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  1. And so it goes. What else is new? Remember this (as well as Benghazi, the IRS and Obamacare, in 2014 and 2016) Look for it on Fox News. Again, I can't seem to get the link to "stick".
  2. I have personally witnesses several Christian men benefit from his book, but other's not to so much. Laura Schlessinger might not be saved, but Christian's can learn something of value from her. God isn't limited in His scope in reaching us. Paul's book is simply "too controversial" for many churches used to passivity. Paul has some pretty hard sayings that alot of beliver's can't stomach. It doesn't make any difference if Paul is a Catholic, a Jew (like Schlessinger) or an extra-terrestrial (ok, that one's a joke) what's important is the message. I received it with great joy because it's a message that had to be said, regardless if any of you consider it secular in tone or not. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
  3. Brother Paul's book (no, not THE Paul or his writings in the NT- *joke*) appropriately titled "No More Christian Nice Guy: When Being Nice Instead of Good, Hurts Men, Women and Children", is an expose' of the all-too modern day Body of Christ who prefer non-confrontation as opposed to standing up and telling it as it is, even if means you will face harassment, social-isolation (oh, no, we can't do the isolation thing....) and/or face possible bodily harm. And we're supposed to just sit there and "praaaaaise Gawd" as the world turns and walks all over us.... Brother Paul, in essence say's that Christian's especially in America have become very soft because they have become complacent that persecution "....is something that's going to happen way into the future, in fact Jesus will have come back by then." At another time I've heard this classic misnomer: "We have laws that protect us, so don't worry." My reply: "What about the Christians in countries that have no such laws on the books to protect them?" (Wait for it: the same old song-and-dance ) "Well, uhmmmm, we'll just have to lift them up in prayer and watch God move among His people...., hey listen, I have to go..." Brother Paul's book is out there, at your library, or Christian (and non-Christian) bookstore, available online at Amazon. Use your deductive reasoning. A word of WARNING: those of you who are used to the idea of non-conflict and Jesus being all love, all compassion, all understanding, all passive..... are going to be in for a spiritual "culture" shock with this book, and some of you will be offended with Mr. Coughlin's remarks. I'm quite certain of that. For all of you ladies out there can get Jennifer D. Degler's book: Dr. Degler has a PhD. Her book is co-authored by Mr. Coughlin.
  4. Leading a quiet and peaceable life. Interesting. So one day I witness an active-shooter taking human life because he's angry at the world and everything is everyone else's fault, and we need to understand his rage, right? Then it dawns on me: I have the means (and the training) to do something about this....and I will. I proceed to take his life in defense of self or others. Now if that means I'm not "leading a quiet and peaceable life" then does it mean I (somehow) violated Scripture? How about those who expected to go home in one piece to their loved ones and continue leading a quiet and peaceable life? What kind of a witness would I be if I had the presense of mind to stop this dangerous murderer but didn't? My testimony (and the credibility of Christ) would be forever tainted in the hearts and minds of those who observed. I suppose some in the Body of Christ will argue that since they don't have the same type and frequency of training that I do, that's a "sign" from the Lord that they are to just go ahead and live that quiet and peaceable life. Fine. No one say's you have to go sell your cloak and buy a sword..... I know we were discussing the sodomite-anarchists and what they just did by intimidating the couple who owned that bake shop into silence, thus effectively silencing all Christians. Are we to interpret that to mean we are to live a quiet and peaceable life when the world and the devil are just walking all over us like that? No sir, I DON'T hardly think so! I reiterate Happy Christan's quote: "No such thing as a quiet and peaceable life when we sit by and allow this kind of stuff to go unchallenged...sorry, but it's true. I don't think the Lord is too happy that we are accepting this kind of stuff. And, really, by not challenging it, we are accepting it..." Alot of Christian's today want to avoid conflict in any form (including verbal debates) because they think it's "unChristian", and Jesus calls us to peace at all times. They seem to believe that conflict in any form makes for a bad witness to the unsaved, and it might turn them off to the message of the Gospel. Then they die in their sin, and go to hell and their blood will be on our hands, correct? Am I suggesting that we go out of our way and create conflict with the unsaved? Absolutely not! What if conflict comes to you, how are you going to handle it? By apologizing for your faith so as to not rile them up any further, in order to hopefully win them to Jesus down the road? I've had enough!
  5. I couldn't have said it any better myself. Well put, Happy Christian! So many believer's assume that as long as it's not happening to them or their merry little band of spiritual hermits, it can't possibly be real. Let them go about their merry little way singing praises, prancing around like the little spiritual fairies they are, and say "All is well, the Lord is good...."
  6. I'm not even going to provide a link for this story. you can do it yourself, starting with (I dare say) Fox News. The sodomites are celebrating their victory over their success at forcing a brother and sister in the Lord to close down their bakery business in Oregon, all because they stood their ground in refusing to participate in a morally perverse "wedding". My question is: WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE BY SUPPOSEDLY REAL CHRISTIANS IN THIS COUNTRY!!!???!!!!! I know: they're too busy shining their armor or squabbling at one another to even care. They're the type to sit by quietly and "...the Lord fight our battles for us, and we need not lift a finger..." The police out there confirm anonymous sodomite anarchist's threatened the families of this couple if they didn't shut up and give in and become more tolerant of their perverted lifestyle. I'd like to show a little tolerance: the sodomite-anarchists are getting close to a very real violent confrontation with very real unintended consequences, and their "buddies" the DOJ won't be able to help them.
  7. My sister arrived back from a (sort of) vacation bible trip out of state. According to the information she presented to me, she told me about an incident (a situation) at an area church, in which apparently two brother's in the Lord -both members- got into a full-on, knock down, drag out fist fight right there in the foyer before the morning service! Apparently there has been alot of bad blood between the two for a very long time. The Pastor knew about these two and their fued but simply didn't want to get involved with "..a personal matter.."between two grown men. Both are fathers and both respected members of the community. My sis has no idea what the bad blood was all about, nor does she want to. The police were called and instead of taking the two men to jail, they were both issued tickets for (1) disorderly conduct, (2) disturbing the peace, (3) intentional disruption of a worship service, and suprizingly no charges of assault since neither man drew first blood. Needless to say, Sunday services (morning and evening) were cancelled. How would you go about dealing with the aftermath, whether you're a Pastor or not?
  8. We haven't met, but welcome back. It's obvious you have alot of friends in here.
  9. I just received a report about an HBO documentry (now on DVD) titled "Outrage", (the subtitle "Behind Washington's Closet Door" (2005) in which Fox News' Shepard Smith is homosexual. Smith is divorced, and no one knows if his ex-wife knew of his sexual proclivities.
  10. Heard this all before. They all moniter your online searches and eventually turn that over to goverment, but not as easily because of the scandels gone full press now. Begin and end your day with all your searches with StartPage (regardless of how slow it is at first). https://startpage.com If that doesn't woek right away, or not at all (don't see why not) then use this: https://startpage.com/eng/
  11. Update: this DHS employee has put on paid leave. (Whatever happened to the good ol' days when people were suspended without pay pending an investigation?) http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/08/24/dhs-employee-behind-website-promoting-race-war-on-paid-leave/?test=latestnews
  12. Ok, this is the exact word-for-word- number-for-number web page URL that I got from Fox News. I've gone over it letter by letter, and number by number, and for some reason it still isn't taking it for download. It come up instead as "page not found". If you want to read the story, go to Fox's site and use their search option. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/08/22/kentucky-theater-refuses-to-show-butler-because-jane-fonda/
  13. Must be the part about Obama's campaign promise to reconcile the people. Just goes to show what you can get away with when you know the right people. Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/08/22/dhs-employee-spends-spare-time-promoting-race-war-against-whites/?cmpid=NL_fntop
  14. Saw this coming. Just a matter of time. (Got it to work) http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/08/21/nsa-surveillance-reach-broader-than-publicly-acknowledged

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