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  1. I can't find a way to add a photo of our church to the church directory. I am the one who added our church to this forum's directory but am not allowed to edit it. Any clues?
  2. Due to my career, I have lived in several parts of the country and been a member of several good IFB churches, including FBC of Hammond, Franklin Road Baptist Church and Middle Tennessee Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, FBC of Dwight, Illinois and Longview Bible Baptist Church, Longview, Washington where we are now. All of these churches practice the BIblical ordinance of The Lord's Supper at different frequencies. The Bible is not clear on how often this is to be. There is only one full narrative of Jesus taking part in this as a church ordinance, and whether that was a church event
  3. With this reasoning, God wanted Obama to win in 2008 and all of our erfforts were against God. Really?
  4. The Obama camp has already stated, from the beginning of this election cycle that in order to win, they must divide the conservative vote, or they will lose in a landslide. Any conservative voting for the non-Romney/Non-Obama candidate is falling into the enemy's playbook.
  5. With all due respect to anyone's right to vote their conscience, please include the results of your vote in that right. The results tell all. If you vote for a non-Romney, and Obama wins, you get to share in that victory for the enemy regardless of your intentions. You may not intend on Obama winning, but actions and words have consequences. The Lord expects us to do the math. I completely appreciate the importance and the ramifications of voting in America. Do you? Can one honestly say that to have Obama in office would be better than having Romney? Really? Because those are your only cho
  6. After all above being said, I still do not get the point of view for anyone who thinks that helping Obama get into office is an option. Someone explain this to me, please. WHy is that the Christian thing to do? Does "trusting in The Lord" mean that you think The Lord wants you to help Obama win this election? Really? Allegory; Where do you shop for food? Do you have an option to shop for food at a store that does not sell alcohol? If you are buying your groceries at a store that sells alcohol, are you supporting the alcohol industry? If you are true to your convictions in not voting for
  7. OK, and the point of posting this is so that we should all vote for Obama? What? What's the point? Stay home and don't vote for Romney? Or, vote for somebody else other than Romney or Obama, which is still a vote for Obama? Know the Call to Action here would be a blessing.
  8. I am wondering where this highlighted thought above, is leading. What church in this discussion is "where the pastor demands full unquestioned obedience to the man?" Just curious. Maybe you should start another string. Because if you are not going to accuse yet another group of God's people, we'll all think that you are accusing such of Bro Schaap or Bro Hyles. I have been a member of all three; small medium and mega churches. I have always enjoyed the small church more. Not sure why. But there are also some benefits to attending and being involved in a mega church that is doing right. We
  9. I really like the fact that not being able to give a Biblical reason made you stop and think about it. By the way, another reason for kids to NOT do something is because it does not please their parents and loved ones. Interesting opportunity to be blatantly honest and Biblical. Making the right decision on this issue sheds loads of light on other correct and Biblical decisions you make. But, since this is not a major deal breaker with God, one way or another, maybe you can simply tell "Johnny", that you aren't sure what The Bible says about it because Mohawks weren't mentioned just like a
  10. I take strong issue with anyone claiming that FBC of Hammond is a corrupt church. If this is based on a church full of sinners, then the foolish statement needs some clarification; all churches are corrupt if having sinners as members is the criteria. It's simple to throw around some slippery and nasty labels but a church founded on The Bible and which is still following the old paths can hardly be called corrupt. If it is, the corruption better be glaring before one feels comfortable making a public statement like that. I am not attempting to pull more foolish negative remarks out into th
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