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  1. ' Thank you for your comment. I feel like I am obviously not communicating my point clearly. I am having a very difficult time with this "rebuke" ... I'm going to give my "rebuker" the benefit of the doubt that they are not understanding what I am trying to say and are blinded by what they think I'm trying to say. "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14 KJV "Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6
  2. Wow .. did you ever take that the totally wrong way! I've come to discover that this site is just not for me ... too much negative talk, and putting down of others. I will, however, address two things ... 1. In reference to church "membership", I refer to the actual matter of "membership" ... you give me one verse that has the word "membership" in it and I'll be satisfied. We are to all be members of one body, but there's no mention of actual paperwork to say we are church members. We come to a body of like believers and associate together and grow together as members of that part of
  3. Going back to the original post, I have been in similar positions over the years. I do not understand why someone would allow a non-member to take teaching roles within the church. It just seems wrong. As has been mentioned, there is a great opportunity for someone to teach a false doctrine - not a good idea. On the other hand, church membership is not actually found in the Bible. I'd be interested in researching the history of "church membership" on the whole to find out when this practice actually began. We once belonged to a church that held the position that either kind of baptism w
  4. Though I'm not sure I agree with everything you said, I do agree that the IFB certainly has a serious problem with honouring men ("heroes") and severe loyalty issues. Having just come out of an IFB church with these exact problems, I can see why, and how, cultism happens. I am left to pick up the pieces and feel as though I have been led astray ... what a horrible feeling. I feel such a burden for people who have felt they should follow the "man" over the Lord. Because of my nature , I tend to be quite blunt (not necessarily a good thing), so I ask them, "Did Pastor xxxx die for you?" N
  5. TLC


    Just a quick update on this old post ... my first post. The Lord has answered this prayer in a most unexpected way! Praising the Lord for His goodness and to you all for your prayers. Thank you. We are now pleased to be a part of a new church plant here in our hometown! Please pray for our efforts ... we can already see the Lord working and are very, very excited!
  6. Does anyone know of a great KJV bible college in Canada? I can only find 2 on google ... there has to be more!

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      I just looked over the FaithWay, and that was informative. Worth considering ... thank you!
      As for coming to the States, as our children are "dual" we can certainly do that, but she'd like to be somewhere with her friends too (I realize it's not the reason to go to Bible college either!). Thanks for your help. I welcome any others who may have suggestions.

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      I fully understand my sisters did the same thing to my parents they wanted to stay in the area of their friends and he had a jOB offer way back when i was still going to be arriving in the world.

  7. Having some personal knowledge of this issue, the FBI are involved because of crossing state lines. This is a very sad day indeed. Pastor's are men, and when we put these men on pedestals, they will fall. It it good to respect and look up to godly men, be careful of idolizing them. God, only, is to have that place of exaltation in our life. Please pray for the family, and the church, I'm sure this hurts more than we realize. Also, pray for the youth (about 5000) who just attended the annual youth conference there.
  8. Something that has given me much comfort when I worry or have anxiety is found in Revelations 21:4 "And God shall wipe all tears from our eyes" ... how does one do that? Think of a child who has fallen and hurt his knee. A parent will reach down, lift up their face and with their hand wipe those tears away. MY GOD DOES THIS! For me! Again, in Psalm 3:3, "But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head." Again, can you see the tenderness of the Father's hand as He lifts your face up towards Him and says, "My child, it's okay, I'm here." Take comfort, He is
  9. I'm going to bow out of this conversation gracefully.
  10. Dear Eric, Thank you for your response, although I still don't agree with your thoughts, that's okay. As your sister in Christ, it's okay that we agree to disagree on this matter. When I referred, in my original post, to "doing the work of the Lord", that work IS going out and preaching the gospel to every creature. Soul-winning. Telling them of the Saviour, the way to the cross (the Roman Road) and that He is coming again. We, as fellow believers, need not focus on the "how" or "when" of His coming, only that He indeed IS coming. God bless you, Brother. Just focus on what work He
  11. If evil thoughts of others Should occupy my mind, Be sure a bitter feeling Will not be far behind. Then hide the faults of others From all but from the Lord, And dwell on what is "lovely" As written in His Word.

  12. TLC

    Have You Seen This?

    I'm sorry, "CCM"? What is that?
  13. A classic ... tacos with fresh greens from the garden! Simple but perfect on such a hot day!
  14. I know I'm new here, but I have to say that some of the topics are .... disturbing. I grew up in the Brethren and am very aware of the teaching of dispensationalism and election. I do not agree with it. This does not give me the right to bash other God-fearing, godly Christians, who ARE my brother's and sister's in Christ whether I agree with them or not. Scripture tells us to "edify" and "encourage" one another, does this type of topic actually do that? I'm not trying to be some "holier-than-thou" kinda gal, it's just that these types of conversations become traps to many Christians. We'
  15. Wow! I know I'm super new to this site, but hokey dina! It's amazing what some folks believe. Listen, I admire Eric for his determination to prove what he believes (and for clarification, I totally disagree with his point of view), but may I ask the question, what difference does this ideology make? Does it edify? Glorify God? Bring encouragement to others? No. I won't even attempt to explain the end of times, it is far too deep a subject for me, and I have heard so many different points of view with verses attached that I have chosen to leave it alone. I have decided to take the sta
  16. That quiet time in the early morning, on our sunny deck, with a coffee and my Bible. Praising the Lord before all the kidlets rise! God is good!
  17. Forgive me, but baptism does not represent the "sprinkling of the blood of Jesus", so how does that mean that baptism via sprinkling is acceptable? We are, I believe, to follow Jesus example of baptism and scripture clearly states in Matthew 3:16 "And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water..." This shows full immersion as you cannot "straightway out of the water" without actually being in it.
  18. It's been hot the last week up here (well, hot for us!), and the last two days have been raining. We live in a beautiful country!
  19. But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. Psalm 3:3

  20. She has a movie?! Hmmmm ... I'm going to have to look into that! I think she should do a movie on the Hadassah series! That would be awesome! (in my humble opinion!)
  21. LOL ... God can be so funny! This is a struggle I face, and I could not have used better words to describe what I'm going through now. Thank you for posting. I totally agree with you. What is sad is that some folks feel the need to be the "ruler" and scare the life out of the sheep and scatter them, foolishly thinking that they are doing "God's" work. But God's work never divides! Never scatters! Never scares but convicts! Thanks again.
  22. @ John81 ... My sincerest apologies! You're absolutely right, it was misdirected to you and should have been directed to "kindofblue1977" My humblest apologies!
  23. @ John81 ..... "One honest question that I have, and one I have not come up with a satisfactory answer to, is why, if baptizing infants is wrong, did God command his people to circumcise their male infants? Why not command them to circumcise them if they choose follow God, as Abraham was. Why circumcise them as infants? This is the root of why people baptize infants." My question to you would be, if you believe that circumcision is a form of Old Testament baptism (you know what I'm saying), then why only the males? Baptism is not reserved for one gender, circumcision was. And I would ha
  24. LOL, I'm sorry, but I do enjoy Frank Peretti's books, except one - Monster. I like them because I have a very vivid imagination (as a writer myself) and I love how he takes the "spirit world" and collides it with our world. He paints a picture of how Satan works behind the scenes, and I can imagine it quite well. You also see the Lord sending His angels to protect the saints. They are a bit scary, when you realize how close to reality they are most likely written. As for any doctrine in the books, I can't say as though I've ever really seen that and if I have, I "spit out the bones" as on
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