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  1. Sleepy It's been a long and blessed day. :sSig_praiseGod:
  2. Ban Salyn for ___________________ (fill in the blank.)
  3. Yes, I like southern style sweet iced tea in summer. And various blends of hot tea in winter with honey. The person beside me is equally comfortable in many different styles of aprons -- chef, BBQ, carpenter, and more.
  4. One of the ladies in our church "taught" Beth Moore's Believing God study. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I was able to see some of the video and look over the workbooks. From what I saw and read...... * She's another Joel Olsten -- modivational speaker who knows how to manipulate an audience. Her rapid, machine gun, type of delivery gives no time to pause and think about what she's saying. From what I saw, she came across as a highschool cheerleader at a pep rally, rather than a ,mature in faith, woman leading other women to a closer walk with Christ. * Her study was full of gimmicks. One was that for 10 weeks the women were to wear a blue bracelet made from ribbon or yarn, as a reminder of their Beleiving God committment. (Prayer bead bracelets ??) * While this study was underway our pastor gave a sermon which included putting the past behind you after you come to the Lord. Your sins have been washed away. Don't dwell on them. Instead, move forward and look forward in your new life with Christ. One of the sections of Moore's workbook was to break down your life into sections and do an analysis of same. At the time, when I read this, I called it scraping the scabs off old wounds rather than letting the Holy Spirit heal them. * On a side note, I had to go to Lifeway about the time this study started. Beth Moore was being heavily promoted all over the store. In your face display when you walked in the front door for her newest releases. Plus, an isle dedicated to all the merchandise "stuff" with her name on it. Also, I'm on the Lifeway mailing list. It usually has "specials" on her merchandise. Here's one from the current mailer. Save 50% $12.49 Sale! So Long, Insecurity. Quote: One of the biggest issues women face is their own insecurity. Best-selling author Beth Moore speaks truth into the lives of readers and shows them how to deal with their innermost fears, rediscover their God-given dignity, develop a whole new perspective -- and possibly a stronger sense of self. Stronger sense of self .... think about it for a moment. * Evidently no one challenged anything in the study while it was underway. I didn't hear any discussion of the subject matter nor any negative reaction to it. Ladies were full of praise for a great class. They were talking about how much they were enjoying the sessions. The only complaint that I heard was how much "homework" had to be done in the workbooks each week. (Look up Bible verses and fill in the blanks, apply "the Greek" from Strongs' references, etc & etc.) I pray that the women who went through this "study" let (asked) the Holy Spirit lead them through this minefield of stumbling blocks Moore put into their walk of faith. After all she promised that each one would experience a miracle in their lives before the 10 weeks were complete if they "Believe God".
  5. A new term for me. So, I had to look it up. Is this correct? http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Believer%27s%20Corner/anathema_maranatha.htm
  6. Matthew 18: 20For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Like you, there are many times when I have to say Thank you, Lord! in the same situations you gave in your opening paragraph. Some time ago, I adopted the words "aware" and "awareness" to help describe His presence in my life, in my being. And, as John81 said "What could be wrong with acknowledging the Holy Spirit?". I suppose the real question is how do we acknowledge His presence when we are with a group of people in a way that's pleasing to God? Especially, when considering the larger the group, even in a worship service, the more likely there will be some who haven't truely received the Holy Spirit into their hearts. In my humble opinion...... First and foremost, our daily lives should reflect His presence in us, individually. That gives us credibility when we express our awareness of Him in any setting. And, especially when unsaved are possibly in the gathered group of people and are watching us. IMHO, shedding a tear can be a much more powerful witness to His presence than a shout that raises the rafters of the church. As can a quiet, soft spoken, prayer that includes a reference to Matthew 18:20 while giving thanks and praise to our Lord. That's just two of the ways, that come to mind, as I type, of how we can acknowledge His presence during a church service. It's not whether we should testify to His presence in our being, but how should we convey our awareness of Him to others.
  7. There's no comparison between a good sweet potato pie and a raw sweet tater from the store. Between pumpkin pie and sweet potato, I prefer the latter. The flavor is richer, IMHO. Zuchinni - one of my favorite ways to eat this is to grill it. Either cut in quarters lenghtwise, slices lengthwise, or cut rings (ovals) on a diagional. Toss with a little canola oil, salt, pepper, and any dry herbs that you like with vegetables. Put on the grill with a medium heat. Let grill marks develop before turning the pieces. It's done when tender. Best enjoyed while still hot. Another grill method is to use a grill pan and stir fry zuchinni (and or yellow summer squash) with onions. (Grill pan is a thin metal wok or skillet shaped pan that has holes in it and is designed to use on a grill, for pieces that are too small to lay directly on the grill.) Again, toss ingredients with a little oil and add your favorite seasonings. This makes a good side dish to go along with hamburgers, for example.
  8. While some disagree, IMHO, washing a well seasoned CI skillet with soap and water does not harm the seasoning. Letting it soak or definitely putting it into a dishwasher will ruin the seasoning. If your skillet doesn't need to be stripped and completely re-done, here's the approach I'd use. (There are several good methods.) Wash it well, scrubbing with a soap pad if you have any slight rust spots. Rinse well and rinse again to remove any soap residue. Dry and immediately put it on the stove to heat it to drive out residual moisture that's in the pores of the iron. Heat either on top of the stove or better yet heat it in the oven, just until the pan is hot. Don't heat it to smoking hot. Just a little too hot to touch is fine. Using oven mits to protect your hands, coat all surfaces with a light coating of one of the following. Wipe off as much of what you applied, as possible. You want a very, very thin coating. Return the skillet to the oven, set the temp to 450 degrees. After one hour at 450, turn off the oven and let the pan cool naturally. Coatings - Lard (best, IMHO), Crisco (second best), Pam, peanut oil, canola oil or vegetable oil (my least favorite). Next, cook some French Fries. This batch isn't for eating. Cut up a potato or two, add enough oil to cook the taters. When done, discard the taters & oil. Wipe out the pan. What this step does is to further "cure" and deepen the initial seasoning coat. Often CI cookware will leave a metallic flavor (after it's been scrubbed with steel wool) the first time it's used. Plus, there may be a bit of soap residue. Cooking a potato will remove those. Next, cook some French fries to eat. Again, this is further developing your seasoning layer. After each use, do not wash. Simply wipe out the pan with paper towels. Don't worry about health issues. The heat from frying will kill any bacteria that may be present. Now, for a while, only use your pan for frying. Sausage, bacon, chicken, pork chops, fish, cornbread, fatback (the best!) all will help continue to build your seasoning layer. If you cook something that does require washing, do it quickly with plain water (at this stage). Immediately dry and then warm the pan to quickly evaporate any residual moisture. Wipe the pan with a VERY VERY light coating of oil. Using this method, within a fairly short period of time you'll have a well seasoned pan that can take just about anything you want to cook in it without worry about harming the seasoning. Then, you can wash with hot soaply water and dry well. If you don't use CI very often, periodically wipe it with oil and heat it in the oven, or better yet, cook a few more fries to help maintain the seasoning. In closing, once it's well seasoned, it's rare that you'll have to reseason for many years. I have a skillet that we bought when we first married that has never been reseasoned. That was 45 years ago. It's my go-to pan for frying fish or a couple of pork chops. Hope this helps. Edit: The initial seasoning of a piece of castiron is best done in a gas grill outdoors. It will smoke at 450 degrees. If you can't use a grill, then turn on your exhaust fan and possibly open your kitchen window. You may have to silence your smoke detectors during this process.
  9. I have several of the corn cob pans. However for baking cornbread, I prefer to use one of these. https://secure.lodgemfg.com/storefront/product1_new.asp?menu=prologic&idProduct=3949 Wedge pans make the best individual servings, IMHO. Plenty of the crispy crust for each person. When cooking for a crowd I use two or more of them at a time in the oven. Or, in the summer in the gas grill. (Did you know that a gas grill is a great oven for summer time baking? Keeps the kitchen cooler and it can handle multiple pans and such that simply can't fit in a kitchen oven.) If you like to use Dutchovens, use DO liners to help limit the amount of iron that can be extracted during use. Do a search using the keywords Lodge Dutch Oven Liners to turn up links for parchment and aluminum liners. (WalMart has had parchment versions in the camping supply section of their stores near us.) For some baking, you can also use cake pans and pie pans set inside the DO. Place them on a trivet of some kind, so these pans don't sit directly on the bottom of the DO. Canning jar rings make great trivets, as do small DRY flat stones. Round decorator trivets will work if you remove the rubber tips on the feet and remove the paint (several methods). You've made me hungry for some cornbread! A mess of fresh vegetables and a big glass of old fashioned REAL buttermilk. Sigh! It's too early for veggies from the garden and I haven't seen real home churned butter milk in years.
  10. Personal opinion coming up! One of the biggest frauds being carried out today is the dating of foods, such as "Sell-By", "Use By", "Best By" on packaged foodstuff, especially canned and dried foods. People are tossing tons of food every year because of those dates. Food that is SAFE to eat. Food pantries reject food that has "expired" according to those dates, so people go hungry. People with low incomes waste their few dollars because they trust those dates and toss food that can still be safely eaten and enjoyed. Unless recently changed, the only dating that has regulations behind it are the dates on baby foods. For the rest, those dates are decided by processors/distributors, using their own motives for those dates. Who decided that a bag of rice should "expire" in 18 months -- lab results or the sales & marketing department? BTW, rice, if properly stored, has a 30+ year shelf life. As does a number of other staples in the pantry. http://providentliving.org/content/display/0,11666,7798-1-4224-1,00.html Canned foods are safe to eat as long as the seal isn't broken. The lard in the OP is an example. As a general rule, the nutritional quality of food will decline over time. Flavors of some foods will change, colors may darken, texture can change, all depending on the particular properties of the food itself. Fruits have a shorter shelf life, primarily because the acid in them will attack any metal in the container and break the seal. That applies to both commercially and homecanned fruits. However, that can or jar of applesauce is still fine to eat, as long as that seal isn't broken. So what, if it's lost 10% of the nutritional value and has turned a little dark. Toss the 90% remaining food value because of some date a manufacturer decided to use? Toss it because they want you to buy the next season's production run of applesauce? Think about it the next time you decide to toss properly stored dry pasta or dry beans beause of a date. Yes, dried beans will have some nutritional loss and will take longer to cook, as they age. That's a given. However, to foster the thought, in the average person, those beans are no longer safe to eat is a fraud. No, the manufacturer's don't directly say they aren't safe, but the implication is there across the whole food industry. Sometimes I want to yell when I see expiration dates on foods with unlimited shelf life, again, if properly stored. Pure honey is an example. Wish I had the time and space to dive into this subject in depth. How to store, how to identify hazards, glass vs plastic effect on storage, and so much more. Time to get off my soapbox.
  11. One of my hobbies is collecting and restoring castiron cookware and related items. Haven't counted them, but I'm guessing I have around a hundred pieces, including 3 CI laundry stoves. Some observations, FWIW. Yes, using plain CI cookware is a way to add some iron to your diet. However, a well seasoned skillet can only yield a very small amount, as the seasoning is a barrier between the metal and the food. The better the quality of the seasoning, the less contact there is between foodstuff and the bare metal, itself. Poorly seasoned CI and/or heavy use of acid foods (tomato based for example) an increase the potential for iron in the food. Enameled cookware that doesn't have scratches or chips is the equivalent of cooking in glass, as enamel is considered to be non-reactive. If buying new plain CI cookware, Lodge is by far the best. The best enameled cookware is Le Creuset manufactured in France. (Expensive!) Lodge enamel ware is produced in China. (sigh) In the past foundries were commonplace here in the US and were producing high quality cookware. Over time the foundries closed and the craftsmanship of the remaining ones declined. To my knowledge, Lodge is the last foundry in the US producing cookware on a commercial scale. Sadly, their quality has declined, too. Sometime in the 1960's, they changed their casting/finishing procedures, due to the high cost of replacement finishing equipment when it failed. They couldn't replace it and still stay competitive with the flood of imports, especially the cheap "stuff" from China. If buying new, do support Lodge to help keep them from closing their doors, too. The quality of their cookware is still much higher than the WalMart pieces marked Made In China. If you were to visit my shop, I could easily show you the difference. That said, I can also show you the difference between pre and post 1960's Lodge. As a general rule, the older the piece of CI, the better the quality of pieces that haven't been abused by time. With a little hands-on study, you can tell the difference while being blindfolded. Some brands of old cookware are highly collectable and command high dollars on the collectors market. Griswold and Wagner are the most sought after brands, today. There are several others, including old Lodge. But, even the no-name old pieces are easy to recognize in terms of quality and craftsmanship. When comparing two pieces of the same size, old US cast will be lighter in weight and will have a smooth finish -- that non-stick finish, if well seasoned -- that just isn't available in modern production, regardless of the location of the foundry. Using that same comparison new Lodge has a much higher quality compared to the slipshod castings of the China imports. Next: Sets of cookware. Don't buy them, regardless of the materials used for construction, whether stainless, enamelware, or castiron. I learned that the hardway years ago. "Sets" generally have pieces that go unused, thus are wasted money that could be better spent elsewhere. Buy individual pieces of cookware based on your actual needs and cooking style. Sure a matched set is "pretty" in the kitchen. But what good is "pretty" if the item(s) stays on the back shelf because it isn't used? If you're in the market for castiron and have a limited budget, shop for it at yard sales, flea markets and such. AFTER spending some time teaching your hands how to recognize quality. One way to do this is to visit high end antique stores and handle those old high dollar Griswold pieces. Pick them up and feel the weight compared to the sizes. Run your fingers around the interior and notice the smooth and polished surface. Remember that as you visit WalMart or any other place and do the same thing with "Made in China". The interior will feel like a gravel road in comparison. It does take time to find these old pieces at good prices. Ebay can give you an idea of what the going rate for "collectibles". That'll help you determine when you've found a bargain at a yardsale or in Aunt Bettie's basement. A FWIW... found a #10 Griswold for $4 at a yard sale. Looked it up on Ebay and the going rate for that particular skillet was $150. At the same sale found a #8 Griswold dutchoven for $50. Better half thought I was nuts for paying that much for a DO. That is until I whispered that the trivet in it was selling for $50, by itself. These are rare finds, BTW. OTOH, I've paid from $2 to $5 for QUALITY no-name CI pieces for use in the kitchen. Having Griswold stamped on the bottom, doesn't make that piece cook any better than the same quality ware produced by a foundry that didn't label their craftsmanship. This post is getting long and I've rambled on long enough. Haven't even touched on bringing that old CI back to a useful life. Or, how much I enjoy cooking in CI when compared to the "modern" stuff, even the high end, high dollar All-Clad, Calphalon and other brands. Forget the celebrity endorced sets being promoted by most mass merchandisers - Emeril, WolfGang Puck, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, etc. IMHO, they are like "designer jeans", in that you're paying a premium to have their label in your kitchen. Get busy searching out those old quality pieces of CI. Don't know how to get started? For everything you ever wanted to know about CI cookware, visit this site: http://www.griswoldandwagner.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl There's a wealth of information there, even if you don't become a member with extended access. Hope someone finds these thoughts to be useful this morning.
  12. May be .... Oral Roberts is one that I remember. However, I also remember when Lucy and Ricky had to "sleep" in twin beds, even though they were married in real life. When Lucy was pregnant, she had to hide it by standing behind counters and such during filming. Jeannie had to cover her belly button, when she was in her genie costume. The nation was shocked when Alan Alder said SOB in an episode of MASH. Same thing with the first bi-racial kiss on the air. Also remember parental control. One TV in our house that sat across the room from my parents bed. Kids sat on the end of their bed to watch TV. When bedtime was called, we went to bed. No arguements, no pleading. Remember one time, when a nature show came on and the intro said a wilderbeast would be giving birth, we were sent out to play. (A Saturday afternoon, if memory serves.) Our parents did maintain parental control without assists from software and other modern gimmicks that kids can easily by-pass. Along this line, the TV was turned off during mealtimes. We always ate our meals together, sitting at the kitchen table. Rembering.... The Lone Ranger Zorro Roy Rogers, Wagon Trail, Micky Mouse Club, Howdy Dootie, Ed Sullivan (he wouldn't show Elvis Presley below the waist), and scores of science fiction shows that would be laughed off the air today with the quality of their "special effects".
  13. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint, I've watched a number of the shows on the list. When they were originally aired, that is. Sometime in the early to mid 50's my parents bought a B&W TV and a power antenna on a pole for the roof. Prior to then, like Jerry, we listened to the radio. "Only the Shadow Knows". This thread has brought back other memories. Such as Time when someone actually would made a service call. (Replace a blown vacuum tube in the TV) Time when products were actually repairable instead of being "disposable". Time when frequent signal loss, sometimes for hours, was taken in stride. Time when people went to bed after the news, as the only thing left to watch was the test pattern or simply "snow". Time when everything on TV was suitable for people from 6 to 60 without seeing soft and hard core porn everywhere on the "dial". Time when the TV actually had a dial and someone had to get up and turn it to see another channel. Imagine that!
  14. Just my humble opinion....... Each of us should do as the Holy Spirit leads us in each situation where we find ourselves involved. I don't believe there's a cut and dried answer that fits every instance. Throughout the OT and NT there are examples of God's punishment when a person or a peoples fail to serve God. Moses is just one example. God physically prevented him from entering the promised land. God physically punished the Hebrews by forcing them to wander 40 years until those who turned their backs on Him died. Today, if we follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in local church situations, IMHO, it doesn't matter, for each of us as individuals, whether God does or does not physically punish pastors or church members. God doesn't punish those who do His will, whether it's leaving a church or forcing a false prophet out of the pulpit. If we follow Him, He'll take care of the rest, in the manner He chooses, either in this life or in the next. Just my .
  15. I can testify to that. It's been amazing what's happened in my life since I finally "listened" and stopped being a lukewarm Christian who wasn't even sitting on the back pew of a church for many years. No, I haven't won the lottery or inherited a fortune from a long lost relative. God blesses each of us with what we need in our lives when it's our turn to "do" for Him. Better half and I were becoming hermits after we retired. About the only time we saw other people were the dreaded trips to the grocery store or when a neighbor would stop by for a few minutes. The latter didn't happen often, either. All of that changed, when one of those neighbor's invited us to church. Twice, in fact, he offered the invitation. Today, I thank God, we listened to the person who turned out to be His messenger, two years ago. Through His messenger, He brought us into a Baptist church (neither of us were Baptists) to hear His word, again. Today, our lives are richly blessed in too many ways to number as we answered the call to serve Him. Being here, this morning, to testify about the impact He's had on our lives, is just one of those blessings. Thank God for the blessings He bestowed on the young man in the OP. Thank God for blessings of renewal and growth in our walk of faith. Thank God for the same thing He's doing for others who will "listen" and "do" for Him, when it's "their turn". :sSig_praiseGod:
  16. Isn't her "thinking" just as complicated as some try to make accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour?
  17. That's the best. Just don't get caught coming out of the ABC store, as you'll be the gossip subject at church before you extract the vanilla from the beans.
  18. Isn't the objective of those who aren't servants of the Lord to make others servants unto them? Instead of humbling themselves to wash the feet of others, they demand that others wash their feet.
  19. Perhaps it's because too many "professing" Christians aren't bearing good fruit for others to see. Perhaps it's because too many are "Sunday" Christians, some including church leaders, Wonder how many will leave Resurrection Sunday services this morning and spend the afternoon enjoying things of the world that they refuse to give up?
  20. Since I've returned to active fellowship with His church I have a set of "life" verses that work hand in hand. Along with the Holy Spirit, these are bringing the rest of the scriptures to life, in ways I've never known them before. Proverbs 2:3-6 (KJV) 3Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; 4If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; 5Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God. 6For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding. 2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV) 15Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Sometimes, as I apply other verses to my life, with new awareness, the thought crosses my mind to change "life verses", But, I keep coming right back to this set. So, it isn't likely, at least for now in my walk of faith, that I'll change them.
  21. In a little while, I'll be leaving home to help with the final preparations for a day of celebration of Christ's victory over death that we remember on Resurrection Sunday. Robert, as your day winds down, our sunrise is still a promise, as I type. I hope your day was filled with all the joy of God's greatest gift that the promise of our day has yet to bring. Further, if we are granted another day, tomorrow, I pray that the celebration of Him, will continue to live and grow stronger in our hearts. Each and everyday, until the Lord calls us home. Thank you Robert, for a few moments of reflection, as it's been a while between this sentence and the one that precedes it. Praise God for Resurrection Day! In Jesus most holy and precious name I pray. Amen
  22. Adding a question to go along with the OP. Did you pause today, remember, and acknowledge to the Father what His Son did for you 2,000 years ago on this day? Ask for guidance to help bring others into awareness of what He did for you, He can do for them? Of the same 200 in the OP, wonder how many of them did the same?
  23. Isn't this simply another step towards one world religion? Also, just another reason why I don't have a Facebook account. Why enter satan's gated community, so his minions can track my every move on this computer (see lawsuits filed) to read this stuff (polite word) from "experts". There's plently of the same "expert" views available on the net without generating revenue for that gated community. It's sad that so many are indirectly providing financial support to "keep up with friends and family" for this platform where satan's army is gathering/preparing.
  24. Sadly, it's just another sign of the times. All the freedoms that were the basis of the founding of this country are slowly being taken away, piece by piece. The more we lose, the more feeble the excuses, to take more of them, grow. Even more sadly, our religious freedoms, as Christians, are going the same way.
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