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  1. I am surprised at reviews from those that have not taken the time to read the book. In all politeness, if yu haven't read it for yourself, you should refrain from reviewing it. Someone else's opinion may differ from yours once you read it. Just like many of the political debates before us now, all are "experts" in what they say. No matter how good of sources you may think they are, get your opinion from your own perception of what is being said. I have read the book, and found it one I couldn't stop reading. It has been a while since I have had a book such as this one. It may be true that we are not Israel, but even Paul says that the things written in the old testemant were writted for us to use as a guide, and that we were to use it to live our faith by, to benefit our lives we live in Christ. We (those living in Christ Jesus) are now God's means of showing who He is to a dying world, (to whom the Israelites were chosen to be before Christ) that they may know to Whom they can run to and seek shelter from the storms of life, and God commands us to live our lives by the two laws of love; Love God with Your whole heart, mund , soul and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself. and in so doing, you ovserve all the other laws. Yes, we as believers are under the same laws as Israel, but we now see them through the eyes of love. When we walk in the love of Christ, then we will obey all the laws of God. But, when we fail, then we will walk in the consequences of disobedience, which would seem to be what is happening here in the United States today. Take it as a fictional story, but also take from it the truths that are written within it. It was the same as the parrables that Jesus told. Many blew them off as only stories, but there was a very important spiritual message in each of those stories. So, I encourage anyone that has not read this book yet due to fear is is not of God and may mislead people, to read it and ask God to allow you to see the spiritual truths that are the underlining messages to the church in this story. It can really help guide you in a way you can pray for this nation as a whole. Amen?
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