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  1. Now I don't have scripture to back it up, (but then neither does anyone else), but I believe maybe the fish barfed Jonah up pretty close to where he first began to run from the Lord, in Tarshish. The three days has nothing to do with the length of the journey, so much as the length of time for Jonah to repent. I just figure that since God had to give Jonah the same instruction He gave him at the first, that He may have brought him back to where he first gave the command, or as I said, where Jonah ran. But that's just my opinion.
  2. I have to say, I appreciate the honesty of those who admit they are too weak to fast. Honesty is a good thing, but it also implies you know you ought to do it, and you know it will bring your walk with Christ somewhere it has never been before. So I ask: Is it worth it to you? Do you want a better relationship? But I also warn you: like anything we do when we seek to grow in Christ, it has its inherent dangers. The last time I fasted, I fasted for a week, because I wanted to gain some wisdom and seek god's will, as well as begin to improve my work as a pastor. Shortly after starting, my wife got sick. They said it was nothing, but a few days later, she went into the emergency room and didn't leave the hospital for 5 months, severely ill, almost dying. Listening to some preaching sermons to try to gains some balance as I reeled over what was happening, a sermon by my old pastor, who himself has done serious fasting, warned that when we fast, we need to keep in mind that things may occur that seem devastating at the moment, but are happening as a response to the fasting done to grow, and that helped immensely, as I fully realized this was god's will for some reason, and that through it all, there would be some spiritual gain. So when you fast, if you're truly looking for spiritual results, things can happen that may seem hard, but remember, a tree only bears more and better fruit when it is properly pruned from time to time. But is it worth it? Absolutely!
  3. In our little country church, maybe we will just bring in our guard dogs.
  4. Update: Spoke with her husband last night, he said there has been some healing, that the area between her stoma and her abdomen, where the leakage into her gut was, has begun to heal and there is now a barrier there, keeping to manure, (as my wife calls it) out of her gut. So a step forward. Thanks for prayer and keep it going!
  5. Just a bit over a year ago, my wife and I celebrated her year since she almost died, and spent 5 months in the hospital for a very serious health conditions. The prayers of the saints all over did mighty things, and my wife is still here, getting stronger each day as she continues in recovery. That being said, I have recently met another pastor, by phone, whose wife had suffered something similar, though lighter, and had to have a temporary ostomy. When the time came to have her bowel reconnected, apparently it failed, and flooded her abdomen with a great amount of stool and infected blood, which caused serious sepsis. This is virtually identical to what happened to my wife initially, which is why I am bringing this up. His wife has subsequently had to be given a long incision in her abdomen to do cleanings, (like my wife did), and there is great concern over whether she will survive this. The reason I keep mentioning my wife is because it is so similar to what she endured, yet through prayer, faith, and capable doctors, she survived what even her surgeon didn't expect her to survive, and knowing this, I believe this dear pastor's wife can, as well. So I would lift her and her husband up in prayer for this-if the Lord allows her to live, it will be a long journey. His church is soon having a special meeting for a couple days, and I know they are still having it, but I know this will affect him. So please lift them up in prayer for mercy, healing and grace. I am thankful that my wife and I are able to use the great hardship we went through to be a help to them in this time, having person experience with it from many perspectives. Thanks all.
  6. gnocchi is a small potato dumpling
  7. As for the 501c3, no, a church is not 501c3 unless they apply and pay for it, and it always comes with government strings. However, the IRS has a code, 508c1a, which states essentially that a church/religious organization is recognized as tax excepted; no need to ask or apply for it, and it comes without strings. The main difference is that the IRS can refuse to give a reimbursement on giving to it, but I always wondered why we give to God's work, then expect Uncle Sam to give us some back.
  8. I had forgotten that post altogether, but I am pleased to see that I was the one who locked it down. You're welcome.
  9. In fact, they were legally considered contractors, and as such, were expected to file tax paperwork showing such. I recall Kent talking about that long before he went to prison. I would say that the federal prosecutors were liars, seeing as they ended up imprisoning him for a non-crime, and one that, even the feds have admitted, has been far too abused by them, especially in taking properties and monies, even when a crime was eventually deemed not to have happened. My wife has gone through this, working as a contract nurse, yet being charged by the IRS for tax evasion and money taken away from us for it, even though all the proper paperwork was filed. It is a fact they do this, and even more often when they see they can have financial gain. Anyone who thinks federal prosecutors and the IRS are squeaky clean, is fooling themselves, just as much as evolutionists who believe scientists are completely unassailable and pure in their research and findings.
  10. Since this topic has risen once again, I habe heard that there's news on the topic, but habent heard what it is. I never have my thoughts on this, but I believe that first off, NVBC did right in how they handled it on their end; the offense did not occur at their church or school, and a careful investigation was made to ensure nothing had occurred with the students. As well Giovanelli was immediately removed from all duties once the issue was made known to them, and they began their investigation into it. I know Shiflett didn't find this to be enough in his eyes, but since the allegations were made by only one witness, scripturally what do we see? 1 Timothy 5:19 KJV "Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses." So with only one witness, and that shakey, I think, having waited how many years to say anything, and at this point I still don't even know what the accusation was, it was correct how the church proceeded. As for what he is doing now, the allegations are public, his current church knows about it, and as far as I understand Giovanelli has submitted himself to authorities while the investigation continues.
  11. Scripture gives no command as to the day or days a church meets; each church decides what is best, as it is the assembly that matters. That they chose to meet the first day in honor of the day Christ rose, a perpetual remembrance, and to celebrate the Lord's supper on that day, is not a matter of scripture nor necessity, but of history. Many early writers have taken notice of this fact. As to Easter/Passover, seeing as how Easter's date continually changes from year to year, sometimes varying as much as a month one way or the other, while Passover remains the same (per the Jewish ceremonial calendar), if we are going to have a special yearly celebration of Jesus' resurrection, it ought to be on the Sunday after the Passover feast. Or so I see it. But thats just me.
  12. I heard him preach at Lighthouse some years back; seemed solid but over the last few years I know I began to hear some troubling issues about him. Guess he is sliding away.
  13. Morning and salutations! I was curious as to what anyone may know about the next big thing in 'radical' evangelicalism, Todd White. Ive not listened much to him as I dont always have 2 or more hours to listen to a sermon. I suppose I will have to at some point, but interested.to know if anyone has heard of him and what your thoughts were on him. Thanks!
  14. That's a shame. While I didn't like all his music, I believe his ministry had an overall positive impact on many. I had the opportunity to meet him years ago at Lighthouse Baptist church in san Diego near the beginning of his Patch ministry. Prayers for the family and a quick trip to glory for him.
  15. Thank you, I will do that. Its been a long road and we're still walking it, but its getting better, just a slooow process.

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