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  1. I disagree-Trump voters voted in person, I don't think any sat around saying, "Oh my, Daddy Trump said not to vote by mail! Whatever shall I do?? Where is my milquetoast?" https://thenewamerican.com/journalist-repeatedly-claimed-to-destroy-thousands-of-trump-ballots/ https://www.foxnews.com/us/west-virginia-mail-carrier-admits-attempted-election-fraud https://100percentfedup.com/breaking-poll-worker-in-erie-pa-admits-to-throwing-away-over-a-hundred-pro-trump-ballots-on-instagram-video/ https://www.diamondandsilk.com/breaking-two-men-facing-charges-after-allegedly-forging
  2. In large part, I agree. Trump had potential to be much better than either, and in fact, was better, but he kept some of the swamp denizens as advisors, which was a mistake. He DID need good advisors who understood politics better than he did, but he chose some poor ones. I think a second term would have given us a much better Trump.
  3. There has been a conspiracy since the beginning, in the garden of Eden, when Satan began a campaign against the truth of God, and has continued unabated to this day. The Catholics worked hard to keep God's truth from mankind through use of force and fear, and by killing anyone who dared interpret the Bible into the common tongue, or anyone who dared own a copy. When that failed, they sought to murder King James while his authorized edition, the shining star of the English Language, was being produced. When that failed, Satan put it to the hearts of two heretical Anglican priests to produc
  4. https://neonnettle.com/news/13219-fec-chair-drops-the-hammer-the-results-are-illegitimate- For over a month back in the 2000 election, not a single Democrat complained that Gore was demanding recount after recount, and delayed conceding for that time. Not ONE democrat insisted our country would never recover, or that irreparable harm was being done to the democracy, (we aren't a democracy, but that that's a different point). But now, its been barely two weeks and Trump is DESTROYING AMERICA! As for proof, sheesh, I have seen at least 2 videos of poll workers admitting they de
  5. God truly made us with great care. Evolution would have seen everything foul up too easily.
  6. Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of your uvula? That little dangly thing at the back of your throat, which many in science, (unsurprisingly), say is an unnecessary evolutionary leftover, actually serves at least 2 purposes: 1: it helps direct food and liquids down the esophagus, rather than allowing it to go up into your nasal passages. 2: It acts as part of your immune system by catching many bad bacteria and keeping them from going down into your stomach. Not sure what it does with it then, but there it is. Also, uvulectomies are fairly common as a cure for snor
  7. Generally, so would I, but it would serve as a defense against the JW's seeking to make what Jesus said somehow a piece of fiction, while still agreeing its a parable. Jesus spoke no fiction, and the lack of outrage by the Jews against this "mythical" place called Hell, as the JW's see it, shows that they fully understood what it was, and they agreed with its existence.
  8. Since the direct context of the speaking of the story, was in response to the Pharisees deriding Jesus due to their covetousness, it would seem to me that it was given to show that, like the rich man, who probably was a regular visitor to the temple, and seen as a pillar of the community, like them, went to hell, while the kind of person they would look down upon, the beggar, went to paradise, without the ability to go and bring sacrifices to the temple, and was viewed as less than human, particularly to the Pharisees who were covetous and loved to serve mammon, the parable would have been a t
  9. Someone totally unrelated to your church may have seen it and decided to just report it, just to be jerks, and of course, Facebook probably will do it, just because they're jerks.
  10. Why is it not a parable? Do we assume parables are not actual, true events? Do we assume Jesus made up just-so stories to make His point? That the God of creation, who knows every event in history, and beyond, in perfect detail, needs to make up stories to make His points? Or does He use actual events, with actual people, to teach eternal truths, every time? Why would a story like the woman who lost one of ten coins, be less an actual event, than Lazarus and the rich man? A parable is simply an earthly story with a heavenly lesson to it-that doesn't mean they aren't true and factual, as
  11. I am on www.usa.life a conservative site. It's pretty good. I tried MeWe, but I cant get in due to them immediately wanting me to sign up as a premium member, without even giving me the opportunity to try the site out, so I gave up on them. Parler is more like Twitter than Facebook. usa.life, however, does not allow for livestreaming, so can't do it there. YouTube has livestreaming.
  12. Happy Birthday!   May God bless you and yours.

    1. Ukulelemike


      Thank you, sir. Had a nice day with my wife. Our anniversary was the 8th, so I took Monday and Tuesday off work and we sort of combined Anniversary and Birthday into a nice 3 days together, something rare for us to be able to do. 

  13. From a simple, direct reading of the passages dealing with this, to me, it seems clear that it is directed at, specifically, a pastor/Elder/Bishop, whichever you'd like to use, the leader of a local church, that he be married to only one woman, ie, not have multiple wives at the same time. I don't believe it is saying that an unmarried man cannot be a pastor, (particularly with what Paul has to say about it being good for a man not to have the need to be married, so he can concentrate his mind on the Lord and His work, solely, as opposed to being pulled two ways, between a wife and the Lord).
  14. Don't mean to resurrect this post...well, I really do, sorry. I was reading this about the British inventing Christmas, and I think that may refer to how many of the typical traditions we observe today came actually from Dickens' A Christmas Carol". He kind of invented a bunch of "ancient" traditions in his book.
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