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  1. ​Thanks I will check it out.
  2. ​He's studying now Masteral (graduate studies) in a bible seminary. The money that he spent for his tuition fee was for selling his shop. And then the rest thru faith he said he's living all by faith coz' he has no savings in a bank like I said the money that he had the rest his ex gf loaned it but until now he was not paying its almost a year and more now, and he believes his ex will really not pay him anymore, the other part of his money was lend to his relatives because they helped him when he still has no business. But now he's back to 0 again. He sold his computer shop because according to him its not honoring GOD because of the games students played... he removed the games and his shop was down so he decided as might as well sell it. That's the story. We all know as Ive said above preaching here in my country is not a vocation or work that is well paid. He plans to go on full time but lately he's been considering some thoughts with regards to his vocation and career. One of his classmates (mom already) helped him financially in his studies, and last sem. I helped him finance for his tuition. I helped him buy gadgets because its a gift for his bday Im considering it he needs a tablet for his preaching. He really has no intention of marrying because he knows that he's not capable of supporting a family, that's why he saying if GOD will send him a wife that wife must willing to be the one supporting the family (larger part) coz' if we will have children the pastor's salary isn't enough. In our church there are woman who really earns more than the man who are full-time in ministry. Because our church is not so big.
  3. corn bread and beans... sounds delish. I definitely like corn muffins made by Kenny Rogers and I like pork n' beans (Hunt's brand)
  4. ​Hi thanks for all your reply sorry I didn't have time to reply to everyone's post. Im in my early 30's now. 1. Well, were still friends and nothing has changed about my relationship with him except he made things clear to our pastor. And by the way, he has those standards our pastor agreed with them like a spiritual matured woman. Honestly, Im not that spiritually deep (I consider myself).. not that knowledgeable theologically 2. Criteria - Godly woman, and to fix my situation in our family's house (like if I were to be his wife since he wants his house open to Christian brethren its difficult to share the house w/ my brother since the inheritance (will) my brother will inherit the house, while I get a little share of the money. If I will not have a house that is difficult according to him, and to be living with my brother since my brother is an unbeliever. 3. I was a former R.Catholic 5. Because here in my country the pastor's not really well-paid so I must be willing to be the bread-winner since I'm earning reasonably at present 6. brothers and sister no romantic side on him, but I really like him so friendship relationship thing between the two of us. 7. His personal life, past relationship, secrets, I know coz' he told me 8. College years of his life up to his early and late 30;s
  5. Hi everyone.. guess you remember me to all those who posted in the thread that I started wayback. Im back! still the same as before... Well, the guy that I've mentioned (still the same guy 2014). Well, here's an update. Our pastor and his wife invited us for a chat. Since they're concerned about me since Im a member of our church, and the guy that I like (he's studying in a bible college taking up masteral, by faith because his savings went to different people who asked for his help that they will borrow his money and return it when they're able to pay him, he sold his small business because it is not God honoring according to him, and he's changing his ways). At present he's unemployed he doesn't want to get a job because he can't manage a full-time job because according to him, he's studying and does part-time/volunteer preaching in our church (sometimes he's invited in neighboring churches). My question is should I wait for him even if I know marriage is not his priority, but he told me if I'll meet his standard of loving God first, then maybe he'll consider me. Plus I need to fix an issue about my family that is important to him. He's not looking for a relationship because he told me his vocation is his priority. If God will give him a partner it must met his standard (a God first woman, and someone who's matured spiritually). I admit I lack those criteria, or have fallen short because I'm just a newly professed Christian I was baptized 4 yrs. ago. At present he knows that I like him, and I am helping him financially, for his studies and for his things in school like gadgets. He also emphasized to me that if ever God will send him a partner the woman must be willing to be a bread-winner because he'll do full time ministry. I can't explain everything here. Anyway, should I kill my feelings for him, (coz' I have sacrificed a lot), also he's staying in my family's house because its near our church and the place of his classmate where he used to stay before is quite far. We are really like brothers and sisters. And I know most of his personal life. vice-versa He has helped me a lot, taught me Christian studies. Should I wait? Continue praying? or simply forget him? (He was in a failed relationship 5 times and the last was a hard blow) So his criteria is really hard.
  6. Hi everyone... sorry for my long absence.. wow! surprised to read all the comments here. I guess it has been a year right? Well some update. This June I met a bible student intern. Well, I realy came to like him and we spent long hours on the phone at night, him volunteering to cook at the house for dinner at Sunday's (Im not surprised coz' he loves to cook sometimes he would cook for his host family since he has no place to sleep in the city coz' he lives in the province) and we go to the mall sometimes to eat and play cards like boggle cardgame. Well, I was just worried that I might end up liking him (and I already like him now) so I told him that worry of mine he said he will not hurdle or avoid me if ever my feelings for him will develop, he leave it all to GOD. He's glad that I was honest with my feelings for him. Well... I already talked about this issue to our pastor's wife because of my worry, and she said to pray and guard my heart. So that's it! Oh, and also, I have removed my ideals already (like a man with beautiful eyes, physical characteristics etc). I just told myself If a man is godly and I can see he really loves GOD, (I will not judge by the person's look if especially he's not good looking). Plus, financial issues. In the secular world its a money world. I guess if he earns a decent earning even if he is not rich. Its okay just as long as he is hardworking. He can be the one or maybe I met Him because GOD has a reason, even if He's not the one. He reminds me that I should not think GOD has set someone for me. What if that person will not come. I'll end up being disappointed. Because GOD might have planned that I be a single woman. But my other youngpro churchmates told me its not wrong to ask GOD for a mate and besides, we are not made to be alone GOD knows we needed companionship just like He created Eve for Adam..
  7. Oh, I see. Well, different views here as I stated earlier. Talk to some of my churchmates and some say its okay if you are comfortable in calling that way. :smug:
  8. I'm in Asia... I know I can order if I have a credit card.. I'm just wondering the shipping cost is high?. :P
  9. To Jerry well, Papa is just the same as Father right?... and Jesus called GOD, Abba = Father, Papa What is troubling is when I heard a kid say Papa Jesus... Jesus is not our Father.. There are issues here because a lot of conservative Christians who have read the novel THE SHACK (this is a really bad novel... undoctrinal.. fantasy novel)... the author here addressed the character of GOD as Papa and the Christians said its disrespectful. But some say its ok to call GOD Papa. And some say its okay if you're comfortable with it, after all what's important is in our hearts, Well, can you cite in the bible if this is wrong? Any biblical basis so we will know. Well, for my part I call Him Almighty Father. :coffee2:
  10. I'm not from the US.... but I want to order KJV bible study online. Is there an easy way to obtain one? The bible on my wishlist is the King James Version study bible by Thomas Nelson. But its not available here in my country.
  11. What about the T.D Jakes King James Relationship Bible KJV-Relationships/dp/1451667817'>http://www.amazon.co.uk/T-D-Jakes-Relationship-Bible-KJV-Relationships/dp/1451667817
  12. Hi Celina... thanks for the info's. I read Max Lucado's FEARLESS... oh too bad he's false too.. Its good Joshua Harris books... I read that one and BOY MEETS GIRL! Yup, we studied Jerry Bridges books TRUSTING GOD even when life hurts.. :)
  13. well chicken soup (tinola)... and rice..
  14. fried chicken and cucumber with vinegrette and rice
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