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  1. There are a lot of rules oftentimes that Baptist churches add outside of the Bible. If I had a family, with my income, which is above average, I don't know how I would obey some of the added Independent Baptist rules like being obligated to send all the children to a Christian school, tithing the gross income all to the church, and not allowing the wife to work outside the home in any circumstances.
  2. The disciples of Christ and Christian Church separated from each other years ago. The disciples of Christ are liberal, while the Christian church is conservative. The Christian church has doctrines similar to the church of Christ in regards to Baptism, salvation, etc. They believe water baptism is part of the salvation process. Both have their roots in the restoration movement.
  3. I remember when I was part of the international church of Christ cult in 1997, they kept track of how much each gave. I was a college student then working part-time in the campus library. One day, the one who mentored me came to me and said there was a complaint from the campus minister that I gave different amounts each week. I told him that is because I make different amounts each week. He said I need to be consistent in my giving.
  4. Also, there are many people who are unsaved who intellectually understand the Gospel. If we apply the Calvinistic logic of spiritually dead, can a dead person understand the Gospel intellectually?
  5. Surprisingly, those who make these threats about God will get the tithe don't believe that giving to the needy or missionaries counts as giving to God, they believe the tithe is only for the general fund of the church. In addition to giving to the church, I also give to the needy and missionaries. For the most part, I have NOT practiced the tithe but rather grace giving from my heart, and I have never had any financial problems, and none of these threats have happened to me. I am proof that these threats the Pastors make are not true.
  6. Amen. It is not talking about physical death. If we use the same false logic, we should not preach the gospel to the unsaved, since dead men cannot hear either. Dead men cannot sin either.
  7. I have seen street preaching often get out of hand and not done properly, that is why I don't prefer that method. Probably talking one on one individually to someone is more effective, by preaching the whole counsel of God but at the same time having the right demeanor.
  8. I agree it is a very silly discussion. God changes those who become saved. Those who say a saved person can turn to a false religion is saying God is not powerful to keep a person in the faith, and are shortchanging God.
  9. We should spend time in distinguishing who may or may not be saved so we can see if we should focus on evangelizing the particular person or fellowshipping with the person. If someone is lost, I would not want to treat them as a brother.
  10. Confusion on who is saved and not in the evangelical world today is seen in the fact that many so called evangelicals believe the Pope is saved. This wants me to vomit.
  11. Many people in the fundamentalist easy believism camp who are followers of cult leaders Jack Hyles and Steve Anderson have an agenda and don't like to be told that the so called "Professions" they have had are false. The fact is, they have led millions to hell, and I have a right to be righteously angry about that.
  12. I am a member of a church where I disagree with their stand on tithe, but believe in giving from your heart, but do not make it a matter of contention. The general qualifications of the church I am a part of is being saved and scripturally baptized.
  13. I don't know the whole story here, but maybe some people on this board can assist you in starting a church in your location or in helping you move. In the worst case scenario, a suggestion would be to contact a church out of your area, and see if you can be under their authority long distance, and communicate regularly with them by phone and email for accountability. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Thanks for the message. For 16 years in being a Christian, Jesus is the only one I have been trusting in to get me to heaven by grace alone. I have had great times evangelizing and being involved in several ministries. However, even though I have grown in many areas, there are certain besetting sins I can't get rid of. Sometimes, I struggle a lot with anger, on spur of the moment situations. Also, I have an addiction to self gratification, no matter what I have done, I can never seem to get rid of this besetting sin. The thing I am concerned about is not getting victory over certain sins, even though I do care about them, and definitely want to get rid of them.
  15. Yes, Krishna is my last name, simply an Indian name.
  16. On the north side. I work downtown.
  17. I usually don't start threads, but I need some serious prayer at this time. I am having a lot of spiritual issues in my life, and am seriously doubting my own salvation as a result, even though I have been a believer for several years. I am in the process of trying to seek proper Biblical counseling. I think I am rock bottom spiritually at this point in my life. Please pray I will get the proper help.
  18. I once witnessed to some Catholic students who were preparing to become priests, and they kept arguing that other religions can get to heaven, and what about those who have never heard. I kept telling them someone has to hear to become saved, and God will send someone to them if they are willing to receive the truth. They finally asked what if God sends someone, but the one whom God plans to send does not want to go to preach to those who never heard? I finally told them that is a stupid question, and for them to read the Bible for a change to find out the answser. Answer a fool according to his folly.
  19. I would run from membership from such a church. No one should know what we give, and giving would be from my heart, not forced.
  20. This is an interesting topic. Is there a reason why God did not tell the true believers in these type of churches in Revelation to leave? Were they to wait until the candlestick was completely removed? How does this apply to us today in leaving a church?
  21. For me, I cannot be part of a church that: 1. Is wrong on salvation - like not preaching repentance or is Calvinistic. 2. Is worldly 3. Does not evangelize 4. Wants to be segregated by race 5. Is new evangelical On the other hand, I can be a part of a church like my current one where I do disagree on some things as long as they accept me and do not impose it on me like: 1. Where the church believes in tithing rather than grace giving for the new testament church 2. Eschatology - This is a complex issue, I am not sure where I stand on this 3. Where the church believes everyone should get married, on the other hand, I believe some are called to be single 4. Where the church believes it is wrong to use credit cards
  22. ​I wonder why someone would name a system of theology after an unsaved man who persecuted true Christians.
  23. I read a chapter at least 5 times to get a lot out of it and to study with understanding. A lot of people who use the 1 year reading plans rush through the scriptures and may not get a lot of it with their hasty reading. Reading slowly and carefully has helped me. I am not concerned how long it will take me to get through the Bible.
  24. ​I have a strange feeling Hillary will be the next president.
  25. ​Maybe we can say 6 pointers believe those who don't believe in the philosophy of Calvinism are not saved and maybe we can say 7 pointers believe Calvinists who believe non Calvinists are saved are themselves not saved. Maybe an 8 pointer could be someone who believes God caused Adam and Eve to sin and has pleasure in throwing people to hell.
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