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  1. Jesus did not go to "Hell", the place of the damned, because those there had no second chance-they died in their sin. He went to Paradise, where the OT saints were who had died in faith to God before Jesus' resurrection, to include the thief on the cross. I believe this would also be the place called "prison". I have had people argue with me about that, saying paradise is a pleasant place, but prison is not. Well, one of the primary things that makes a prison a prison, is that those therein cannot leave of their own will. There are, in fact some prisons that are, in themselves, quite pleasant
  2. Well, we give, then we deduct from taxes and (if we have given enough) we get a refund on our giving, effectively getting back part of our gift to God. I would do so only if we calculate that and give that part of our return to the Lord, as well. So if I have given, say, $10k to the church over the year, and receive a deduction of, maybe $1k, that 1K should go to the church, NOT recorded for tax purposes, just a gift. In my ever-so-humble opinion, of course.
  3. I agree that it is an issue of liberty to observe or not, but when a group observes because they are following the false doctrines of a false prophet, and therefore observe because they believe they MUST, and that those who do NOT are lost and of the Devil, that is worthy of judgment. They fall under the condemnation that Paul threatened the Galatian believers with, when he said they were placing themselves back under bondage to a law that Christ had ended, and were seeking to complete their salvation, started by faith, by works of the law.
  4. Read the article, very weird. Of course, we take anything from Wikipedia with a few grains of salt, but I know Anderson is an odd bird. Against Zionism? That is BIBLE! Just another group without understanding of scripture. And against dispensationalism? It is pretty clear on just reading the Bible that there have been dispensations, for lack of a better word. Maybe they ought not use the term IFB whatsoever, especially since they clearly don't represent old-time Fundamentalism at all. And not sure what "hard preaching" means, as a doctrine, because I have been deeply convicted by preachers wh
  5. Social Security is, and always has been, a scam. There was never a SS "lock box", or a social security account where the money went in and was drawn from: it has always gone directly into the general fund, and used with all the other money. I work for the federal government, and for the next 4 months, they will not be deduction the SS tax; BUT, come January, they will be taking it back, SO, I will be setting that money aside until January, and will apportion it back to myself to cover when they take it back. It is a weird and baffling decision to do something like that, and usuall
  6. Thought this said Gravitating toward Silliness, and I was ready to go...but no, stillness. Being (diagnosed) hyperactive disorder as a kid, I have never experienced much stillness in my life.
  7. Never had it, so, Yuh? Bleu cheese
  8. My preference, and my wife's, (another odd thing we found in common when we met), was the New Open Bible in, of course, KJV. It had an amazing amount of great study items, just chock full of good information. The notes were so-so, and I learned quickly not to take too much stock in them, though some were alright. But things like weights and measures, history, a section on bible-related archaeology, an into to each book on the time, author and themes of each book, as well as what was happening historically at the time of writing, all very interesting and informative. Weirdly, it just stop
  9. Going to Pizza Factory tonight, meeting with a local State of Jefferson group there. We meet once a month there for pizza and conversation on the current State of Jefferson movement. And the pizza ain't half-bad, though a bit pricey.
  10. My comments in red aren't meant to be argumentative, just clarifying. In general on this, we agree. Just easier to hit each part in the text.
  11. I suspect he means, 'With whom do I associate/fellowship?' That is the only thing I can think it means. As for the answer to that, it would be necessary to find out why he is "leaving' in the first place.
  12. I think for most it just means they're dumping the name. But that's a slippery slope, because first the name goes, then the music slides, and soon the preacher is wearing skinny jeans and a man bun, standing in front of the drumset, preaching from the ESV and talking about the upcoming Beer-hall Bible-study.
  13. There are an awful lot of differences in churches and groups that call themselves IFB, some, as we know, border on the heretical, and some are plain weird. Gap theory, Noah's son sexually molested Noah, angels marrying humans, Devils being the size of mosquitos, even, dare I say it, flat earthers, among many, many others. What I see is the "I" part of IFB-we are all Independent of one another, which means if there is someone who is a wacko teaching false doctrines, or someone abusing the sheep, I will not, and cannot, be lumped in together with them.
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