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  1. Also, there are many people who are unsaved who intellectually understand the Gospel. If we apply the Calvinistic logic of spiritually dead, can a dead person understand the Gospel intellectually?
  2. Amen. It is not talking about physical death. If we use the same false logic, we should not preach the gospel to the unsaved, since dead men cannot hear either. Dead men cannot sin either.
  3. An example of the search where nothing comes up - On the right hand of the screen, I have all content checked. If I enter words like baptism or Calvinism, it says 0 results found, and these subjects have been discussed in the past.
  4. ‚ÄčIn the past, for a topic you participated in, it was highlighted in bold if you had not read new posts yet in that thread. Also, when trying to search for key words in all of the posts, often nothing comes up, whereas in the past, posts related to the keyword came up if you were interested in seeing if there were discussions in the past on a particular topic.
  5. This format is much more difficult to navigate through than the old one.
  6. Is there a way to display the top 10 latest topics as before rather than the top 5 in the forums?
  7. I am assurming the owner agrees with Cloud rather than Chappell, since Chappell seems to be of the more easy believism Sword crowd that does not emphasize repentance in salvation, while Cloud emphasizes repentance, and this board seems to favor repentance in salvation. Just my guess.
  8. I believe you are right. I think it is prideful to say any one church has everything all together.
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