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  1. I guess he also figures that as a I Jew I prOBably don't understand English very well so he figures I'd get the point better if he stated his concerns in Hebrew. That's all fine and dandy if someone wants to communicate to me in Hebrew, just make sure you know the grammar and don't just lump words together out of a Hebrew dictionary because it comes out gibberish-Mi Inglish mae not b the greatezt bud hiz Hebrew is turrible
  2. And this comment translated means "mission failed". Have a nice life and God bless.
  3. And you are wrong. The best wolf hunters are not wolves, the best wolf hunter is a well trained human sharpshooter and trap setter.
  4. Causes "division"? Have you lost your mind? Unless I missed something here, the sign on the door says "Independent Baptist-King James Only" and you and the OP BOTH came to this forum and immediately began posting things YOU KNEW would be controversial, or as you just said "DIVISIVE", and you have the audacity to accuse me of division? You can take your sorry and pathetic excuse for claiming to be a Christian or Baptist elsewhere because I am sick of you Jesuit infiltrating liars and hypocrites trying to pass off your self righteous piety here and then act like your excrement has a rosy fragrance (rosary, prOBably). So yes, I "at it again" because I have to be. Somebody needs to keep the wolves out and rebuke them sharply because their mouths as Paul said MUST BE STOPPED.
  5. Nearly everyone of you commenting on this missed the very opening of this guys thread, because he was so sneaky about it: Read what he said again: "Why is that we fundamentalists reject CCM because it uses the Rock and Roll beat" (emphasis added). The remainder of his reasons for calling the IFB hypocrites was irrelevant to what his opening premise was. As such, I already gave my answer above. If you don't like the music in the IFB church, then for God's sake and your pastors, please GET OUT before you cause any more division in that church, or before you end up "coming out" like the rest of CCM artists are doing right now.
  6. These anti fundies act as if the "beat" is all we IFB harp on. Every day you read some new queer coming out who is a popular CCM musician (Like Ray Boltz who wrote "Thank You" sung in even some Baptist churches, or Michael Passons from Avalon who many conservative Christians thought was a "safe" Christian band-not only did Michael "come out" but Avalon's other singer, Melissa Greene, began endorsing the rap artist who made fun of the Bible at the Music Awards, and the band Jars of Clay recently came out of the closet). You have bands like Point of Grace and Stryper making secular albums and remaking secular songs, bands like Skillet who are now refusing to use the name "Christian", you have Calvinist groups like Caedmon's Call, Trinity rejecting groups like Philips Craig & Dean, Charismatic voodoo artists like Kare JOBe, Freemason and Illuminati members like Michael W. Smith, and women who divorce their husbands and marry other country artists like Amy Grant, and the rest are Catholic. MUST I EXPLAIN FURTHER??
  7. No Miss Daisy. The OP and those who support it. This forum has simply been allowed to run rampant with heretics who are either Calvinist or ex-fundies all with an axe to grind against IFB churches, members and pastors. It's one thing to explain issues to those who truly want to learn what we believe and why, it's wholly another to have to keep an eye on skeptics all of the time who join here for the sole intent of belittling the IFB. That's why so many have left, or just lay dormant and contact each other through private messages.
  8. ...and this is why I rarely comment anymore 1 Cor 14:38
  9. Also, what about families that use older photos for their obituaries to make the deceased appear younger than they really are! That's lying and everyone that has ever submitted a photo that does not currently reflect the actual appearance of the deceased should be immediately disfellowshipped from the church and ministry. LOL. I could go all day long with crazy examples like this.
  10. I'd say, what about skinny people! Is being too skinny evidence of deliberate malnourishment? I know some folks who are so health conscious and exercise probably more than they should ("bodily exercise profiteth little, but exercise thyself rather unto godliness") so I think we should start monitoring how much people exercise, too! Once your BMI goes below 6%, stop immediately and then eat a donut to get it back to the proper level.
  11. We can't necessarily attribute weight gain or obesity to gluttony though. Some have slower metabolisms or other health problems that may cause the weight gain and retention. In this case, the difference is Cloud's rebuke of certain preachers is based upon KNOWN information that has been publicly disseminated, whereas the issue about obesity and overweight preachers and why or how they got that way is merely speculation and conjecture.
  12. Apache is still bar far much better coding for php scripts. Hacking really has nothing to do with Apache, per se. It's about exploiting weaknesses in ANY kind of script, api, security flaws etc. There are several different ways to hack into servers, so I don't think anyone using Apache need to panic. Apache just fixed a lot of the bugs with, and made it a lot easier to create your own rules for your scripts. I'm not sure if Matt has upgraded yet, because it looks like there is still some problems with the action mapper, because I am seeing a lot of redirects.
  13. I think there is a problem with hyperlinks on the site. I have been led to several on clicking "quote" or "notifications" and now my firewall is blocking OB on my other computer to where I have to use another proxy now. LOL
  14. If you click on the smile face when responding, and the bottom there is a "Show All" tab where there's quite a few more.
  15. I have to apologize Tex, I had so many messages on the other board I had to clean out my inbox before I seen yours. Matt has a process to go through so just be patient brother. I will say though that Tex has been in the trenches with me over on another forum
  16. If he's willing to post or even PM his static IP, I will verify with 110% accuracy how many accounts he has even if he's using any kind of proxy server.
  17. I've actually called a few bookstores LOL not having any luck. The only one that the closest one to me has is the NIV Hebrew and English Lexicon, but they want 199 ILS for it, that's too much for what I want it for
  18. What's funny about that is the post was made 5 days ago, and he didn't infract me for it until today, after all the angry Calvinists trying to get me banned couldn't document their accusations. Yet they accuse KJVO of being a cult, and permit the pejorative use of "Zionist" against me as a Jew. If it weren't for the numerous messages I've gotten from other readers on there thanking me for not only taking a stand, I wouldn't waste my time.
  19. Oh and just for everyone here, I finally did receive an infraction on the other forum for "slandering" the NIV. I welcome an infraction like that as a badge of honor, and if anyone would like to complain about it to them, I'll say it again on here: Question: What Bible Version Do You Use? Dr James Ach: The KJV when I want the truth, the NIV when I want to roast marshmallows. That's what I was infracted for and in celebration of that infraction, I'm going to go to the bookstore and buy a 5$ NIV and ROAST SOME MARSHMALLOWS!
  20. Ummm...I can't speak for the moderators, but if they aren't responding it's probably because I NEVER MADE A CHARGE! LOL It is something you made a big deal out of ON ANOTHER FORUM and BROUGHT IT HERE, so there's nothing for them to investigate. But, just look at how you started your comment, by calling my father Satan. I'm pretty sure that not only is that against the OB rules, but is quite un-Christian, and says everything in support of the accusations against you for being vitriolic, and with that being said, I'll let Matt handle it from here.
  21. I didn't deem it necessary to even bother responding to this because I have refused to allow members like this to interrupt the cohesiveness of believers on this forum. The atmosphere on this forum is pleasant, productive and fruitful. There are many different views on here and sometimes debates get heated, but everyone here has made a habit of holding each other accountable, and at OB, we have a fellowship here that works. The atmosphere of BB is vitriolic, spiteful, vengeful, some racism,and is antagonist toward those who do not agree with Calvinism. It is an experience that all of the Non Calvinist have complained about and they have recently begun to "fight back" to the point where it is being referred to as a forum revolution blamed on me. Evidence was shown here, and on the other forum of Auburn88's tactics, and he was shown to be the instigator. I can show links on the BB where Auburn has degraded me on threads that I didn't even participate on. And it is clear that his intention is to cause strife and discord in an attempt to interrupt the cohesiveness of like-minded believers who are in agreement against doctrines that he doesn't approve of. On the BB, the mods did not and have not reprimanded me, they did not close MY thread but someone elses, and the "stern warning" from the admin there was directed at EVERY ONE, not just one person in particular. But, why that is somehow relevant to this forum to me shows the true spirit behind Auburn's intentions. If he truly wanted a moderator to prove he had only one account, he could have PM'd Matt to ask for such instead of making a public spectacle out of an issue that he is angry about on another forum. I personally would have never raised the issue had Auburn not mentioned my posts and actions on this forum where he attempted to convince others on the BB that I "act like an Arminian" on the OB. This entire fiasco is a caricature created by Auburn, and then when he thought he provoked the response he was looking for, he attempted to play the victim. It didn't work when he tried it here, so then he began to throw my name all over the BB, as I said, in posts that I was not even a part of and of which had nothing to do with me. (I will provide proof of this to anyone that asks in a PM, including Mods if they want to see it). I and several others have our suspicions that Auburn has more than one account. When he first commented me on the thread about "New Argument Against Calvinism" Post 29, he used a pejorative jab referring to me as a Catholic. Mind you, I had never previously had ANY interaction with him, nor on BB, nor any other forum. This was his very FIRST comment to me. At the time, his account had 10 posts on it. Ten posts in the 3 years he has had the account. It now has 139 posts since he has used it often to ridicule Non Calvinists on here and criticize the believers on OB for being "unkind" "judgmental" "unchristian" because we disagree with Calvinism. Having multiple accounts like that serves a good purpose from someone who wants to continue debating with their regular account without risking it being banned, by usurping the flow of threads with a "throw away" account. Is being accused of having more than one account under such circumstances the worst possible accusation that could be levied against Auburn? He seems to think so. But one thing is clear, and I can prove it, and others have already seen the evidence for themselves and weighed in on the matter, that Auburn88, regardless of who he is, started the conflict me, and is not satisfied that I have chosen to ignore him on THIS forum and thus has endeavored to find underhanded ways to try getting under my skin to provoke me here. I refuse to allow him to provoke me here in an attempt to turn the OB into a free-for-all that he is used to on other forums.
  22. Not any more than those who defend the fruit of pastors who have raped teenagers
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