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  1. I went to a Pentecostal church for many years before returning to my IFB roots. It always disturbed me when people there "danced" in services. This "dancing" was merely jumping up and down. What was even more distracting were the women on the platform "dancing" with their body parts flapping up and down for all to see. I am much more comfortable with the "no dancing" policy of most IFB churches, because people these days associate dancing with night clubs, not ballet, folk dance, and Riverdance.
  2. I'm Priscilla Pinkowski, and live in Illinois. I was saved in an IFB church but attended a Pentecostal church for many years. I've returned to my roots in my "old" age, desiring the simple, quiet, more Scriptural worship of the IFB. I have two wonderful grown children and 4 beautiful grandchildren with my husband of 34 years, Rich. I found this website when I Googled "IFB chat." I look forward to a rewarding membership in this group. :)
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