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  1. I'm sure others can answer this better than I, so this is just my 2-cents. Bible study has to include what's happening at the time the scriptures were inspired. Apparently cutting one's self was a part of the grief process when losing a loved one. Just as was using sackcloth and ashes. As this is in a set of verses of what not to do, the comma in the verse may separate cutting for the dead and marking the body for any purpose. http://www.biblegate...cus 19&version=KJV Edit: Reference your post #42.
  2. The older I get, the more sadness I feel (sometimes anger, too) at how the name of the Lord is being used for greed. It's like the money changers in the temple. I believe in free enterprize and the concepts of capitalism. Yet, I want to cry at how those are being abused, in the name of the Lord. The Lifeway mailer that we get is filled with "stuff" imprinted with Christian "slogans" almost to the point of being obscene. Cutsey gimmicks to lure believers into buying cups, bowls, and spoons, simply because they have something "religious" printed on them. And, especially, when the secular wor
  3. This is a question that you'll have to answer for yourself, as each person has to do according to how the Holy Spirit leads them. The only thing we can do is offer some advice, based on our own lives and how the Holy Spirit moves within us, individually. The Lord only asks that we be a cheerful giver in all that we give for His glory. Give without regret or hesitation or reluctance. While we must render unto Caesar, most of us certainly don't do that cheerfully. At least I don't. Taxes are paid because they must be paid or face Caesar's penalties. When Christ died on the cross for us, He era
  4. I, also, spent many years in data processing. In database design, it's the exception situations that cause the most grief. While the attempt is made to incorporate handling of exception situations, it's almost impossible to identify all of them upfront in design. Often, it's only after an unfortunate situation, like the one in the OP, comes to light, can additional coding be done to prevent it in the future. On another note, when sending mass mailings, often all free hands are called upon to stuff envelopes. People doing the stuffing are only interested in finishing the job on time. Thus,
  5. This is a wait and see situation. If WalMart is one of the "good guys" in the eyes of the powers to be, the story won't really go anywhere. OTOH, if WalMart isn't in that position, everything possible will be done to bring them down. Because there's so much high level corruption in both big government and big business, I'm leary of reports such as this one. Who's agenda will be satisified is the first question I ask. In the name of "justice" is WalMart being targeted, while others doing the same or much worse are being ignored? If this is true, to use an old cliche Sam Walton will be turni
  6. Agree. He wasn't ready to take the final step. Just as so many are finding themselves today. The price of giving up the "pleasures" of their lifestyles is just to high and they are not ready to let go of them. Especially in the view of Scarlet O'Hara in Gone With The Wind -- I'll do it tomorrow. It isn't just riches (money) and it isn't just unsaved people who never attend church. Even among professing Christians we see their unwillingness to give up whatever is needed to put God first. "Good morning Bob. Missed you last Sunday." "We couldn't make it to church because we were at the beac
  7. We are slowly, but surely, moving towards one world government. Just as we are towards one world religion, with all the efforts to get all "faiths" to work together for the good of mankind. The United Nations is suceeding where the League of Nations initially failed. But the seed was planted. Quote: President Woodrow Wilson had been a driving force behind the League's formation and strongly influenced the form it took, but the US Senate voted not to join on 19 November 1919. Quote: The structure of the US federal government may also have made its membership problematic, as its representa
  8. Obey God, except when ..................... Isn't that the slipperly slope of the devil? Abortion is murder, except when .... Lying is wrong, except when .... xyz shouldn't be done, except when ... KJV'>1 Corinthians 5:6 Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump? KJV'>Galatians 5:9 A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Except when .....
  9. Even though there were 2 Blacks and 1 American Indian on the jury (according to one of the comments). I thought juries had to be 100% in favor or it would be a hung jury. Luke 23 (KJB) 18And they cried out all at once, saying, Away with this man, and release unto us Barabbas: 19(Who for a certain sedition made in the city, and for murder, was cast into prison.)
  10. Now the spin is that it doesn't matter if he was bleeding since he started the fight. Thus, using a gun to keep from being beat up is no excuse. According to the news report I saw, the prosecutor has had those pictures of his bloody head since early in the investigation.
  11. I found Fels Napha laundry bar soap today at WalMart!! And, also found Arm & Hammer Washing Soda there, too. I've been searching for a local source of the soap for a while, with no luck. The nearest store that stocked washing soda recently closed. Fels is one of the recipe ingredients for homemade laundry detergent. Bar soap is used with washboards and tubs. Washing soda is in the solution used for electrolysis to remove rust from castiron cookware. It's a blessing when the unexpected appears where it's least expected.
  12. Take a look here at the number of forums and topics that are setup for consideration. From cults to Bible versions to events in the news, each is for the purpose of evaluation and education. One of the reasons I'm here is because it is a place to examine and compare to the Word of God, all those things around us. A place where I can examine myself and grow in my faith. It's also a place where people who profess to be shepards of Christ's flock should be examined. No, not to judge their salvation, but to examine the fruit they bear. If Eve had examined the "fruit" of the serpent, we wouldn'
  13. Yes, turning them away from my home is the right approach, as noted in the scriptures posted. Attempt to witness to them, yes. From experience (they are active in our area and come by our house every few months) most are well trained to counter anything that is contrary to their beliefs. Ready to argue with scripture and are happy to flout (for lack of a better word) their understanding with someone who can't counter verse by verse. Argue with them, no. Debate the scriptures, no. While the words will vary, I tell them simply that I'm saved through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cro
  14. John, I grew up in those times, too. At least in this neck of the woods. We ate what we killed, whether domestic or wild. Wasn't like today, when people only eat the choice cuts of meat (high on the hog) and discard the rest. I still like many of the foods I ate as a child. Sadly, some of them don't like me anymore. Pickled pigs feet, for example. A few cold biscuits and a jar of those could make a meal. Had to quit eating them when the acid in the vinegar wanted to eat holes in my stomach. Pork brains and eggs used to be a staple for breakfast. The cholestrol level for that is through the r
  15. No, I don't have any problems with "storm chasing" for valid reasons, such as weather spotters and storm research. I do have a big issue with those who add problems to those who are trying to cope with whatever the situation may be. Another example is when rescue teams have to be called out to drag folks out of trees during floods. Rescuer's who have to put their lives on the line because somebody wanted the thrill/adventure of deliberately putting themselves in harms way. Same thing applies to "storm chasing" media and looky loo's seeking some type of excitement in their lives. Personally,
  16. Ban Strawberry because local strawberries aren't in season yet. Everytime I see "Strawberry" I'm reminded about how much I want strawberry ice cream and shortcake made with berries picked right off the vine. Not those flavorless red things in the grocery store.
  17. Agree with that! Near us there used to be a textile plant that employed about 400 people. Built in the 30's or so, it was a massive construction with thick brick walls, REAL hardwood floors, and other construction details that can't be duplicated today. Think about the efforts made to build and operate that plant. Along with the wants of those who had it built and those who worked there. Concluding with the wants and efforts of those who turned that location into a weed filled empty lot decorated with a for sale sign. Sure, it served it's purpose, for a time. But, only for a time. One of
  18. Something I've been wondering about for a while now. The Bible tells us what will be happening as the end of time nears. One world government and religion, as a part of it. -- I'm not saying it's something we'll see within our lifetimes, as only God knows when He's had enough of this world. I'm not saying that we should give up, either. -- Just pondering on how to reconcile acceptance, of what God has in store, with putting on our armour of the Lord for Him. We see what's happening in both our government and in society in general, along with other signs of the end. We rant and rail about
  19. The same thing that's wrong with the "nuts" who go tearing across the country, around here, after a heavy snow in their four wheel drive (off road) vehicles. They're just having fun when they trespass to play on someones farm land. They are just having a good tme when they are weaving in and out of traffic (rush hour in a snow storm) and causing chaos on the roads. We don't have heavy snow often, so the good ol boys have lots of pent up passion to have a good time when we do get it. Other folks have to deal with the aftermath, especially out in the country, while they brag about the good tim
  20. I had the same reaction to the name of this cult when I learned about them and Watchtower. Have been turning them away from our door for years, but hadn't really looked into what they represent, until maybe a year ago. Read a post in another forum where a woman said she couldn't go to heaven because the 144,000 had already been allocated. Both sadness for her and anger at Watchtower grew, as I took some time to study their beliefs. This woman had been well trained to counter any opposition, using scripture, to what she was attempting to teach in that forum through her "witness". Here's a goo
  21. "Brown" herbs can be used in some soup and stew recipes, and even brown gravy. As herbs age, often the only thing needed is to simply increase the amount needed for the same level of flavor. No point tossing it out because it only has 1/2 the original flavor. Change the 1/2 teaspoon to a whole teaspoon. One was to judge older containers of herbs (and spices) is to crush some in your hand and then smell. If you detect the appropriate aroma, the item is still good. (As a general rule... as there probably are exceptions) To get a flavor boost from some applicable herbs and spices, add them to h
  22. Painting multipaned windows (-- 36 panes, including an arched fan above a 12 over 12 set of sashes.
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