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  1. 1: It is the stated position here that we hold that the KJV is the only true and complete word of God available in English (not a quote). Others contain the word of God, in various amounts, but they are based off of a completely different, and questionable, set of manuscripts, and really cannot be said to even be the same book. 2: the bible really doesn't say anything about birth control. I would say, in general, that having children is like anything in life and we need to be good stewards-if you can't afford a pack of kids, don't have a pack of kids. I don't think general birth control is wrong, because until conception there's no life; anything that ends a life is wrong, be it a pill or an operation, so that is wrong, as the Lord knows us before we are born. But I don't believe that it is wrong to take wise measures to keep conception from occurring in the first place. Look at Noah: he only had, as far as we know, 3 children in 800 years; just because you CAN have them doesn't mean you SHOULD have them. And this is all my opinion, since the Bible is silent, specifically.
  2. I wasn't saying they ARE true: I was using them as further examples like the Catholic use of tradition as being equal to/superior to scripture. I don't suspect much if any is true, especially since the LORD Himself told the Jews NOT to add nor take from the written word He gave to Moses, yet in their rabbinic texts, Mishna, Talmud, etc, they did just that. I believe today the Lord has given believers three tools for Christian growth and maturity: The written word of God, the local church (the preaching of the word of God), and the Spirit of God. All three are necessary to properly grow as a child of God; if we willingly reject to do even one, while using the other two, (no church, just read and pray), one will fall into apostasy, or at least, cease from growing. Now, in cases where one cannot utilize all three, (no {good} churches around, in prison, limited access to scripture, etc), then God will bless what we CAN do, if we DO it. But if we have all three, then we need to use all three.
  3. Speaking here as a veteran of the US Navy, I am not sure I agree with your last statement, though it is a difficult position. Scripturally, we are not to yoke ourselves with the ungodly, yet, in joining the military, we are literally doing just that, signing a piece of paper and making a vow to join with them, and placing ourselves as literal servants to the US Government. It was different back when there was no standing military, but all just went to work when the time came-there was no legal binding the same as today. And as I said, it is hard for me to take that position, but when it is literally to be yoked, being placed into bondage, to the government, binding yourself to them and to follow all regulations, (many of which have become very ungodly), I can no longer stand where I once did. (Sorry for going off subject a little)
  4. Aren't Benedictines a sort of a breakfast food, an egg on a muffin with sauce on it?
  5. As for the OP, I believe that once the Lord completed his written word, Sola Scriptura because the SOP. Clearly, the heavens declare the glory of God, but they don't tell us ABOUT Him, who He is and His attributes, they merely affirm His existence and His power. But of course, before the completion of the written word, God used all kinds of methods, prophets, personal revelation, angels, an ass, priests, and methods we really aren't even privy to, such as how He dealt with the people of Canaan while the Hebrews were in Egypt-we know He had priests, like Melchezidek and Jethro, but did he give a written word and laws for them? Or did he work through prophecy and revelation specifically? We don't know because that was for them, not us.
  6. And then you have the Jewish Oral traditions, that supposedly God wanted NOT written, but passed verbally through generations...yeah, we can trust THAT. The Mishna, the Talmud, the Kabballah, the various rabbinic writings, most are held as equal to written scripture/Torah. As for Chevy Mustangs, yeah you saw one exists, but really, is it any better than an NIV saying it's a bible? lol.
  7. I was sick, and since I am the pastor of a very small church, there was no service, (a rarity, as usually I am able to push on through illness, but not yesterday).
  8. Pretty much all (of the few) in our church are of the millennial persuasion, so I can speak a bit on this. I have, for instance, twin brothers, 28, who seem to love the church and the Lord, but tend to be in and out, for family events, occasionally getting caught up in a video game, working so any hours of overtime they sleep most of Sunday, spending the day working on their yard or truck. So there seems to be a certain ADHD, of sorts, that they are going so many directions they tend to just...forget. We find that often if we text and remind them of upcoming service, probably 90% of the time they make it. But they are too mindful of other things. They haven't learned to fully put God first. I am patient with them, because I see myself there, too, when I was their age. It is nothing new really-we must remember the Bible says that few will find the narrow path.
  9. As addendum to my earlier post, I now livestream onto facebook-get a few people watching, not many.
  10. Now I don't have scripture to back it up, (but then neither does anyone else), but I believe maybe the fish barfed Jonah up pretty close to where he first began to run from the Lord, in Tarshish. The three days has nothing to do with the length of the journey, so much as the length of time for Jonah to repent. I just figure that since God had to give Jonah the same instruction He gave him at the first, that He may have brought him back to where he first gave the command, or as I said, where Jonah ran. But that's just my opinion.
  11. I have to say, I appreciate the honesty of those who admit they are too weak to fast. Honesty is a good thing, but it also implies you know you ought to do it, and you know it will bring your walk with Christ somewhere it has never been before. So I ask: Is it worth it to you? Do you want a better relationship? But I also warn you: like anything we do when we seek to grow in Christ, it has its inherent dangers. The last time I fasted, I fasted for a week, because I wanted to gain some wisdom and seek god's will, as well as begin to improve my work as a pastor. Shortly after starting, my wife got sick. They said it was nothing, but a few days later, she went into the emergency room and didn't leave the hospital for 5 months, severely ill, almost dying. Listening to some preaching sermons to try to gains some balance as I reeled over what was happening, a sermon by my old pastor, who himself has done serious fasting, warned that when we fast, we need to keep in mind that things may occur that seem devastating at the moment, but are happening as a response to the fasting done to grow, and that helped immensely, as I fully realized this was god's will for some reason, and that through it all, there would be some spiritual gain. So when you fast, if you're truly looking for spiritual results, things can happen that may seem hard, but remember, a tree only bears more and better fruit when it is properly pruned from time to time. But is it worth it? Absolutely!
  12. In our little country church, maybe we will just bring in our guard dogs.
  13. Update: Spoke with her husband last night, he said there has been some healing, that the area between her stoma and her abdomen, where the leakage into her gut was, has begun to heal and there is now a barrier there, keeping to manure, (as my wife calls it) out of her gut. So a step forward. Thanks for prayer and keep it going!
  14. Just a bit over a year ago, my wife and I celebrated her year since she almost died, and spent 5 months in the hospital for a very serious health conditions. The prayers of the saints all over did mighty things, and my wife is still here, getting stronger each day as she continues in recovery. That being said, I have recently met another pastor, by phone, whose wife had suffered something similar, though lighter, and had to have a temporary ostomy. When the time came to have her bowel reconnected, apparently it failed, and flooded her abdomen with a great amount of stool and infected blood, which caused serious sepsis. This is virtually identical to what happened to my wife initially, which is why I am bringing this up. His wife has subsequently had to be given a long incision in her abdomen to do cleanings, (like my wife did), and there is great concern over whether she will survive this. The reason I keep mentioning my wife is because it is so similar to what she endured, yet through prayer, faith, and capable doctors, she survived what even her surgeon didn't expect her to survive, and knowing this, I believe this dear pastor's wife can, as well. So I would lift her and her husband up in prayer for this-if the Lord allows her to live, it will be a long journey. His church is soon having a special meeting for a couple days, and I know they are still having it, but I know this will affect him. So please lift them up in prayer for mercy, healing and grace. I am thankful that my wife and I are able to use the great hardship we went through to be a help to them in this time, having person experience with it from many perspectives. Thanks all.

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