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  1. I can't find a way to add a photo of our church to the church directory. I am the one who added our church to this forum's directory but am not allowed to edit it. Any clues?
  2. Due to my career, I have lived in several parts of the country and been a member of several good IFB churches, including FBC of Hammond, Franklin Road Baptist Church and Middle Tennessee Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, FBC of Dwight, Illinois and Longview Bible Baptist Church, Longview, Washington where we are now. All of these churches practice the BIblical ordinance of The Lord's Supper at different frequencies. The Bible is not clear on how often this is to be. There is only one full narrative of Jesus taking part in this as a church ordinance, and whether that was a church event or not is in question because of the circumstances surrounding that event shortly before his crucifixion and resurrection. Nowhere in The Bible did The Lord command it to be done daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc. As long as when we take part in it, we execute it according to scripture is the most important thing. "As often as..." is the only temporal nomenclature.
  3. With this reasoning, God wanted Obama to win in 2008 and all of our erfforts were against God. Really?
  4. The Obama camp has already stated, from the beginning of this election cycle that in order to win, they must divide the conservative vote, or they will lose in a landslide. Any conservative voting for the non-Romney/Non-Obama candidate is falling into the enemy's playbook.
  5. With all due respect to anyone's right to vote their conscience, please include the results of your vote in that right. The results tell all. If you vote for a non-Romney, and Obama wins, you get to share in that victory for the enemy regardless of your intentions. You may not intend on Obama winning, but actions and words have consequences. The Lord expects us to do the math. I completely appreciate the importance and the ramifications of voting in America. Do you? Can one honestly say that to have Obama in office would be better than having Romney? Really? Because those are your only choices. If you do not understand this, then you have of other deficiencies as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT LET OBAMA WIN
  6. After all above being said, I still do not get the point of view for anyone who thinks that helping Obama get into office is an option. Someone explain this to me, please. WHy is that the Christian thing to do? Does "trusting in The Lord" mean that you think The Lord wants you to help Obama win this election? Really? Allegory; Where do you shop for food? Do you have an option to shop for food at a store that does not sell alcohol? If you are buying your groceries at a store that sells alcohol, are you supporting the alcohol industry? If you are true to your convictions in not voting for the Mormon who has made statements that seem to support some forms of abortion, then you also will not buy your food at a grocery store that supports the alcohol industry. PLEASE DO NOT LET OBAMA STAY IN THE WHITE HOUSE! Getting him out is our Christian duty. I am not supporting abortion by voting for the Mormon. The reason that our choices for President have been narrowed is because our Christian predecessors did not stay involved enough in politics. We can't fix everything over night. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Use your brains.
  7. OK, and the point of posting this is so that we should all vote for Obama? What? What's the point? Stay home and don't vote for Romney? Or, vote for somebody else other than Romney or Obama, which is still a vote for Obama? Know the Call to Action here would be a blessing.
  8. I am wondering where this highlighted thought above, is leading. What church in this discussion is "where the pastor demands full unquestioned obedience to the man?" Just curious. Maybe you should start another string. Because if you are not going to accuse yet another group of God's people, we'll all think that you are accusing such of Bro Schaap or Bro Hyles. I have been a member of all three; small medium and mega churches. I have always enjoyed the small church more. Not sure why. But there are also some benefits to attending and being involved in a mega church that is doing right. We had really fun and interesting Big Days during Fall and Spring promotions. Bigger churches can often do more and bigger things that are not available to smaller churches. It was also fun to be so close for Pastor's School and not having to drive and stay in a hotel for that big event. At FBC Hammond many times we got to see dozens of people baptised who had just gotten saved. What an exciting blessing that is to meet ones new Heavenly neighbors in such large numbers.
  9. I really like the fact that not being able to give a Biblical reason made you stop and think about it. By the way, another reason for kids to NOT do something is because it does not please their parents and loved ones. Interesting opportunity to be blatantly honest and Biblical. Making the right decision on this issue sheds loads of light on other correct and Biblical decisions you make. But, since this is not a major deal breaker with God, one way or another, maybe you can simply tell "Johnny", that you aren't sure what The Bible says about it because Mohawks weren't mentioned just like a lot of stuff isn't mentioned like saggy jeans, hats worn backwards, pink hair, ear rings being worn in the nose, and what night is the best night for the midweek church service; Wednesday or Thursday. You might want to explore the issues with your son. - What is a Mohawk and who started it? - Who else is sporting a Mohawk today? By what other identifiers are they known; clothes, habits, type of friends? - Why do you want to look this way? "I don't know" is not an answer. It might be that "Johnny" doesn't get to have a Mohawk if he can't sell you on the idea. - Who else did you see have a Mohawk lately? - What does a good Mohawk hair cut look like? - What does a bad Mohawk haircut look like? - If you knew that something that you wanted to do wear identified you in a bad way with people you love, would it still be important enough to you to do it anyway? - Have you ever thought of starting a new trend and cutting your hair in a diagonal Mohawk and calling it a Myhawk? - Let's try it for a week and see if we like you like that. - What if it stays that way, would you be ok with that for 20 years? - Lets Google images of people with Mohawk haircuts and see what else shows up around it and see if it glorifies The Lord. - Do you want a real Mohawk where the rest of the hair is shaved off, or just a fake Mohawk? An argument stopper that only works on kids who are close to their parents and don't want to hurt them; "Ya know Johnny, this is one of those things that I can't find anything in writing about but that I feel might not be a good idea, and here's why. (Tell him why, and it needs to be real and convincing. If it does not sound convincing to you, it won't to him either.) Now, if you still trust me, let's do this; we'll try a Mohawk on you for the weekend. But after Sunday night church, we'll even your hair out and talk about it, and go from there." As a parent of kids who are now grown with kids of their own, these are the thoughts that went through my head. Hope it helps.
  10. I take strong issue with anyone claiming that FBC of Hammond is a corrupt church. If this is based on a church full of sinners, then the foolish statement needs some clarification; all churches are corrupt if having sinners as members is the criteria. It's simple to throw around some slippery and nasty labels but a church founded on The Bible and which is still following the old paths can hardly be called corrupt. If it is, the corruption better be glaring before one feels comfortable making a public statement like that. I am not attempting to pull more foolish negative remarks out into the open; I would rather that you keep your baseless pronouncements in your prayer closet. I am merely trying to balance those remarks with something accurate and glorifying to our savior. As a former member who moved to another state to work full time for our Lord in a position of Christian media, and with whom I have strong ties with family and staff still there, I know for a fact that folks get saved there in extremely large numbers every week. Lives are changed, broken marriages are put back together, and many are turned to Christ for the long reaching influence of First Baptist Church of Hammond. I would think it quite obvious that when a man, even the leader of a church, breaks, and falls into sin, or jumps headlong deliberately if it be the case, that everyone would realize that this is a time to lift up the survivors, pray for them, send them your love. Not quickly rush to stomp them further down than they are already feeling. As ironic as it is. Mrs. Schaap is the author of a book that has helped to promote the great ministry of a Biblical wife. I produced that book into one of my company's first books on tape. I worked with Mrs. Schaap and her assistant to record her reading of "A Wife's Purpose" to digital audio. It took two full days and I must say that there was never a more Godly group of people to be around than the Schaaps and the Hyles family. These are sincere, sweet people just doing what they can for The Lord. When one casts dark labels at "the church", they are talking about the people, not the institution. The Greek word Ekklesia is from where we get our transliterated word "church". "A called out body of believers with a purpose", with a strong emphasis on the "called out" part. This is obviously the good folk that attend church often and build their lives around their local church, deliberately and with purpose. They "go in and come out" in their every day lives as they serve our Lord locally in their church. To say that they are corrupt is confusion and makes no sense at all. They are just as corrupt as the one who made the accusation, We are all corrupt and deserve Hell. But for Christ's work on the cross and His defeat of Death by His Resurrection, there would be no hope for us as we would have nothing for which to hope. The one glaring point of this whole mess is not the mistake of the man, which is over and done with; but the remaining hurting hearts of the "survivors." I have not spoken with the family as I am barely an acquaintance and have nothing to offer but my prayers. But I would hope that Mrs. Schaap could find it in her heart to somehow forgive and support Bro Schaap. Not because he deserves it, quite directly for the opposite reason, because he does not deserve it. The Christ like attitude of forgiveness is a completely separate issue from the circumstances that are precipitate from Bro Schaap's dreadful actions. I'm sure that many are expecting Bro Schaap to be alone in this as Mrs. Schaap turns her back in shame. That would be what the World would expect. "What about the victim?" you ask. Yes, she has been victimized. She has been hurt, and by someone who she should have been able to trust; her parents should have been able to trust her safety with Bro Schaap. He broke several rules; some of them of his own making as he was alone with someone of the opposite sex, and so on and etcetera. She is the first and foremost victim. But not the only victim. The Gospel has suffered greatly. Christ is a victim. The church suffers greatly. Every family and individual is a victim for a time as folks can point at them in public or behind their backs and claim, "They go to THAT church." And, people can get on public forums like this and say anything they want without any responsibility to accuracy; further harming the cause of Christ. Summary. -Bro Schaap has made a serious error, broken a law and committed one of the worst sins that a man of his position can commit. The young girl involved has been sexually violated and her life will never be the same; her family also hurt and devastated. -Bro Schaap was found guilty and today, September 26, 2012 is being sentenced to at least ten years in prison. -His wife and children are certainly devastated and their lives will never be the same. -The folks at FIrst Baptist Church are also devastated and hurting. These are the facts, if not completely described in unnecessary detail. Now is not the time to get our kicks in, but to prove our salvation was real by being good Christians. Love, pray and beg for God's leadership and strength. God is still on the throne. Hey, did it ever occur to you that you might find yourself living next door to Bro Schaap in Heaven some day? Sincerely, Stu Marks a saved sinner "There, but for the grace of God, go I"

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