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  1. This might be a composite of quotations, but: "When we preach, we stand, not at a pulpit, but on a throne. We cannot play at preaching: Life, Death, Heaven and Hell all hang on the preaching and hearing of a sermon." CH Spurgeon This used to hang on my office when I was first a pastor, (and wen I had an office).
  2. My primary response was part 2, context. The context is clearly the giving of God's word. Yes, #1 was shaky, at best, and I considered erasing it, but there it is. Ignore it, look at #2 Yes, as I said above, I agree it was a bit, or a lot, shaky. Stick with #2.
  3. My grandmother used to say, "You can sit on the top of a mountain, but you can't sit on the tip of a pin. One winter she broke her leg, so we shot her. --Benny Hill
  4. We know this has to do with God's completed word, and not the coming of Christ, because, 1: Jesus had already come, and if it referred to Jesus, surely it would say, "He that is perfect is come again" and 2: Because the scripture, in context, has to do with the supernatural receiving/giving of God's words, through prophecy, tongues and (supernatural) knowledge, or revelation. This is how the Lord gave His word, from Genesis to Revelation-so, in that context, the things we know only in part, (at that time, the word not yet being complete, and only incomplete parts given at any o
  5. Well, as for the difference between the third day, and after the third day, that is a difference that I suppose ew may not understand this side of heaven. It may be that He rose, or came alive, ON the third day, but did not rise, or leave the tomb, until AFTER the third day. A Wednesday crucifixion would not have Him in the tomb 3-1/2 days and nights, because the time of His death isn't the same as the time in the tomb, which is what the timing is set to. 3 days, three nights in the heart of the earth, or the tomb. That being the case. then He was only in the tomb for 3 days, and maybe a
  6. What was my whole quote: let's look again: Though technically, He was raised AFTER 3 days, which would mean very early, (or late?, at the beginning) of the first day. By the timeline of the crucifixion, He probably went into the sepulcher maybe, at earliest, an hour, possibly less, before the end of the day, so He both met the requirement of three days and three nights, AND to rise after three days, (Matt 27:63; Mark 8:31). Simple math. It's so SIMPLE! 3 days and 3 nights MEANS 3 days and 3 nights. Why is it so hard> Why do we feel we need to complicate things, just to b
  7. Agreed. I have, in the past, considered dropping the "IFB" label, because there are an awful lot of awful IFB's out there. However, there are an awful lot of awful people who claim the title "Christian", but it is a worthy title, so, in consideration, I maintain the title of IFB because I hold to what IFB actually means, and my church is not defined by the harm some do to the name, because of their bad behavior.
  8. A couple people I know, including a young man in our church, have asked me about this magazine they keep getting, "Tomorrow's World." Having perused it once, a light reading showed it is full of false doctrine, so I told the young man in my church, and he is no longer reading them. Today, a co-worker brought me one and asked me about it, so I went a little further into it, and found it is produced by "the Living Church of God," which is apparently an even worse offshoot of Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God, (WCoG). It is a weird mix of Armstrongism, law-keeping, (thus also Sabbath-keepi
  9. Sadly, I am afraid that the covid restrictions are helping along with the falling away from churches. Just gives people an excuse. If the lost pretending to be saved leave, so be it; it is the saved who are carnal leaving that concerns me.
  10. Closest I guess I come to it, is I use a simple Lenovo pad for my sermon notes, rather than doing my sermons from paper, because I found I was drowning in paper. All of the sermons get loaded onto my external hard drive to preserve them...and as soon as those are replaced by some other storage device, they'll move there. Then the big EMP that is coming sometime will probably wipe them all away, so before that I will probably print them all onto PAPER and collect them together to maybe pass down to my kids, or whoever might want them.
  11. TO THE MOST HIGH AND MIGHTY PRINCE, JAMES by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland Defender of the Faith, &c. The Translators of the Bible wish Grace, Mercy, and Peace through Jesus CHRIST our LORD [What follows is the Dedicatory Epistle of the King James translators to King James I who commissioned the translation of the Kimg James Bible. It is included here that the reader might have a basis of comparison between the language and style of the 1611 Authorized King James Version and the language and style this Dedicatory Epistle. Note the sharp c
  12. The problem here is, the language actually isn't 400 years old. The fact is, the language of the King James Bible really never existed in time, it is a mish-mash of styles, many much older than the KJV, used because it was more precise in its interpretation of some of the Greek and Hebrew; it is literally a language style specifically created for the KJV-if you read the introduction written by the translators, you'll notice it is very different from the text of the Bible-this is why I would really not be in favor of it.
  13. The problem comes, I think, with confusing repentance with the result of repentance, or if you will, repentance of heart with repentance in action. True repentance will come with a change in behavior, the heart action resulting in the change of behavior: heart to works. Now, some things repented of can take time to turn into an action, (ie, addictions, etc). in the case of Nineveh, their repentance, initially, was a changed heart, followed by prayer and fasting with a true intent of heart to change and obey God. Yes, there was a work, but that was a work borne out of repentance of the heart.
  14. So, here is a question I have for consideration. Generally, I understand that all tobacco use is frowned upon by most believers. Yet, there seems to be a historical acceptance for some uses over others, and I am curious to see what others here have to say on the subject. So, clearly, cigarettes, we reject because they are, in general, harmful to the health, with all the garbage and poisons that are added to tobacco in cigarettes, with exception, perhaps, of the "native American" brands, which tend to be pure tobacco, which itself is pretty much harmless. Also, however, cigarettes a
  15. We have become the recipients of the old curse, "May you live in interesting times".
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