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  1. My mother in law has been very hostile toward me and my husband because I do use the NIV. I do reject her churches thinking of KJV only so since I reject one of their core beliefs, I doubt I will feel welcome. In Fact her pastor has also been hostile towards me. I never even wanted to willingly visit her church, it took me a while to be willing to do so. In closing.... My life, hope, faith is in God alone. Not in certain Bible translations.
  2. If my husband and I feel lead to attend an IFB church then I will do what God wants, I don't know if He ever will, but we will see.
  3. I do not think satan is behind my decision, I will never ever leave the church and I will never stop reading the Bible.... I absolutely am still going to a Baptist church (just Baptist, not an independent one, just plain Baptist) and I continually read Gods Word. I just don't think and IBF church is the right one for me. or that the forum is the place I need to be.
  4. Its not just the message board it was just the final nail in the coffin... other things have lead to that decision
  5. Since I have only posted in this thread I will say this here... I am leaving this forum. I came here looking for answers but instead I was hurt by how hateful some of you seem to be. None of this has changed my thinking of my mother in law, or any other IFBs. I was very much looking forward to visiting my mother in laws church (a IFB one) but now I will never set foot in one and neither is my husband (who agrees with me) I pray Gods blessing on you, even though it is hard for me to ask Him that.
  6. O For a Thousand Tongues To Sing :)
  7. But it was in the 1611 Original King James.
  8. What if the Apocrypha was put back into the King James? Would we all suddenly claim the King James is corrupt?
  9. of course! I was five years old and I was being horrible to my parents one day, disobeying left and right. My father sat down with me and told me the reason I was disobeying so much was because of sin and he asked after he explained about sin and what Christ did on the cross. He prayed with me and asked me to pray and I accepted Jesus and my Lord and Savior. Now, I don't remember that and that was from what my parents told me. It bugged me for years that I could not remember accepting Christ as my savior. So when I was 10 I asked one of my teachers to pray with me and I prayed again for Christ
  10. I was a user of the NIV and so is most of my church family. I do believe that the Word of God is holy. So does my church family... we do not pick and choose verses that we think are good and ignore others.
  11. If someone uses The Message Bible to bring someone to Christ and they accept Jesus as their savior then great! When we say God only favors certain translations, doesin't that mean we are limiting the power of God?
  12. Gods word is quick and powerful. If I translated a modern version (like NIV) into a language that some tribe deep in the Amazon jungle know... Gods power does not flee from that translation just because it is not KJV.
  13. I was not saying that God does not preserve His word. I was saying that we can not claim that one translation is "better" or "more right" than others...
  14. The only one that can truly be the "best" one is the original texts written by Moses, David, Paul, etc...
  15. One also can not look at one translation and say "this is the best"
  16. I think as long as we use the Bible that we feel God is leading us to then that should settle any and all arguments about what translation is "better"
  17. I disagree with you there. I grew up with the NIV, I have taught from it and I have clearly seen Gods work done by using the NIV. I do not read it as much, as my husband and I chose to go with King James. But as I said... Gods work is not bound by what translation we use.
  18. I read through that link. Thank you very much! :)
  19. Hello all, I have yet another question (I am fascinated discussing things like with with people) I know people who are IFB KJB only. I respect that. Some are part of a group on Fabcebook "I am a Independent Fundamentalist 1611 King James Only Baptist" -something like that. When I mention the Apocrypha they get very defensive, saying its pagan and evil. But as I studied more on the subject I found that the 1611 King James had the Apocrapha. and it was not until 274 years after it was printed that it was removed. So by saying you believe the 1611 Edition of the King James is the one true
  20. I figured the language from Wycliffe would be different, given the time it was written.
  21. I love that response. My husband grew up with King James and I with NIV but we decided that we would use King James as a couple just because it is one of the best translations. I love reading both NIV and KJB.
  22. ah okay. That makes sense. But I am still wondering, why IFB stand so strongly with King James. Men like Tyndale risked their lives to translate the Greek and Hebrew texts to English.... If he loved God and was inspired to translate his word.... why don't IFB accept his translation?
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