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  1. That's a shame. While I didn't like all his music, I believe his ministry had an overall positive impact on many. I had the opportunity to meet him years ago at Lighthouse Baptist church in san Diego near the beginning of his Patch ministry. Prayers for the family and a quick trip to glory for him.
  2. Thank you, I will do that. Its been a long road and we're still walking it, but its getting better, just a slooow process.
  3. Last night, has steak and pan-fried green beans. Tonight? Who knows? Maybe pork, maybe a sandwich. With my wife still pretty down I am the cook and chief bottle-washer, and with service right after work tonight, hard to say what we will do. But I always come up with something. Fortunately my wife has simple tastes.
  4. When I first became a pastor, there were no deacons, just 'trustees', because we were small, and they were there for business purposes. I have since done away with the official state business aspect, got rid of the 501C3 aspect of the church, and so no trustees. While still too small to worry about deacons, once I had considered it, and they balked at the idea that, A, they weren't going to be a board who decided what did and didn't go on at the church and run the pastor's ministry, and, B, that their primary job was to take things OFF my shoulders and take over in various duties like visitation and the like, so I could put my focus on the word and prayer for the sake of the church. Even when I showed them in scripture what the deacons were hired for, basically waiting tables, they didn't like it, and so no deacons.
  5. But see, that's my point: How many so-called "Christians", even many who may well be born again, can you see Christ in these days? IF we see little or no fruit, by which we are told we will know them by, can they be considered "Christians"?
  6. We have many Mennonites in our area, and we are friends with some. In fact, we just visited them, as they have a bunch of commercial-sized greenhouses and they grow and sell plants-we just bought stuff for our garden. We also buy hay from them when we have goats, because they deliver. very nice folks, prayed a lot for my wife when she was in the hospital recently, and they were so tickled to see her back recently. We haven't much talked faith with them as our visits are usually quick and busy, but I know they keep gospel signs all over their property. The only issues I would have with them is the demands on clothing, men must wear suspenders and women the cape dresses and bonnets, but these are clearly issues of freedom, if they are okay with them, and not a sin issue. One day I would like to get them when not too busy to speak on things spiritual.
  7. So, a comment was made on a forum I was on, and it piqued my interest. It said, "The word "Christian" is only used 3 times in scripture; none of them are in context to being born again, but all are in context of those who bear fruit" I looked into the three places, and while perhaps not clear, there does seem to be some truth to that. The first instance is referring to when the term is first used in Anticoch, and it says specifically that the disciples were first called Christians there. The second has to do with Agrippa telling Paul that he was almost persuaded to be a Christian, to which Paul declares he would prefer all who heard him were just like him, except without the chains. Paul was a disciple and an apostle. The 'Christians" Agrippa would have know would be those who were busily stirring up trouble turning the world upside down-they were known for their faith and boldness. So, no pew-sitters, only active. the third is in 1Pet 4:16 speaks of those who suffer as Christians, and as we all know, there is little chance anyone but a true active fruit-bearing Christian will actually be willing to suffer for their faith: most "Christians" today can't be bothered to suffer through a 1/2 hour sermon, much less accept actual suffering for the cause of Christ. Seeing as the name of Jesus Christ is so precious, is it really appropriate to apply it to just anyone who says a prayer and does little if anything more for Him? Might there be a difference between just a believer going to heaven, and an actual Christian, a follower of Christ? After all, a follower is one who lays aside all to take up their cross and follow. salvation is free, but to go further will cost-are those who don't pay a cost Christians, or just believers?
  8. The clear initial problem here is that deacons ran the church. Deacons are there to assist the pastor, to take certain responsibilities off his hands so he can minister in prayer and the word-when deacons boards began to run things, that's when church leadership went awry.
  9. Indeed-agree with DaveW. Most see the catholic 'church' as the end-all, be-all of Christianity until the 16th century, when Luther, then others, split off and started the reformation, and that's where all other churches came from However, that isn't the case. All during the reign of Catholicism, which is NOT Christian, there were many other churches in existence, some good, some bad. Anabaptists were some of them; this was a name given to them by the Catholic church as an insult. It means "re-baptizers", so-called for their practice of baptizing former-Catholic converts when they became saved. Generally, this was shortened to 'Baptist' by some, while others maintained Anabaptist. These groups have grown and become various groups, like the Mennonites and Ahimsh, some independent Baptists, Independent Fundamental Baptist, etc. So true churches always existed from the time of Christ to the present, not part of any 'denomination'.
  10. My old church in San Diego, fortunately, hasn't gone through this, though I've seen they are starting to use some contemporary music, carefully recrafted to a more conservative sound. Unfortunately, this is often the first step down. Once the current pastor, who is holding things together, passes, the trip down will be much quicker.
  11. Indeed, many sea creatures survived because they remained in their element. It is possible there may be other survivors we don't even know about-I think we may know 50% of what is in the oceans. Consider its only recently that we obtained photographic evidence of one of the larger sea animals, the giant squid, because they tend to remain deep. What else is lurking down there? I have heard of instances of very large great white sharks that are tagged, suddenly disappearing off the radar, as though something much bigger made a quick lunch of them.
  12. What a mess Liberty has become. I saw it years ago-a young man in my church used his military benefits to attend their, via internet, and not long after he took what he had learned and went fairly liberal-he hasn't, in years, been able to settle anywhere, hiving gone from our church to Mennonite, then broke off from them with a group, then they disbanded, and he went to a Pentecostal church, and now attends an SDA church. I wish he had spent as much time learning from me, as he did them.
  13. We video record the sermons and I download them to Facebook and YouTube. I would like to livestream but I don't know how, and my resident techie moved away recently. Being a very small church I tend to have to do everything, include keep the webpage current, (when that happens), do the recording and uploading to the net, etc. I used to do powerpoint with a lot of my sermons but I have kind of slacked off from that recently due to some life changes that keep me busier than before.
  14. in fact, the continual new discoveries by scientists also makes us question, How can scientists say with such assurance that they know all about what happened 'millions of years ago', or even 'millions of light years away', as well as how global warming/cooling/climate change will effect the earth in 1000 years, when they don't even have a handle on the here and now? Every heavy storm washes up new animals from the ocean that baffle scientists, but by golly, they know all about how everything evolved from one thing to another! They don't understand how some storm activity occurs, but they will speak with assurance about that planet 1000 l/y away that rains diamonds!
  15. Happy Birthday! May the Lord bless you and your family. 👏

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