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  1. ​Thanks I will check it out.
  2. ​He's studying now Masteral (graduate studies) in a bible seminary. The money that he spent for his tuition fee was for selling his shop. And then the rest thru faith he said he's living all by faith coz' he has no savings in a bank like I said the money that he had the rest his ex gf loaned it but until now he was not paying its almost a year and more now, and he believes his ex will really not pay him anymore, the other part of his money was lend to his relatives because they helped him when he still has no business. But now he's back to 0 again. He sold his computer shop because according t
  3. corn bread and beans... sounds delish. I definitely like corn muffins made by Kenny Rogers and I like pork n' beans (Hunt's brand)
  4. ​Hi thanks for all your reply sorry I didn't have time to reply to everyone's post. Im in my early 30's now. 1. Well, were still friends and nothing has changed about my relationship with him except he made things clear to our pastor. And by the way, he has those standards our pastor agreed with them like a spiritual matured woman. Honestly, Im not that spiritually deep (I consider myself).. not that knowledgeable theologically 2. Criteria - Godly woman, and to fix my situation in our family's house (like if I were to be his wife since he wants his house open to Christian brethren its difficul
  5. Hi everyone.. guess you remember me to all those who posted in the thread that I started wayback. Im back! still the same as before... Well, the guy that I've mentioned (still the same guy 2014). Well, here's an update. Our pastor and his wife invited us for a chat. Since they're concerned about me since Im a member of our church, and the guy that I like (he's studying in a bible college taking up masteral, by faith because his savings went to different people who asked for his help that they will borrow his money and return it when they're able to pay him, he sold his small business because i
  6. Hi everyone... sorry for my long absence.. wow! surprised to read all the comments here. I guess it has been a year right? Well some update. This June I met a bible student intern. Well, I realy came to like him and we spent long hours on the phone at night, him volunteering to cook at the house for dinner at Sunday's (Im not surprised coz' he loves to cook sometimes he would cook for his host family since he has no place to sleep in the city coz' he lives in the province) and we go to the mall sometimes to eat and play cards like boggle cardgame. Well, I was just worried that I might end up l
  7. Oh, I see. Well, different views here as I stated earlier. Talk to some of my churchmates and some say its okay if you are comfortable in calling that way. :smug:
  8. To Jerry well, Papa is just the same as Father right?... and Jesus called GOD, Abba = Father, Papa What is troubling is when I heard a kid say Papa Jesus... Jesus is not our Father.. There are issues here because a lot of conservative Christians who have read the novel THE SHACK (this is a really bad novel... undoctrinal.. fantasy novel)... the author here addressed the character of GOD as Papa and the Christians said its disrespectful. But some say its ok to call GOD Papa. And some say its okay if you're comfortable with it, after all what's important is in our hearts, Well, can you c
  9. To No Nicolaitans very well said. I think one important thing when seeking a church is to seek a good pastor also not just the 'psychology stuff's' that many preachers used today. Like one preacher I know is into the 'Come to GOD and be wealthy and financially blessed'. The truth is being a real Christian is not a bed of roses like what others perceive. A good church = a pastor should teach biblically/doctrinally sound teachings. Fellowship is really important and I consider my church as my 2nd family. (1st being GOD)... 3rd only my earthly family ) I encourage you to attend a baptist c
  10. What about the T.D Jakes King James Relationship Bible KJV-Relationships/dp/1451667817'>http://www.amazon.co.uk/T-D-Jakes-Relationship-Bible-KJV-Relationships/dp/1451667817
  11. Hi Celina Well, you're not that far from where I am... Pls. check your inbox.
  12. Hi Celina... thanks for the info's. I read Max Lucado's FEARLESS... oh too bad he's false too.. Its good Joshua Harris books... I read that one and BOY MEETS GIRL! Yup, we studied Jerry Bridges books TRUSTING GOD even when life hurts.. :)
  13. TLC -yup she has a movie you can check out this link.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBJpmbbERFk It's a good movie. :)
  14. Wow that's a lot TLC... thanks for the suggestion... Mr.Peretti's novel is out of stock...as for Francine Rivers I have seen the movie The Sin Eater its a good one. :)
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