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  1. Charles Lawson in I think Knoxville... zion4131 has a youtube channel that posts his sermons Gregory Miller from Worthington, OH...used to be on youtube but now posts elsewhere...he has some good expository messages... Dare I say I still check out Brian Denlinger's KJVM youtube channel from time to time. Todd Friel has a youtube channel "wretched" that has some good content...I'm pretty sure he is Southern Baptist Voddie Baucham, definitely SB, has a great message on "Why I Believe the Bible is True" that, in my opinion, anyone who claims the Bible is true should listen to. If you find it on youtube, try the 43 minute version rather than the 30 min or 58 minute one. Also, good home-schooling messages. There are some A.W. Tozer sermons that can be found on youtube that are always good. If can't find sermons, has some good books.
  2. At the first communion, Jesus had Judas Iscariot with Him. Did Jesus not know how to discipline? It is not the pastor's duty to discipline at the communion service. If the pastor has issues with a "member", I hope the disciplining would be before communion. I would think there would be a better time and place. The pastor is not held accountable, if in ignorance, he lets someone take communion who claims to be a saved/baptized follower of Christ. It is his duty to reiterate what Paul wrote about taking communion "For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily". Also, "But let a man examine himself" Where does it say the pastor is to do the examining. Paul was rebuking for turning communion into a drunk fest, today it seems some pastors are turning it into a power trip! We are told to separate light from dark, period! Someone is always trying to separate for personal reasons whether it is blacks from whites or lets make the women sit on one side of the church and men on the other, etc. etc...and doing it in the name of Christ. The body of Christ is not supposed to have any schisms, but some have found a way. When we truly understand who makes up the body of Christ and who the church really is, not a building, then we will realize how goofy this all sounds. It is a called out assembly, and yes it has to have a locale, we can't all meet in Jerusalem or Mecca. But it is a called out assembly....called out from the wicked world, not called out from separate church buildings.
  3. So much "club" mentality....Maybe when we get to heaven Jesus can keep us separated to our "local church" congregations. I am sure that would make some people happy!
  4. God told Adam in chapter 2 not to eat it. In chapter 3 Eve says she was told not to touch it also. Maybe Adam told his wife that he didn't even want her to touch it let alone eat it. Anyway, how ever it went down, I still blame Adam. When Eve ate she "gave also unto her husband with her" 3:6 it sounds like Adam was with Eve while the serpent was talking with her and Adam never should have allowed that. He was supposed to protect her. edit: thanks SFIC and Rosie, your replies were very thought provoking for me.
  5. thank you......no rush......just thought I lost it and couldn't find it.
  6. Looking to play "GoldMiner" and can't find it. I did a search on the word "arcade" to see if I could find a thread on where it moved, but didn't.
  7. Headed to Cinci for nephew's wedding and taking kids to creation museum. Back in a week.

    1. Genevanpreacher


      You'll be in my vicinity! Thanks for driving thru our area! Enjoy the trip!

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      Hey - how did you like the museum?

  8. Thank you for your replies. After being accused by my dad, I knew I had to seek counsel. I can read all these replies to my son so he (and I) can have a good understanding to the reason he is getting rid of his mohawk. Thanks again.
  9. My 5 year old son wanted a mohawk. My wife and I are not lovers of the hairstyle. We have 2 girls and 2 boys. While they are living at home, we are rearing the girls to have long hair and the boys short hair. The mohawk is definately short. We wanted to say no, but didn't. Why didn't we? Our children are very good at hearing the word "no" and obeying with very little whining. The problem is, we say "no" alot. Just going to Wal-mart, our children see alot of the "world" and we have to frequently say "no" and usually give an explaination. So when it came to the mohawk, we didn't just blurt out a "no" because I wanted a Biblical explanation as to why I was saying no. The only thing I could come up with was separation from the world. Just one problem, my world and my children's world doesn't have any mohawks. Two years ago, my neice's hubby got a mohawk and kept it for a couple months. He lives 4 hours away and is supposedly a Christian so I didn't feel this fell under worldly separation. That is the only place I can think of that my son has even seen a mohawk. He is not trying to fit into a group. He is homeschooled and there aren't any mohawks at church. So my 5 yo has a mohawk. Problem. My parents saw this and immediately told him they didn't like his hair; they were quite blunt. The other night, my dad said it was sad my son had a mohawk since he didn't have any choice in the matter. My dad thinks I wanted my son to have this mohawk and that it is sad I am forcing such a "worldly" haircut on him??? This is the same man that pokes fun at me because we live so conservatively, in his eyes we might as well be Amish. So now both my parents think I am pushing worldliness on my son. Now I am wondering if I should cut my sons hair because it might be a stumbling block for my parents. Isn't "falsely accusing" me of pushing worldliness on my son, when I am not, a sin? Do I need to cut my son's hair because I am causing my parents to sin? If I tell him he is going to have to get rid of the mohawk, I want my Bible in hand to explain it to him. Do I need to do this and how do I do this? Any thoughts??
  10. Ban Sarah for not inviting me, this looks like fun :)
  11. Hi all, For me the saddest words in the Bible are found in Matthew 7:22-23. 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Talk about not having a clue. Someone mentioned Samson didn't realize the Lord had departed him, and I agree, how sad. But these people seem to go their whole life thinking they are doing the work of the Lord and don't find out until death. By that time it is too late. This isn't just one character, but the Bible states "many". These two verses really make me "wince spiritually" when I read them or ponder them. I actually have them written on a note card and taped inside my soul winner's Bible so I can look at them before I go out. They not only make me wince but motivate me. I think about people like Ghandi and maybe even Mother Theresa. I know she was catholic and did many good works in the name of the Lord, but, in her writings later in life, she questioned whether God even existed. I don't know her heart so I can't say just because she was Catholic she wasn't saved. But if she wasn't, how very very sad. It makes me want to tear up just thinking of the many so blinded by their religion that they don't truly know God and don't have His Holy Spirit endwelling in them that they will not find out until death. The saddest words, "I never knew you."
  12. That's some good advice. I also need to stop being so shocked at things I see. I mean, it is Hollywood, of course it most likely won't line up with Biblical teaching. How dumb can I be. I'm thinking Barbie is that doll that falls in love with Ken and runs off and gets married and here it is a video with magical little fairies and I find this shocking and have to blurt something out about it. that was my own stupidity. Luckily wasn't in front of the kids, they were in the next room glued to the TV. Sometimes, though, it don't even have to be a battle. My sister likes the "Left Behind" series. I heard an interesting study on the book of Revelation by Bryan Sharp and thought my sister would find it interesting. I purchased the 20 cd set and loaned it to her. She listened to 3 cd's and said she couldn't listen to anymore because Bryan Sharp hates women. Yes, I found this shocking, but I didn't blurt anything out this time. I just politely asked for my cd's back. :)
  13. paganism=magic. What is up with all this magic anymore? I go visist sister in KY an she puts on Barbie movie for her young daughter and my kids. It is filled with magic. I can sheepishly and quietly ask, "do you think they should be watching a show with all this magic stuff in it?" I then can get the loud answer, "IT'S JUST AN INNOCENT KIDS VIDEO, DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO UPTIGHT YOU SELF-RIGHTEOUS PHARISEE!!??" I guess I just don't see the innocence in a young, innocent child watching a video with so much garbage in it. Oh, and the innocent movie has an innocent rating of "G".
  14. I just lack confidence in using this verse. My nephew has a tattoo of a cross on his forearm. If I use this verse, he can tell me that it isn't for the dead. Don't cut your flesh for the dead or print marks on your body for the dead. Does the marks go back to the dead or does it stand alone meaning marks for any reason? And that is why I go for the reason to get a tattoo. Why would you want a tattoo? Trouble is, alot of the same answers for the tattoo are the same answers given to me for the reason women wear make-up. To look pretty or to look cool. Ok, who is the person wanting to look pretty or cool for? For God? For their spouse? If we look pretty for our spouse, will someone else also find us pretty? Should we only look pretty at home for our spouse? If we are the ones drawing attention to ourselves by altering the way we would normally look, is this godly? To make me feel better about myself. Ok, I would put this answer towards low self-esteem. This is a toughy because semetimes we can't help having a low self-esteem at times, but does that mean it is ok for a Christian to feel this way? To fit in. Young girls wear make-up because their peers are and they don't want to stand out. People get tattoos because their peers are getting them. What group are we trying to fit into, God or the world? And this is how I tied tattoos with make-up. If I use the verse alone, I don't know how to deal with "the dead" part. If I tell someone that "marks" stand alone, then that person can tell me that is my interpretation and I need to study grammar. If I go for the reason we get tattoos, it opens up more than just make-up such as cologne on a man or woman. And all this makes me feel like I am one confused individual! LOL
  15. LOL....the responses I got were generally cold and condescending. Most the time I was made to feel stupid for even asking. I got to the point that I felt I might be coming across "holyier than thou" so I would really be careful and try to be as humble as possible while I asked. I got the same responses. This really bothered me. when I ask a question, I am not doing it to look smarter or to be judgemental, just want to know the answer. So, I gave up. It must not be me but who I was asking so, now, if I have a question, I just ask. Its funny how Christians can be so different. The pastor I have now acts excited to get asked questions. Maybe its because he is 80+ years old and has been doing this for over a half century and my former pastor was in his low 30's. Maybe he just didn't feel confident in his answers. Anyway, I don't hold ill will towards him or his church and will always be praying that his church grows. His church goes soul winning and there are but a few in the Ohio Valley that does so Praise the Lord for my former pastor. I will always love him.
  16. My wife likes to tease me about this. My mom likes to throw stones at me about this. I am not looking for the perfect church, and I don't feel you were accusing me of such. We are human and make mistakes. I just get so frustrated when the inconsistencies seem to be so obvious. And, no, some of the points I made aren't so obvious but the one you did reply to seems like a "no brainer". This just tugs at my heartstrings. I see my church getting smaller and smaller. Sunday nights might have 5-8 younger people. Many a wednesday night I have been the youngest in the Bible study. I am 43. I should never be the youngest. It is sad. I feel alot of the inconsistencies turn some away. I feel telling people there are better places to be than church, turns some away. The Bible does say in the end times our hearts will be hardened and there will be many that turn away. I just didn't want to see it in my lifetime. I guess I just need to keep praying and spreading the Gospel.
  17. I will stop replying for now, as I probably did too much babbling as it was. But I have used the label "pharisee" and don't feel I was wrong in doing so. I have such a bad taste in my mouth from "inconsistencies" that I see as common place anymore. I just wish that if we come up with some wild statements, that they would be from the Word of God. If the Word of God offends some, that is their problem. If we offend others because of our personal opinions, that is our problem.
  18. The current chuch I belong to likes to cancel church on Holidays. If there is a Monday Holiday or one that falls on Sunday, like Christmas or Easter, they will cancel Sunday evening service. The statement the asst. pastor makes when he announces this in the morning is, "this is a Holiday and I know alot of you want to spend time with your families, so we will not be having evening service today." Does he really know what he is saying??? There are better places to be with family members than at church!!! Wow! I know not every Christian has family that goes to church, but wouldn't it be a better witness to leave the picnic table and go to church than to tell your lost family members that church is cancelled? Is this consistant with the Bible? I do know that the Bible doesn't say how often to go to church, but it does say that Jesus went weekly "which was custom". So if it is our church's custom to have 3 services a week, should we cancel because of a Holyday? I guess if my church does this every Holyday every year, than it could be considered custom. I still don't like how it is put about spending time with family. On a side note. My mom knows how much this bothers me. She is still upset I left the IFB church she still attends so she likes to prod me about this. She will sacastically tell me there is some oddball Holiday and ask," so is your church going to cancel?" I just laugh it off. The sad thing is, her church, this past Easter, changed things up a bit. They decided to have the evening service from 9-10 am. They then broke for breakfast and fellowship. They then had the morning service from 11am-noon. They did not have Sunday School and the church was closed in the evening. My mom tells me this is fine because they still had their evening service and it is not the same as my church. LOL.
  19. One Sunday, on the way up to the pulpit, my former pastor stopped by my pew and asked me to take my 8 month old daughter back to the nursery because she was disrupting the service. I about fell over. My daughter had never made a peep and when I asked the pastor about this, he actually did agree that he never heard my daughter during the service. But she was disrupting the service because when I held her over my shoulder, people behind me would make googly eyes and wave at her. My pastor said he understood that some parents have attachment issues but he would like me to put her in the nursery. Attachment issues???? Since when is having a young child in a church service an attachment issue? Was my daughter really disrupting the service? Wasn't it the adults that were disrupting the service by waving and making googly eyes? Shouldn't grown adults be listening to the sermon and not paying attention to a baby? I did submit to my pastor and put her in nersery. That same night she went home with a bruise on her head from the pastor's son and three days later she got her first cold. Yes, my daughter made it through 8 months without a cold. This might seem like a personal issue because I was offended about what the pastor did, but it isn't. For the next year and a half, all my kids were put in the nursery. I am to submit to my pastor, and I did. What I want to know is where were the kids while Jesus preached? Who handled the nersery in Jesus' day? What was the disciples view on children disrupting the service? Is a nursery consistent with the Bible? Is children's church consistent with the Bible? I can honestly say, I remember more from the pastor's preaching as a kid than I can remember from children's church. We only had children's church in the morning. On sunday night and wednesday night, I had to sit in the sanctuary with my mom. The reason I brought this up is I was wondering when the nursery came about. Is the nursery really for the kids? Are we trying to appeal to the pastor and that is why we offer the nursery? Are we trying to appeal to the congregation? Are we trying to appeal to the parents who would like a break from their young children so they can learn? I have heard preaching about churches being wrong for trying to appeal to the crowd. I can think of one subject being the "band" in church. I have heard preaching against this, not just for the music, but for a church trying to "appeal" to a younger crowd. The church doesn't need to appeal to any crowd. We have the Holy Spirit that finds good preaching appealing. Are we being consistant when we preach about not appealing to any particular group in the church? If you think I am stretching again, does your church advertise a nursery on its website to appeal to parents? If you don't feel you are trying to appeal to parents, than why advertise it?
  20. Is it a sin to practice birth control or to get a vasectomy? We as Christians are supposed to believe that children are a blessing from God. I have heard the man with a full quiver is blessed. I looked around the church and noticed how small the families were. My former pastor's wife would love to have a little girl. They have talked adoption. They have 3 sons. I asked why adoption. Because if they keep trying for a girl, they might end up with a bunch of boys. Ok, what is wrong with that? Does the Bible teach us anywhere that we should decide how many kids to have? Anywhere? Shouldn't this be left up to God? Will God give us a burden we can't handle? How can we say we fully trust God in our lives, but yet we make our own decisions on such matters. Oh yea, I prayed about it and feel God is leading me to get a vasectomy. Is that really a Godly statement? Doesn't God open and close wombs as He sees fit? I actually asked my mother this some time back as she feels it isn't sin to practice birth control. When I told her my thoughts she replied, "can you imagine the ------ family having more kids, they can't control the ones they have so it is good they are taking steps to not have anymore?" Where in God's Word does it give me the right to look at another family in church and decide they don't need anymore kids? I am not trying to point a finger at my former pastor as being a hypocrite. I don't feel he is a hypocrite. He never preached on a subject and then went out and did it, that I know of. I believe his beliefs are inconsistant with the Word of God. I believe when he preaches on faith in God and for us to put our faith in Him fully, and then letting it be known that they might not be having any more kids because it is their decision, than it is inconsistant.
  21. Another statement I feel is inconsistant is the one that concerns CCM. "If it effects the foot before it effects the heart, it is of the flesh." I have heard this statement made for the reason CCM is sinful. Does this make Contemporary Christian Music a sin? When I hear that statement, I feel the person making it is also making the statement that "all things of the flesh is sin". Is all things of the flesh sin? I can think of quite a few things that are of the flesh that I would not associate as sin. I believe when Paul made the statement that he believed it would be better to be like him, unmarried, but it would be a gift from God to remain this way and not all have this gift, that Paul was talking about sexual desires. It is better to marry that than to burn. I believe Paul is saying that if we can't control our sexual urges that we should marry so we have an outlet that would not be sinful. But if I believe CCM is sin because it appeals to the flesh, is it sin for me to "know" my wife for any other reason than to procreate? I don't believe it is. Would it be a sin for me to satisfy my hunger, flesh desire, by eating a cupcake rather than something that is healthy for my body? My brother-in-law believes CCM is sin because it is of the flesh. I asked him why he felt this way and he told me because the first thing I would want to do when listening is to dance. DANCE!!!??? That is his belief?? I want to dance?? What a bunch of hooey! I never felt like dancing because I heard some CCM. Some of the music effects me the same was a good hellfire and brimstone sermon does. I want to charge hell with a squirt gun. Not to dance. Someone might feel I am really stretching here, but I dont feel I am. I feel someone making that statement is the one stretching. I feel it is inconsistant to what the Bible teaches. If someone feels CCM is a sin, point out the words that make it sinful. Point out the type of song it is and call it sin. The type I am referring to is something like the song "Jesus Freak". That song basically says "look at me" and does not have much to do with praising God. Our songs are to praise The Almighty and not to pat oneself on the back for being a freak. I feel alot of CCM is used for entertainment and not for praise, but if thats the case, point that out. A babe in Christ that is stuck with CCM for entertainment reasons is not going to grow by making outlandesh statements about the reason it is sin. It will offend them and turn them away. And if we offend for any other reason than the Bible, we are wrong. Is there a verse in the Bible that relates all things of the flesh as sin?
  22. Inconsistency is a plague. Inconsistency stirs up so many of my emotions such as anger, hate, sorrow, shame etc etc. Inconsisency is one area that makes it so easy for the world to pick us apart and to make such labels as "pharisees" and "puritans". Love is blind. Are we so blinded by the love of our preachers or our church that we are blind to our own inconsistencies? Are we so blinded by the love for ourselves that we can't recognize the areas where we are inconsistent? RSSRobot stated, "The term “Pharisee” is thrown around lightly today, but to charge someone with being a Pharisee is a very serious accusation. It is to charge them with being a self-righteous hypocrite who denies salvation through grace, who hates sinners, who exalts tradition to the same authority as God’s Word, and who is a Christ-rejector" I am guilty of this. I have used the term "pharisee" in the past, but I wasn't accusing someone of rejecting Christ or denying salvation through grace. I used it to label someone who is a whited sepulcher, with their outwardly standards, puffing themselves up, but meanwhile being filled with dead man's bones. Basically putting their standards above their Christian love. When I talked to my wife about the fact that I will be preaching at an IFB church, she got to a point where she was shaking and scared. She is scared of the "IFB crowd" because we were made to feel like outcasts at the IFB church we attended for 3 years. And it had nothing to do with the lack of our standards, but inconsisencies in the standards and I will try to explain. When I rededicated my life to Jesus in 2006, I had to take a $20,000 pay cut that year. This put a financial burden on my family as we just had our first child the same year and was pregnant with our 2nd. The church we went to was small and the pastor's wife and the younger women my wifes age would get together and have their nails and hair done. My wife could not afford to do this with them and it was hard for her but she understood that we were making sacrifices. They would shop together and look nice on Sunday morning with their nice dresses and hair and make-up and nails. This was ok too. My wife found nice clothes at goodwill and we were happy and not a bit jealous. But when you have to listen to sermons on outwardly appearance and not looking worldly and my wife would look at the "other woman" with their beautiful, shorter hair nicely styled and their expesive make-up and nails and clothes, it was getting hard for her. Especially a sermon on women and modest apparel and costly array, and yes I now modest doesn't have to mean cheap. The pastor's wife had actually made a statement that she wouldn't answer the door unless she had her make-up on. And it wasn't colorful make-up and was "tastefully" done. We definately felt poor going to this church, but we were happy and not jealous so that feeling really didn't matter to us. Then you have a sermon on tatoos. OK, we are to look at tatoos as marking God's temple and that could be portrayed as sin. I can believe that and am not looking for a difference of beliefs on tatoos. But I will ask, what is the difference in tatoos and make-up?? What, because one is permanent and one is not that there is actually a difference? Who is to draw the line, man or God? When man does it we have inconsistencies. When God does it, there isn't any inconsistancy. What, we look at Tammy Faye Baker and say that her make-up looks like a prostitute but "tastefully" done is ok. By who's standards? Why does a woman feel the need to wear make-up? Can we use the same answers to answer the question why a person would feel the need to get a tattoo? Is there similiar reasons? Did puritan women wear make-up? Yes, I have heard preaching on getting back to "the old paths" and that our churches are looking too worldy and need to go back 100 or 200 years. But, when you hear that preaching from a pastor and then look around at his own wife and the other women in the church, the 2 don't add up. I did talk to my former pastor about this, and to this day he probably still feels I am a nut job for drawing a line from tattoos to make-up. Or associating costly array with manicured nails and that I am just jealous. Please, know my heart. This wasn't a conclusion of mine from jealousy. This wasn't me having a judgemental attitude toward the women of the church. It was me, hearing some good preaching from the pastor, and looking around and it seeming to be inconsistant to his actual beliefs and to God's Word. This wasn't the reason we left the church either. There were so many "inconsistancies". When I walked in to the church, I felt I was walking into an ice box. It was almost depressing. The church was cold with its hard preaching and standards and I did not feel love there. I did not see love there. All I saw was a "whited sepulcher". The church would "puff" itself up with the hard-line fundamental standards that they said they believed and then look down at anyone else that didn't profess the same standards. The problem was all the professing and none of the living. So, yes, I used the label "pharisee". No, I don't feel all IFB churches or members are this way. We just saw so much of this during our time at this church. I just noticed that I did a quote from Standing firm. In doing so, it might look like I was agreeing to his post about Jerry being inconsistant. This was not the case. I was wanting to run with the word inconsistant because of some issues I have had in my life.
  23. I might need help with discernment on this. From Robot's post I would be led to believe Beth Moore is ecumenical nut job. I read this quote that John posted and I believe what Beth Moore stated. I prayed on it and have re-read it several times, but I still believe it is a truthful statement. Am I missing something? If it was posted to show that Beth Moore, like a broke clock, can be right sometimes, than I guess I am ok. If it was posted to further the proof that she is a nut, than I need help with it. Sometimes I feel I finally made it to steak or maybe a hamburger, and other times I feel I don't need to be on milk but I need to go all the way back to baby formula. God Bless, Rob
  24. I remember something now. Several years ago I made myself a binder on soul winning. It was from sermons, writings, ideas and such that I found on the internet. Alot of the stuff I printed out was from Jack Hyles. I have read over this manual many times and even preached from it on one occasion when I filled in one Sunday at the church I will start to pastor on May 6th. I have found nothing Scripturally wrong with what I got from Jack Hyles writings and sermons. I was in the car with my brother-in-law, who is a missionary in Mongolia, and he told me he didn't care much for Jack Hyles. I about choked. Being in a chuch that had a grad from HAC and alot of visiting preachers linked to HAC, I had never heard anything bad about the man. I asked what on earth he was talking about. He told me that towards the end of his life, Jack Hyles changed his view on asking forgiveness for sins at the time of conversion. He felt by "asking" you were doing something. If you were doing something, it was a work. We are not saved by works so this was wrong to do. All you need to do is accept Christ as Saviour. So repenting and asking is not to be done because it is a work. I do not know if this is true in that it came from Jack Hyles. All I can say is I did not go home and throw away my manual. I like and believe what I got from Jack Hyles. I also did not go home and do research on him and all he said. I have to be accountable for my actions/beliefs, not those of Jack Hyles.
  25. "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Heb.11:1 When all I had was hope, I was blind. Now I have the Holy Spirit living in me, I am no longer blind, I have the evidence. I don't know about the term "blind loyalty" and whether it is catching on, but I do believe my mom is blindly following a man and not opening her eyes and heart to the teaching of the Holy Spirit. I do praise the Lord that she is in an IFB church because I believe that IFB churches are closer doctrinally to the Bible than alot of other religions. I do not believe, though, that IFBs are correct in all things. When I questioned something Joe Boyd said, I felt I wasn't questioning Joe Boyd himself, just one particular statement. In fact, I love it when I have a question about what a pastor says because the first thing I do is go to the Word of God and study. I feel sorry for my mom because I think she just swallows whatever the pastor feeds her and misses out on some good Bible study. I don't know enough about Jack Hyles to form an opinion, but, if he is everything you say about him, Praise the Lord for Jack Hyles! God Bless, Rob
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