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  1. ...only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. 2Thess.2:7b I took this verse of scripture out of context on purpose in order to examine it, and to get a better understand who this verse is speaking of. The entire chapter seems to be focused mainly on events surrounding the anti-Christ: But this verse seems to be speaking of someone else altogether. "he who now letteth" doesn't seem to be the anti-Christ at all, but someone entirely different, because the next verse says "then shall that wicked be revealed" My conclusion in v.7 is that the one "who now letteth" is perhaps the Spirit of God, but I can't be absolute of that conclusion, I am only speculating at best.
  2. I agree, perhaps these sights and signs will be something that has never been seen or heard of before. It is fearful and great and coming from Heaven of which is said "the eye hath not seen nor the ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for them that love him.
  3. Doc Flay

    What Ever Happened To Christmas?

    Thank you John, that is a perfect balance to the controversy. I believe a lot of good can come out of Christmas' traditional activities. All the charities benefit at this time and I am not too sure but I think even our economy is valuated somewhat through the spending for Christmas gifts.
  4. Doc Flay

    What Ever Happened To Christmas?

    Quite the contrary John, I think it's right on topic and may even prove somewhat of my argument for celebrating Christmas. I have been a fundamentalist ever since may of 1976; and I have never come across this controversy before. In the seventies at Christmas time all anyone was worried about was to much of the world in Christmas and not enough Christ, or being to much about the getting rather than the giving. When I first became a Christian there was no talk about a deception in Christmas or any connection with Baal. This is all relatively new to me even though I have heard it before it seams as though it is getting more and more popular here of late.
  5. Doc Flay

    What Ever Happened To Christmas?

    Neither is any apology necessary on your, I haven't taken any offence, I also find these discussions helpful and informative. Also I find your giving of the history of Santa Clause very interesting, it reminds of my first visit to Santa Clause when I was five. My conclusion of the whole experience was that he was just a man dress in a costume and playing a part like in a play or a story book. I understood at that age that the whole thing was only make-believe and not real. So to me it was just for fun and entertainment. I would like to continue in these discussions and perhaps learn something. I am sure although that I will continue my enjoyment in celebration of Christmas as I have since I was a child, not that I am stubborn but not easily convinced.
  6. Doc Flay

    What Ever Happened To Christmas?

    Doctrinally speaking it is understood especially in fundamental circles that offence or causing offence is prohibited. I feel that my way of looking at the subject as to whether or not that it is proper or improper to celebrate Christmas and my making light of your oppinion has become offensive, and for this please accept my apology, and forgive me this sin. I should be very careful and sensitive in addressing this matter in light of my ignorance of the history of Christmas. My daughters do not celebrate or observe Christmas for the very same reasons as have been posted here on this thread. I would like to learn more about the history of Christmas, and have a better understanding of not only my opinion on Christmas but other views too.
  7. Doc Flay

    Psalm 19:1 Integrity

    very nice and inspiration, nothing is better that the old hymns of the faith! thank you
  8. Doc Flay

    What Ever Happened To Christmas?

    Very good response, although I am not convinced of sin in the Observance of Christmas as it is. The sin of idolatry is what I am having a problem with in connection to general Christmas celebration today. I never think about Baal when I am singing "silent night".
  9. Doc Flay

    What Ever Happened To Christmas?

    With all that said and done, I am going to give my Christmas tree a big hug, yes I am keeping it and no you have not convinced me of any wrong of holding to the traditions of Christmas that I have received from childhood! Merry Christmas!
  10. Doc Flay

    Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.

    Sorry Alan, I have been having computer problems; I was actually posting in response to the last part of page 7 and the first part of page 8 on Matt.10:33 whosoever shall deny me before men him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. When I hit send it place my post at the end of page 9; So I am really responding to Matt.10:33!
  11. Doc Flay

    Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.

    This doesn't infer a denial of salvation, but rather of rewards...?
  12. Doc Flay

    Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.

    This doesn't infer a denial of salvation, but rather of rewards...?
  13. Doc Flay

    "What I know about Life and Death."

    I love this poem, very thought provoking and intriguing and also depressing in a way; that is in that it leaves the reader without any hope of escape, accept the reality of what is...The only conclusion is to accept the finale outcome of life which is death.
  14. Doc Flay

    Things Are Often Not As They Seem

    My father told me when he was in school, they had a project to cut out paper dolls. The instructions were "just follow the line" well that worked good until he got to the neck line of the dress and accidentally cut off the doll's head. The teachers response was not to call a psychoanalyst but to hall off and smack him right across the face.
  15. Doc Flay

    What Advice Do You Have Or Same-Sex Couples

    For years the Church has been telling the world to repent, and warning them of the consequences of sin which is death. On the other hand the world has been telling the homosexual that it's O.K. to be gay; it's a natural and normal feeling. The world has also been telling them it is an alternate life-style. the world also gave them an alternate way of creating their own family, and said lets redefine marriage, lets redefine family. in vitro fertilization made it possible for this redefined marriage to create this redefined family. The result: two mothers and no father. Thank you modern science for your contribution to this "situation" without your help none of this would be possible. This "situation" was created by the world, not by the Church; it is not our responsibility to straighten out their predicament, or solve their prOBlems. it is of their own devices, and a result of bad decision making, they made their own choices. They made the choice to live together for 12yrs. They made the choice to get married. They made the choice to have 3 children, without a father. The Church is not responsible to answer for their situation, the world is. Go ask the world to answer your questions and see what they say. THIS IS AN ATTACK AND A PROVOCATION AGAINST THE CHURCH! STOP ATTACKING AND PROVOKING THE CHURCH! This is my advice to you... You are being used by your friends to provoke and attack the Church, whether intentionally or unintentionally. My advice to you is to cut off your friendship with them, and stop taking their side. get away from them and be separate! To them: REPENT AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL! accept ye repent ye shall all likewise perish!