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  1. Doug

    Hello All...!

    Thanks to all of you for the welcome! Certainly a pleasure to make your acquaintance!
  2. Doug

    Hello All...!

    Happily, I stumbled across the forum while doing a search for KJV Believing Churches in my area. I began reading some threads, lol, and the next thing I knew, I lost track of several hours, he he he (time well spent!). I believe in the infallable Word of God as written in the pages of the Authorized King James Version, the virgin birth of our Lord and Saviour and the unconditional and eternal gift of Salvation freely given to us by the Blood of Jesus. Of these things I stand fast and strongly grounded. On other subjects I try to keep an open mind and give honest thought to what others may believe (as long it stands true to the Scriptures). One of my favorite hobbies, since long past, is to kick back and relax while pondering on God's Word. I especially enjoy what I like to call "digging for Treasure." That is, finding "jewels" in the Word that make me just wonder in awe of God's majesty, make my heart and spirit yell "wooooooooooooooooooo" while at the same time humbling me in His presence. You can call me goofy or what, lol, but I find great pleasure in it. In fact, I'd like to post some of them later. I look forward to searching through the threads and actively participating as the Spirit leads. v/r, Doug