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  1. Thanks for the link. Her story should be an inspiration to others who are facing trials and tribulations. Isn't there a story about a man who complained about having no shoes, until he met a man who had no feet?
  2. Same here. It doesn't sound demonic to me either. The last few winters have been mild around here and we have an explosion of insects, including spiders and ticks. It's been several years since we've had the kind of cold that reduces the population of those that overwinter. This spring it was in the news about how early and high the numbers were on tick bites. And, again, using ticks as the example, for most of my life there was only 1 tick borne disease to worry about around here. Now there are two, and possibly a third, if memory serves about those same news reports. On a different not
  3. And, this time of year, especially, those sleeveless tops. Mischeall (sp) Obama set that trend, if memory serves. And, it's not only Fox News. Even the women on the local am/pm news are doing the same thing for the most part. Used to be that women in the "business" sector dressed for success. Meaning a conservative "business like" mode of fashion. Now-a-days, it's more like they are dressing for party time. Often they're dressed as if they should be holding a cocktail instead of a microphone.
  4. Wait till your 67 and start thinking about how much has changed within your personal memory. I remember the opposition to this being sung in our church. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3usXFCh56iA
  5. You're right, the mainstream media won't report it. What's just as bad, the mainstream media is using every possible tactic to show Christians in the worst possible light. In any given situtation they'll zero in on the extremist, the "nut case", if you will, and ignore the other 99 that are also present. Yet, if the coverage is for something that meets with their agenda, they'll carefully avoid anything/anyone, on the fringes, who isn't demonstrating "peace and love". That's why I included the term "basic education" in my earlier reply. Basic education meaning both God's word and plain old c
  6. The loss of our personal liberty has been a gradual one. Govermental agencies, at all levels, have been taking small bites, one at a time. One French fry at a time, if you will. When we moved here in the mid 70's the only "zoning" requirement was to have a septic tank permit. Now, the land that our blood, sweat, and tears paid for is actually a rental property with a governmental landlord who watches everything we do. We must obtain his permission, which he often refuses to give, for what we want to do in our own backyard. (Last tax evaluation inspection included taking pictures, along with re
  7. Yet another reason why I don't have a Facebook account. Here's the link to the pdf “True Liberty in a New Media Age,” http://content.nrb.org/Webdocs/Legal/True%20liberty-in-a-New-Media-Age9-15-11.pdf
  8. The traversty is schools, at all learning levels, are filling teaching positions with "professors" such as this one.
  9. 1Tim115, often the comments that follow articles, like this one, are a better indication of our current sad state of affairs than the article, itself. Hiding behind a computer screen, commenters probably don't realize they are revealing their true inner self. The pictures they paint of themselves reveals more than any photograph could ever come close to portraying. What's sad on one hand and frightening on the other is the number of people who spew venom, lack of basic education, and other indicators of the depravity that's rampent in this world today. When a voice in the wilderness crys out
  10. I suspect that the fear of making a mistake holds some people back from being a witness for the Lord. Especially those new to the Lord who feel they have so much to learn, themselves. Something along the line of..... "What if I make a mistake that pushes someone further from the Lord instead of bringing him closer?".
  11. According to local TV and print media one person complained and now another school board has given in to the ACLU threat of a lawsuit. Prayer eliminated from Franklinton High graduation ceremony http://www.newsobser...rayer-from.html Prayer banned at Franklin County graduation http://abclocal.go.c...ocal&id=8681332
  12. To a large measure it is the fault of anyone who was taking food to her in the quantities needed to gain/maintain that amount of body fat. If she couldn't leave the house, someone had to bring those calories to her everyday. Since, apparently, she expressed the desire to lose weight, she didn't have people around her to give the support she needed to do same. It's like someone who wants to quit drinking or smoking and a family member or friend makes sure there's always a supply of same readily available. Put a pack of cigarettes in front of a person who's going through nicotine withdrawal an
  13. Linda, I hope that you aren't accused of changing God's word, as I was, when I posted the link to a similar article. An article that I simply wanted other believers to give their thoughts about the article content. I do hope that no one calls your introductory words "Hogwash" in their passion to make their own points. When I returned to the church, after many, many, years absence, much of what I thought I knew has been changing. With the help of the Holy Spirit, many of my "opinions" have changed in the last two years. Much of this hasn't been easy, when a lifetime of "opinion" supported by
  14. Jerry, I didn't state an opinion or viewpoint on this issue. Simply posted an article and a rebuttal to some responses to the original article. While your reply disagreed with the article, that was fine. However, when by inference you've questioned my "cry for knowledge" with which gives me pause to ponder....... Do you ever read and study anything that's outside the pages of the King James Bible? Sermons by other pastors? Commentaries? Have you ever recommended a book (article, web site, etc), written by a respected Christian author to a brother/sister in Christ or to someone who
  15. Since returning to church after a long absence from actively serving the Lord, there are many things on my list as I cry for wisdom and understanding. (Proverbs 2: 3-6) Until this thread, the subject of women wearing pants wasn't on that list. After reading so many posts and differing opinions, decided to do a little digging. In this case that meant trying to learn what was happening at the time and place Deuteronomy 22:5 was inspired by God. Fire up the search engine. Started out looking for info on the female Egyptian pharoah who took on a man's role and wore a fake beard. Looking for her
  16. AMEN, John. You said it better than I did in another thread. Your post reminds me of long ago in the garden of Eden.
  17. Joshua, this post will not contain any links. As to the "junk" and "filth", in my posts, are you aware that the first link is to Vacation Bible School material that will be shown to countless children this summer while they are at churches? Did you follow the second link to a news article about the upcoming trend of comic book producers? In my humble opinion, all adults should keep abreast of what's happening in an industry who's target audience is primarily young children. Please forgive me for not realizing that you are planning to produce the "art form" being discussed. My choice of w
  18. Just another reason why I disagree with using "comic books" as a teaching tool for children. Susie: Would you like to read my comic book? Janie: Sure. My mom has been reading some with me that are Bible stories. Susie: Well, you'll like these stories, too. http://tv.yahoo.com/news/dc-comics-character-come-gay-144100957.html?ugCCMtnav=v1%2Fcomments%2Fcontext%2Fe9978624-6eb7-3330-8913-0a3acbb5e23a%2Fcomments%3Fcount%3D20%26sortBy%3Doldest Will Janie tell her mom that she's also reading and absorbing her friend's "comic book"? Will mom even have the opportunity to try to explain there are c
  19. Edit - posted a reply to the wrong thread. Sorry.
  20. What makes you think I'm naive? However, I suspect we may be talking past each other. My point is simply, there's very little difference between the established Republicans and Democrats. A candidate for either party doesn't stand much of a chance of election (especially in the national arena) if they don't toe the line of those already in power. Romney already had this sewn up tight before the MAY primary in NC. I'm sure you saw how quickly anyone with an idea or two that didn't agree with the status quo fell by the wayside. Not much, if any difference, when McCain rose to the top, last
  21. Quote: The state takes half of Hatchett's paycheck to divide among the mothers of his children, but now Hatchett has petitioned the state to help him meet his obligations. Read more: http://www.foxnews.c...s#ixzz1vP8kvOEF Wish I knew how much taxpayers are already paying to help support those children. In exchange for more taxpayer assistance, the state should give him a job that leaves him so tired the only thing he can do is work, eat and sleep.
  22. Jerry, much of this "hate spewed out of the heart" is smoke and mirrors. For example: The establishment Democrats praise ObamaCare because it does so much good for the people. They spew out venom against establishment Republicans who want to take health care away from the "little children". The establishment Republicans despise ObamaCare because it's a form of socialism. They spew out hatred against establishment Democrats who want to destroy "democracy". (Forgetting that we were a REPUBLIC.) Yet, our presidential choices are between a man who set up ObamaCare on a national level with th
  23. Quick to Listen http://lyrics.astraweb.com/display/113/hymns..unknown..quick_to_listen.html Saviour Like A Shepherd Lead Us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPlIlkLFt_A&feature=related
  24. Jerry, in many ways we've been a one party country for a long time. The Establishment Party. Those firmly established in power, at all levels, intend to stay there. To stay there, they have to be part of the good ol boys network, which means they can't be too far apart in political viewpoints. Some wear Democat hats and others Republican, instead of their Establishment hat. While the decoration on the outside may be differ, both of them have the same lining.
  25. As I read the article a thought came to mind. It was reinforced while reading this thread. Went back to the article for a second look. Twice in the history of the earth there has been a very limited number of people. (1) Adam & Eve (2) Noah & his family In each instance, everyone in the world, knew of God. Yet, as time passed, the decendents, in each instance, turned away from God. To help counter this, as the article states, God sent messengers to reinforce what was known by the forefathers of those rejecting Him. Is God to blame because, at any time in history, since Noah, t
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