and since God exists outside of time, I don't see how it could be physical, at least in how we understand physical. I know God is preparing a place for us, the New Jerusalem, which will descend from Heaven, but again, that doesn't mean Heaven is phy
  23. Having been both, let me say, when I first began to preach at the church I am now pastor at, I was, along with some other men from our church, a different church, used to cover on Sundays for the pastor, who was elderly and infirm, and could no longer physically serve fully. I believe that, from the start, they were looking for a replacement, but I was one of about 4 or five that each took a Sunday, and one by one, all the others dropped out and asked me to take over. Shortly thereafter I was asked about becoming the pastor, so I counseled with my pastor on it and he said he would endorse me.
  24. Why would you assume hell is a physical place? Only spirits are in hell, the body isn't joined back to it till the second resurrection, and then they are cast into the lake of fire, a different place, with apparently a physical aspect to it. At that point, perhaps God gives them a physical form for eternity. But angels are most definitely NOT physical, and only take human form, or at least appear to, when in their service as messengers from God to man. That would imply to me that it must be mandated from the Lord-we never once see an instance of a devil taking human form, outside of possession
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