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  1. ​​As a Mormon I would agree with this. You'd do far better showing up at their door then you would showing up at their church. You won't get anywhere with it at the church. I've seen people try and trust me it goes nowhere.
  2. ​I myself have been a Mormon for years. What exactly do you believe they "twist"? And when you say "our scripture..." do you follow a different scripture then the Bible? I'm confused I thought Baptist read the same scriptures as all Christians. At least the IFB I know follow the Bible.
  3. ​Thank you for your post. I asked G_d long ago to save me from my sins and such. I'm a Christian so I believe just as all Christian's believe.
  4. ​When I read what you wrote it made me think of those to follow blindly. Should you not want to understand so that you know what you follow is the truth? I'm but nature an analytically person so I need to break things down and understand the why. I guess this is not the case for many.
  5. OK, I understand what you are saying. Thank you for taking the time to explain it. The thing is how can G_d have a son then they suddenly become one? What happen to G_d then? Sorry this must seem like a stupid question but seriously it doesn't make sense to me. To me they are separate working together in unity. Then how to explain this verse? "And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Matthew 27:46 KJV He's obviously calling out to his father, G_d right?
  6. Thank you everyone for your advice and suggestions. I appreciate you being understanding and kind First let me say that I'm the only Mormon in my family so I don't have that issue. They are Christian but not practicing Christians. @Ukulelemike, you wrote "Those who follow Joseph Smith and Brigham Young..." we actually don't follow them we believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior and died for our sins. @MissDaisy you wrote, "follow the real Jesus of the Bible..." I never heard of a fake Jesus... I'm confused here because there is only one that I know of and that is G_ds son Jesus. I do plan to
  7. Not long ago I found an IBC online that was near my home which I wrote about it here before. I went to their church a few times and it was amazing. However it wasn't amazing enough to pull me out of my Mormon faith. It's easy for people to say just leave the church because it's complicated. It's hard because you are so tightly tied in to everything with the church. If you leave it's like you've lost your entire family. I suppose no one hear would completely understand and that's OK. So they a anniversary celebration recently and he kept reaching out asking if I would commit to coming. I really
  8. Ow I don't hold on to the past but that's my reality. There are those who honestly believe that I will rot in hell if I get married again.
  9. I've enjoyed the show though I may not completely understand the reasoning behind it (the snake part). I'm connected with a couple of them on FB and they seem like really sincere folks who are passionate about Christ. Don't know them beyond that of course and the show only shows very little parts so you can't get a true idea of what they preach. Other than that I've enjoyed it however I do think the mission of the channel is to show Christian's looking nuts which they seem to successfully do.
  10. Interesting. Being a woman who is divorced it makes me wonder if Jesus feels I do not deserve a husband (remarriage/adultery) because I opted to leave. Maybe him putting a gun to my head wasn't a good enough reason to leave the marriage... I should have just let him kill me and the children. Where's the line? and who determines it? The scripture isn't detailed in that area from what I see. It just calls remarriage adultery.
  11. No one said it's your problem. It's just the reality of today.
  12. Of course you can't. However changes in society have changed us making submission a bad word.
  13. I'm only speaking from my own experience but most men I run into aren't men at all. They cannot and will not lead their family. I don't know if it's because men fear women or what but I've met very few men who have strong personalities. Men "allow" their wives, daughters do these things because they do not lead the home. They are not the patriarch of the family. We can give much if not all the thanks to the feminist for all this craziness. It is very hard for women to be submissive to a man today. We have choices like we've never had before. I can easily choose to divorce now because I ha
  14. Interesting. Coming from Mormonism I can say that when Glenn Beck speaks about Christianity it's basically how all Mormon's speak about it. Just like any other Christian. Of course when you gear towards more of the evangelical and IFB there tends to be the charismatic excitement incorporated. I'm sure most of you have never attended a Mormon sacrament meeting (Sunday church service) it's like being at a funeral. I remember years ago when I first went to an IFB church my goodness I almost had a heart attack. It was the craziest thing I had ever seen but it definitely stirred the spirit in me to
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