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  1. Yeah, I got a notification that Fidelia wanted to talk with me too. But, I didn’t notice it right away. By the time I saw it, the message was gone. It coulda been fun scam baiting the person. I wonder how far it would have gotten before I would have been told to go to Target and get some gift cards! Then, again, I don’t really have the time to spend toying around with a scammer…ah well…
  2. And, you know, Yeshuafan, I'm fine with you. Several years back I studied quite a bit on Calvin and read quite a bit from Institutes of the Christian Religion. I ended up referring to myself as a "closet Calvinist"! Perhaps some of this was a reaction to the free-wheeling carnival ride I went through in the Word of Faith movement! I wouldn't say I was full-blown Calvinist. But, I did accept a lot of it. In the last year or so, I've reexamined things and have some scriptural difficulties. Nevertheless, my purpose is not to launch into a debate. I'm trying to show that I get the theology and I don't hate Calvinists. But, like you, I'm suspicious of this new bunch. For starters, they hide their intentions. If they were up-front about their theological motivations, it wouldn't be a problem. But, they try to sneak it in on people and churches. Serious issues seem to hound the leadership of the movement, as well. Thanks to all who have commented and to @wretched for praying!
  3. Yes. This actually makes a lot of sense, now that I look back on things. Our pastor has been emphasizing the sovereignty of God in salvation a lot lately. Of course, I don’t have any issues with God’s sovereignty! But now I see the tie-in to Acts 29. Also, he started with the Gospel Project awhile back. I didn’t know until yesterday from my own study that every editor on the Gospel Project is Calvinist. I’m beginning to think the only real outcome of my meeting this week will be to discover that I need to start looking for a new church home. I don’t want to be that pessimistic, but the die seems to be cast.
  4. I noticed that, too. The Trinity is a really big deal to me and it bugs me that they just left it completely out. I told my wife this evening, “You realize we may be in a position where we just have no place here anymore and have to start looking elsewhere.” Not a fun position to be in.
  5. What do y’all know about the Acts 29 network, currently led by Matt Chandler? Our pastor announced to the body last week he’d like to join them. From the research I’ve done thus far, they are very Reformed theology / neo-Calvinist minded. They’ve also had leadership issues and seem to be very controlling over member churches. But, I’m still learning about them, so my info at this point may still be somewhat incomplete. I’m pretty concerned and have a meeting scheduled to talk to the pastor this week. Anyway, prayers are appreciated!
  6. So, recently I began pondering whether Christians should claim a tax deduction for charitable giving, meaning specifically to your local church or other Christ-centered ministry. I don’t mean to suggest it’s wrong, per se. More, I wonder if “we have our reward”, so to speak via the tax deduction. I don’t really have much of an opinion; I’m still pondering this through. What do y’all think?
  7. I like this answer. This topic came up in our weekly Bible study last week. I’m not the leader, but I felt as if some were of the mindset that the cessation of the acts of sin is the actual repentance. I made the point that it is the heart condition of actually turning to Christ, away from sin, that is the core of repentance. I posed the idea that even an atheist can turn from sinful acts, for a variety of reasons. I offered the example that an atheist could stop cheating on his wife due to some sense that it was not respecting her, yet never have any sense that it was offensive to God. I also pointed out that the thief on the cross who came to Jesus never had any opportunity to demonstrate that he had actually turned away from the life of sin and crime that put him on the cross. He did cease his initial railing against Jesus, but there was no opportunity to demonstrate that he had actually ceased any sinful behavior. Jesus recognized and accepted his simple turning to Him. I then posed a rhetorical question. I asked, “If the actual ceasing from sinful acts is the actual repentance, and not the condition of the heart turning to God, how long does a person need to abstain from those acts to prove the repentance is real?” No. I agree. The simple, but highly significant act of one responding the conviction of the Holy Spirit and turning to God, away from sin, is the repentance. The cessation of sinful acts is the result.
  8. That’s an interesting question. I don’t think there is one, single answer. I think different churches drop the “Baptist” moniker for different reasons. I think for some, yes, there is a certain sense of divergence from traditional Baptist teaching and there may be a realization that the Baptist name no longer really describes their core beliefs...at least, not all of them. For others, even if the actual theology isn’t the reason, I think there is a certain discomfort with being labeled too much. So, they may just be trying to simplify the church’s name. Others may be concerned about being stereotyped, based upon some negative connotations they fear others may have about Baptists.
  9. What doesn’t kill you...hurts really bad.
  10. I can’t say I’d like pickles with mayonnaise, but I do like pickles, in general. I really like the baby gherkins, if I’m going to eat a pickle by itself. On a burger, I like dills. But, I like bread and butter pickles, too.
  11. This man speaks the truth. In fact, I offer my assistance in helping you purge the earth of these evils! I promise that these will be eat...- er, disposed of - wherever I may find them!
  12. Cheese and honey? Has that actually been done...I mean..by real human beings?
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