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  1. Thank you all, this is wonderful. I can not wait to learn and share his message with the world. @swathdiver - I will start by saying this, most of my life I had been an atheist. I often dismissed the idea of there being a God and was quite cold to those who tried to convince me otherwise. I was in the city running a few errands and I had just stopped for a coffee. As it was a nice day I sat outside and then someone began preaching. As always I tried to ignore what was being said. I sat there and a voice appeared in my head that said, you are ready, go forward. I didn't understand why but I finished my coffee and approached the preacher and said I want to welcome God into my life. Again I was confused and did not know what I was saying but somehow it felt right. As it happened the preacher had been reading from the Book of Mark and had prayed a few minutes before that someone would seek God on that day. It felt right and I was actually baptised on the same day. Once I had been baptised I felt an incredible warmth and tingling running through my body. I'm actually going to go on a bit here to last week which was about a month after my baptism. By this point the Lord had already taught me so much and I was easily quoting multiple scriptures and knew the name of every book of the KJV Bible without actually looking at it. So there I was reading a few chapters from my favourite book (Romans) and all of a sudden the same warmth that I had felt at my baptism returned but about 10x stronger. I just suddenly felt at peace and incredibly happy. I actually had another dream last night, I was back in the country where I grew up and I was walking up a hill, when I reached the top the same voice I heard in my first dream came to me again. The difference was it came through a burning bush and I probably know what most of you are thinking right now. The message this time was that most have sinned and strayed off path but that it was important to share his message and help others find the path of righteousness before it become too late. It was over quite quickly as the voice said quite loudly arise and I woke up. Again I know a lot of people on these forums will attempt to debunk the dream/message and before you ask no I had not been reading exodus. I had not read Exodus for about 2 weeks now. All I am saying is this is what I saw and that is what I heard.
  2. Yes that is correct 1Tim. Jerry is that sarcasm? God speaks to us all in different ways and yes I believe what I saw. I can feel the Holy Spirit in me on a daily basis and like to believe that when we sleep we are at peace. This was a perfect place to receive the message. I do not know why but I am feeling that you are displaying a level of hatred towards me. Does God not want us to love one another. If you had received this message I would be praising the Lord that he reached out and spoke to you.
  3. Hi, I am going to get right to the point, I want to learn the Gospel so that I can share it with others. The problem I have is when I search for it online I can not seem to find it anywhere. Would anyone be so kind to either link me to a webpage where it is or write it down for me on here? God Bless you.
  4. You mean the message I received whilst sleeping? Sure. The night before I went with my parents to see a new film called the devil inside and as always this focussed more on the Catholic Church. Once I got home I became intrigued about what other Churches or religious groups think/deal with the topic of exorcisms. I posted on here that evening, that is the first post you see above, but was going to wait until today to see my Minister during Sunday Service to ask him. I went to sleep as normal, although quite early that evening. Whilst sleeping I remember seeing a tall person with a bright white glow holding his arms to his side. I pretty much took this as our Lord Jesus Christ. Then I remember the figure beginning to speak, it was a deep, bass-y voice that first said I have come to answer you. It was then explained that most people now have over exaggerated views or ways of dealing with demons. It was explained that when dealing with demonic possessions or demons in general you need to pray but truly believe in your prayers a lot stronger than you usually would and the Lord would answer and help. I also remember asking why was it required to pray much stronger than you usually would and I was told that demons use the energy of fear but its their own fear, the fear in the Lord that rids them. Through praying at that level and asking for help the Lord will most certainly help but his strength is increased through our faith. I know by now that a lot of people on these forums will dismiss this for whatever reason but I truly believe that it was the Lord that came to me and that what he told me was the truth. Although I hope never to be confronted with a demon I thank and praise the Lord for his guidance in helping me understand this.
  5. Lord we thank you for your guidance and wisdom and let it be known that our thoughts are with the families of those who were killed in a shooting last week. Lord please help guide their families and bring forward eternal rest to those who lost their lives. We ask that you continue to guide us and help us follow your word. We ask that you spread peace out across the land and spread your light and condemn all evil in the name of your Son Jesus Christ. Continue to bring hope to the masses and help us to work against injustice and suffering. AMEN.
  6. marcaevans


    Today I wish to talk about forgiveness. I think this is important as we approach Easter the time of which Jesus Christ died for our Sins. The subject of forgiveness is often not an easy one, there is often a cloud floating over us and it can be a very emotional time. There can be times of great sadness and anger towards others that have done wrong by you and this can often lead to a harsh judgement of them. With that in mind, I would like to start with a verse from Romans 2:1 which says “So you have no reason, whoever you are, for judging: for in judging another you are judging yourself, for you do the same things. This certainly speaks for itself, but I do not wish to talk about judgement today it is about the forgiveness of others. The Oxford English Dictionary defines forgiveness as being the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. This can be seen as being intertwined with our own free will which again does not leave us when we are baptised. Through this we can still Sin and we can still stray from the Lord but our faith and love for him helps us stay on our path. In talking about our own sins and moving forward towards baptism, a quote comes to mind. It comes from Colossians 3:13 and it says bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. I think that this is quite powerful because it shows that the Lord has forgiven us for our past sins and welcomed us into his Kingdom and if he can do that then how can we not forgive others? Philippians 1:6 also portrays a powerful message through saying “and I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. It is also considered that forgiving is not an easy task for us but we must continue forgiving until the matter is settled in our heart and this is important to the Lord. This can be seen in Matthew 18:21-22 “Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times? Jesus answered, I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times” In Luke 6:37 we are given another message about forgiveness “Do not judge, and you will not be judged, Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. forgive and you shall be forgiven. This tells us that we shall continue to be forgiven for our sins as long as we are able to forgive others The most well known prayer also shares this message of us forgiving others for ourselves to be forgiven. The Lord’s prayer says “and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
  7. Hi, I hope this is the correct place to post this. I have been noticing on the forum that under the persons name there is a green box with a number in it. Mine is currently at 1 but I have seen others a lot higher. What exactly is this and what does it mean?
  8. I read that those that are saved can become possessed although it often would never happen. What I read was that we can become possessed if we leave ourselves open or stray from the word of God i.e. return to our old ways of sin. It is clear that once baptised, our free will remains, that is not touched and it is up to us to stay on the correct path. In discussion with people from my local Church we explored the idea of sin and where it came from. It is clear that Sin has always been there and portrayed itself first through lucifer, but when we are originally born we too are born with sin. That sin comes from Adam yet we did not ask for it. The Lord always gave us our free will again through Adam we see this. I personally see this as a test of our obedience and desire to follow the Lord's word. Once baptised, as I have said we do not lose this and again this is a test can we stay true to our word? Can we stay on the path of the Lord? I think that those that do return to their old ways and begin sinning, showing disobedience to the word of the Lord can open themselves up to demonic possession. Through sinning once more we are leaving part of us open and the Holy Spirit can not protect us. I agree this is very very rare, most who decide to undergo full emersion baptism have done so because they want to love God. It is this love and desire to follow his every word that we gain the protection of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.
  9. Today I wish to talk about a real world issue that the media seems to cover on a daily basis because it now exists on a massive scale. We are all familiar with the war going on between America and Afghanistan that started with a deadly act over ten years ago. The sad thing is that people are using the word of God to justify their actions, yet this is not at all what God asked them to do. I would first like to Pray in for the teacher and children in France who were recently killed through an act of terrorism, May God help guide their families through these difficult times and bring eternal rest to those who lost their lives. It does sadden me to see the brutal actions take the lives of innocent people and this sort of thing is happening on a daily basis. There are often reports of car bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq or the death of soldiers helping to defend our countries. I do believe that the Government has some part to play in this but I want to point out yet again, I am not here to judge that jOB will be done by God, I am just disheartened by the act of cruelty and disOBedience. As always I want to take a look at what the scriptures say about terrorism as this is the word of God. The first one sums this topic up nicely and comes from Proverbs 6:16-19 “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.” There is another quote that calls out to what the Government is doing and shows their wrongdoing. It comes from my favourite book Romans at its at 12:19-21 and it reads Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Some may fight this quote because the word of God is telling us not to retaliate which would make many believe we are letting people get away with their crimes to humanity however again we are not here to judge and we are not here to gain vengeance. There are two small quotes I want to bring in together from Matthew 5:38-39 and Psalms 34:14 and they read “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. whilst psalms says Turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. We need to remember that God does love us all and he too would be saddened by the heartless crimes that people commit to but even to them he offers forgiveness “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)
  10. Thank you both. The odd thing is that after I posted this last night I went to sleep and the Lord came to me. It was a very active dream and he told me exactly what you both have said. I was told that it was wrong to strike the demon or command it to come out instead I should pray to him and ask God to cast out the demon. At the moment I am amazed about my faith because as I said before I was an atheist for most of my life but now it is crystal clear that the Lord exists. I can feel the Holy Spirit every day working through me and when I pray the Lord answers, when I have a question, the Lord answers and when I am troubled the Lord guides me. This is such a magical feeling.
  11. Hi, I first want to say this is just out of curiosity. I would like to know what the Baptist Church says about exorcisms, I have only ever seen them associated with the Catholic Church but of course we all know that Demons can attack anyone. I have Googled it but nothing comes up. I understand that its often very rare to see demonic possession but what happens when cases do come. God Bless you.
  12. Does Jesus not say to Nicodemus that unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God? John 3:5 My understanding of this would say that baptism through the water will help wash away your sins after you have agreed to repent and then the baptism of the spirit will take away the flesh and enter you into spirit. John 3:6 also says that which is flesh, is flesh and that which is spirit, is spirit. Once we are baptised properly I believe that we no longer walk in the flesh, instead we walk in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
  13. Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question but I have only been saved a month and still learning. People around me keep going on about concordances, what are they exactly?
  14. Hello, Sorry I am unfamiliar with these forums as I only joined yesterday and dont know where else to post this. I just wanted to share something from the Sunday service of the Sunday just gone. I actually attend two different baptist churches because I travel occasionally between where I currently live and where I grew up (where my parents live). This weekend I was back at my parents so I attended the one back here. This church however does not have a permanent Minister at the moment so the Church has Ministers come in to deliver Sermons. I wanted to share this weeks service because for the first time since I was saved a month ago, the Minister's choice of Sermon really spoke to me. I spent the entire service sat in awe at what he was saying and thank the Lord that he helped this Minister choose that topic. The main focus of the sermon was around John 11, where Jesus came to Mary and Martha who believed that they had lost their brother Lazarus. As it happened Lazarus has been "dead" for four days and the Minister said that Jesus did not rush because he was able to see with spiritual goggles and knew that Lazarus was not dead. Mary and Martha pretty much threw judgement upon Jesus saying if you were here this would not have happened. It was explained this was because most of us see in a physical realm and are not able to open our eyes to the spiritual realm. Lazarus had not died he was there to show the immense power of the Lord and this was a test of faith to all. I had been told since the beginning that any hardships in our life is not because God hates us, he Loves us but this is a continuing test of our faith and we need to show this faith. In understanding this two quotes I had recently read came into my mind; The first was from Romans 2:1 that says Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are who judge, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things. The second quote was also from Romans but this time 2:11 that says God has no partiality. My understanding of this is that no matter what happens we must continue the same level of faith and love for God otherwise we too could face wrath in the day of wrath and revelation. So that is what I took from the Sermon; that there are no hardships only tests from God and that we must maintain the same level of faith as we have always had. The other being use the scripture to guide life and look at things always in the spiritual realm. In thinking about it another quote comes to mind "That which is born of the flesh, is flesh, and that which is born of the spirit, is spirit. (John 3:6) God Bless you all and thank you for reading this!
  15. Hello there, My name is Marc, I reside in Bristol which is in South-West England, UK. I now consider myself to be an independent baptist, this Church is where I feel most at home. I found God about a month ago now and entered into his Kingdom straight away. I was baptised in water and of the Holy Spirit on February 29th. I think since that time I have had such an immense experience, my life seems to have become a lot more positive and I feel that God is teaching me so much. I recently learnt the names of the books of the Bible and can now quote quite a few verses. I have to give thanks to God for this as I was previously an atheist for the 21 years of my life. I think that before this point I only really knew that Genesis existed in the Bible but took no interest in it. I do wish to ask a question though, as I say its only been about a month since I was baptised but recently I have felt the Holy Spirit working through me. I often get an incredible warmth and tingling feeling from the pit of my stomach as well as a sense of immense happiness. It is not only this though, I keep receiving signs through reading my Bible and again when I think about it through the Holy Spirit, that I should be laying down my life to sharing his word. Does this mean that God is calling me to become a Pastor at some point or am I misinterpreting the message? In going back to why I suddenly switched from being an atheist to becoming a Baptist was again I received a calling. I received a very clear message whilst walking through the town in which I live that said to me "you are ready now is the time" I just sort of listened to this calling, it actually happened as I was passing by a preacher. As it happened that Pastor had been reading the book of Mark and asked the Lord to bring someone forward and it would seem I was the one he called upon. Anyway that is my story, and that is my question. Thank you for reading it and God Bless you!

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