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  1. Hi All, I can't remember if I asked this question here before or not! I know the answer where God and I are concerned, as I understand His word, so maybe it is more of a poll than anyone else. And I have never even used the poll feature. Anyway, we recently left our church because the full-time SS teacher is not a member and WILL NOT ever become a member of the church. He feels that we are all members of the "universal church" and that is where it ends. There is no convincing him otherwise, but that is beside the point, I guess. I have never heard of such a situation before, although it may be common and I'm not aware of it. He and the pastor, and I love both men very much, have been friends since long before I came to the church, AND until today the church was meeting in a building owned by the SS Teacher and we paid him reasonable rent. Because of the circumstances, I feel that the pastor was under pressure and, therefore, compromising. I do understand. I guess we all compromise to some extend, but where do we draw the line. Well, God drew the line for me and led me to leave. I did go back today for services but not for SS. I don't even know if the regular teacher taught today or not and I didn't ask. I know he was there with his family. Over the past two or three weeks, we kept getting hints that he probably won't be there long, but he's been there since the church started (from another church - a few months ago when I came on board). I kept waiting for the SS teacher to join, but now I know he's totally anti-local church. The pastor opened the church and called for membership. So he MUST believe in a local church as being the largest part of the Body of Christ, although he has a different idea than I do. I believe God gives his gifts to the local church through the local church membera (that may not be clear). Our pastor may be called to be a pastor, but he certainly can't go down the street and act as pastor of another Baptist church. He does, tho, think he is a Pastor in the Body of Christ. I don't. I guess I'm just sounding off. I certainly covet your prayers and am seeking Godly advice. We want to be in church, but the truth is, we don't have a lot of choices out here in the desert. We've visited all the Baptist churches and, quite frankly, most of them aren't where I'd like to be when Jesus comes to get me <smile>. Is this thing COMMON amongst Baptist churches? I've been in a Baptist church since the day I was born (except when I was out there in the world) and never heard of it. Of course, there are a lot of things I have never heard of. What say ye? If you feel more comfortable writing to me privately, do so at: jimd@garlic.com. Love in Christ, Jim
  2. Hi All, I wanted to toss this out and see what comes back. A regular attender, but non-member, cannot vote in church business meetings; cannot handle the church finances, but is allowed to handle God's word as a Sunday School teacher. I've been praying about whether or not to speak with the pastor about it. I certainly don't want to "be" the pastor or involve myself any deeper than I should. I hold no particular position in the church other than a being faithful, praying, giving member. Suffice it to say I have said enough to ask your thoughts on the matter. BTW, we are a new church and the pastor has just drafted the constitution which will be voted on Sunday night. Nothing in the constitution addresses this situation, other than that the pastor can decide who preaches and teaches within the body. Although I've been in church most of my life, have held various positions within the local bodies, this just seems unthinkable to me, but I certainly don't claim to know everything about the local church. In His Service, Jim
  3. Hi All, Haven't posted on here in about a hundred years. I've been washed in the Blood of Christ for more than 60 years and have been a Baptist all that time, although most of the time was in a SBC congregation. I was led to an IFB church about 15 years ago and that was the first time I had ever heard of them. Anyway, the best years of my "church life" was spent in an IFB in California. That was also my first experience with organized soul winning. I have come to the point in my understanding of my relationship with the Lord that it is ALL Him and none of me; that if I do anything of my own accord, I'm dong it in the flesh and therefore not pleasing Him. Unless He directs everything I do, it isn't honoring Him. This brings me back on subject - organized soul-winning. That is a good thing...............maybe. However, I have never heard a pastor say, "We're having soul winning Saturday Morning at 10AM and if you feel led by the Lord, please join us". Have you ever heard it put that way? It is always more like a command and you are made to feel guilty if you don't go. The pastor, whom I recognize as the human head of the local church, has no idea whether or not God would have me go soul winning, and therefore, I feel it is wrong of him to more or less require my participation. I'm not talking about "me", but just using that as a term. It applies to everyone. I pray all the time that the Lord will put someone in my path to whom I can share the gospel. I have done a lot of visiting with "visitors" and the Lord has always blessed that endeavor. I have never felt led to go door-knocking except on some instances. I have always supported my pastor(s) and feel that they should "run" the church, not a bunch of deacons or a board of directors, although I have served on such boards. I'm just curious about how you folks feel about this matter. Remember, my basic premise: If the Lord doesn't direct you to do this, that or the other, you shouldn't do it. Obedience to His word, YES, a thousand times YES. But other than that, if one thinks he'd better run across the street and witness to Old Sam, he'd better make sure the Lord is directing him. The point is that the Lord may have SOMEONE ELSE lined up for Old Sam. This is in no way tossed out to create a debate, Like I said, just curious WHO first organized door knocking and how you folks feel about it being so "mandatory" in so many IFB churches. Yes, some, REQUIRE it if you are holding and position in the church......deacon.....usher.....teacher......choir member.....etc. etc. Have a blessed evening. In His Service, Jim Dykes

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