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  1. Why so? It’s okay, Jim. :) I’ll probably buy a premium bible after 7 years. :) The Schuyler Canterbury Goatskin looks nice too.
  2. May I request you to post a picture? I want to know how much the highlights bleed. :))) Thank you.
  3. I’ve been researching about Cambridge bibles and they look very elegant. However, I’m a heavy note taker. I highlight and write along the margins. The cambridge bibles seem to have thin pages. How about yours? :)
  4. I feel like it would be really fun to meet all of the members here and do some bible study, you know! I rarely meet Christians who have the same stand as me when it comes to the KJV and biblical doctrines, (in person) so I think it would be really great! :)
  5. Can two walk together except they be agreed? Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?
  6. Banning Rosie because she’s blaming me when she didn’t ask for a slice!
  7. Hello Jim. Can you tell us from where you bought it? Which publisher? Thanks!
  8. I'm sorry. I just saw all the replies and I must have forgotten to reply. Given the date of the post, I believe that was the time I was transferred to another ROW at work. :) Thank you Alan for the time to reply to my post. Thank you. :) Dave! Thank you for your time typing all that down. I wish I was able to read this post last July. But now that I have, I'm still blessed regardless. :) You stated some REALLY good points. I was at my lowest last year and I was able to talk to another Christian woman about it and she told me "You know the bible, you know what can fix you or somehow help you, but you are stubborn" That was the time I realize that what makes me "depressed" is that I am not lacking in anything. I have a good job and I can buy anything I can afford but I am left unsatisfied. Which is what the bible tells us. All is vanity. I was too proud to admit that I left my first love and the joy of serving God wasn't there anymore. Then I asked for joy. I asked God to make me delight in Him more. And He did. Thanks swathdiver. :) Thank you TheSword. I still feel the emptiness every now and then but I am definitely feeling better than I was last year. :)
  9. I’m reading Exodus now and I’m just wondering whatever happened to the Manna that God instructed Israel to put in a jar to remind the nation of what God did for the nation of Israel. Maybe it’s replaced by the Bible, the word of God. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God. Something that you need everyday. It could also be mercy which is renewed everyday. :) Going back to the manna. Since the temples were destroyed before, it probably was destroyed as well.
  10. Or maybe this has thicker pages. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0718089634/ref=pd_aw_sbs_14_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=JCA0PPEC03H22N9BYRSC&dpPl=1&dpID=91T7m9ZzFYL
  11. It’s by Thomas Nelson as well. :) The paper is thinner than I’d prefer but it’s thicker than those of premium bibles. And it’s $39.99. Not bad! https://www.amazon.com/Holy-Bible-Version-Personal-Lightweight/dp/0718080432 Saw this from amazon and it’s only $25. :)))
  12. Yes. I’m gonna keep my old one too. That’s amazing! :) I wish I can read the bible in Filipino. Although there are KJV’s in Tagalog, I just can’t understand it. I understand it better in English. I didn’t know there were bibles like that (reverse order) Me too! I love a new bible but I also love how my old one looks like right now. It reflects the wisdom God shared with me reading it for many years. And yes. Bible reading is being in a conversation with God. :))) You’ll understand passages better and apply it to your present circumstances in a different angle than you used to. This book is all we need. :) I’m reading Exodus now. Although I would love if God is in our midst in a cloud or fire as well. I realized that Israel still rebelled and complain unto God even when they can see Him! Also, God is inside us which is better. :) I have a Thomas Nelson Study Bible too. :) all of my bibles are Thomas Nelson because they’re the best available that i can readily buy. I have a journal bible, a single column with wide margins I used for advanced bible study. :) Noted. :) I’ll try to do this too ! :)
  13. Banning Rosie because I'm craving for some BANoffee Pie. :)
  14. When I first got saved, I was so hungry with God's word that I was able to read the bible from Genesis to Revelations in 2 months. (60 days.) I would read it every chance I get. I was still in my last year of college so I have about 5 hours of class per day. I did it cover to cover, however, I'd skip a few times and go to Psalms and or the epistles. I loved the feeling though. It's all I think about 24/7. Do I know everything about the bible after that? Nope. But I was able to get the nutrients I need from my "milk". Reading the bible the second time around is so much better since I was able to put verse references myself. The more I read it the more I love God because how great is He to author this great book!!
  15. So I just bought a new bible. Oh how I love the feel of a new bible. :))))) My current bible is a little bit worn out, still in one piece but I just glued the spine together so the pages won't fall out. But it's still usable. I've had for 7 years (from when I got saved) and my notes are all in the margins and note pages. However, after I bought my Study Bible (I bought it for the pictures and geographical notes, mosty), I've been visiting the Christian Bookstore almost everyday. (Because I'm a hoarder and I buy things even when I dont need them. Please pray for me.) Bibles are 50% off since it's the Holy Week and I saw this blue Thomas Nelson Bible which has thick pages. I need to be able to highlight and write on the pages so I go for those kinds of bible. So I bought it and I'm excited to use it. But all my highlights and notes are on the old one. How do you guys deal with a new Bible? Do you copy the highlights and notes from the old one? or you try to make a new "learning and journey" with the new?
  16. Tennis. I don’t play but I watch. Hahaha! It’s the only sport that I know 80-90% of the rules. :) Fave player is Nadal. :)
  17. I’m banning Rosie because it’s my first time banning someone here and she’s the last one who posted. Also it’s not cold where I am from. Enjoying a toasty 25 degrees Celsius. Haha!
  18. I am thankful for Philippians 1:6. Blessed be the name of the Lord. :)))))))
  19. Is it wrong for a christian to be depressed? The bible says that we are ought to rejoice in the Lord. And I don't know why I'm always sad or at least neutral. I went to a psychiatrist last year due to my eating problems and feeling depressed to the point of suicidal thoughts. I've never acted upon it and thank God for it. The doctor prescribed a few meds for my eating problems and "suicidal thoughts" but they don't really cure anything. They just make me weak and sleepy and I feel nothing. I've prayed for God to help me but I still feel sad all the time. I'll laugh at jokes with friends but generally, I feel so empty and sad. I know I should have joy for the promise of salvation. And that I should reflect that joy that God gives. I am going to be a hypocrite if I say I'm joyful when I'm not. Also, the fact that I feel alone. The Christians I know around me don't hold the same beliefs as I do. It's hard to connect to anyone. If I relocate somewhere, this will take me far from my family which will make me feel more lonesome. I guess I'll request for your prayers too. :) Thank you for your responses.
  20. I am amazed just how you will confirm scripture by scripture. I find it joy whenever I see a verse and I'll be able to refer it to somewhere in the OT or vice versa. This is how I believe that these books are from God because there is no way man can ever do such a thing." My objective is to be able to explain to non-believers how reliable the bible is. Isn't it important to win souls for Christ too? And I do understand that those people (who will believe the gospel) will have faith in God when He promised to preserve His word., but I want to have compassion to those who see things differently and want to "confirm" things. I do not doubt that the bible we have now is the word of God. Though I have to admit, in times of solitude, whenever I contemplate about my life, sometimes, I doubt everything I know. And I am ashamed for having those thoughts. I wish my faith is always strong. I live in a country full of Catholics. And I have encountered those people who are open to discuss the bible. Most of these people don't care. They don't read their bibles and they don't really want to know. I just want to be able to defend the bible to non-believers is all. I am the kind of person who will not believe something unless I research about it first. Like I need to prove it myself first. I can analyze things intellectually and Praise God that He removed the scales from my eyes to see the amazing news of the gospel. Romans 1:22 22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, 1 Cor 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness. I wish I was clear as to my question though. :/ But I do appreciate your inputs. Thank you very much.
  21. Hello. I saw another article somewhere online mentioning these people. Some catholics claim that these people are Catholics. "Early Fathers" or something. How do we know what they believed and what they practice back in those days? The thing is, I have no idea who they are unless I will google them. Are they important? My point is not to spark debates okay. I seriously want to know. I can't defend this part right here. How do I know that these "people" followed the early Christians who were taught directly by Christ and His apostles? I believe being able to defend the bible is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS. I do believe that God promised to preserve His word and that the Bible we have now is indeed the word of God. I don't really need explanations. But how can I defend it? I mean, apart from the people mentioned in the scriptures, how can we know those who claim this and this and that book is included should be trusted? Is my point clear? HAHA. I apologize. There is something I'm not getting
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