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  1. Picture rubbing hands greedly...... An the booze tax dollars will be rolling into the state coffers.......... At happenings like this one, the sad thing is that I live in the state of NC.
  2. Sometimes it's overpowering (for lack of a better term) to think about all the wonders that await us, when He calls us home. To sit at His feet and learn the mysteries of the Bible that won't be revealed until then. I can't carry a tune in a bucket, yet one day, I'll be able to sing those hymns of joy, hope, trust with a voice eartlhy mortals can't match. To walk with Him, whether in silence, listening, and/or in song, in the cool of the day. Genesis 3: 8 And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day:
  3. Congress has been made almost null and void through the use of federal agencies, such as Homeland Security, and czars. Next, the checks and balances, originally established with the founding of our government, are being thrown out the window for votes. Promise anything, give anything, to get votes to stay in power. Who cares about that dusty old piece of paper with 56 signatures? Or, that collection of 66 books in one, for that matter. It's the vote and only the vote that's important. Do whatever it takes to get it, regardless.
  4. It's interesting how different people react when they read a post. When I read Trent's, my initial reaction was something along this line. It's great to see a father actually doing something with their kids and enjoying doing so. It seems that's becoming increasingly rare these days, as parents (both father and mother) appear to be looking for anyone/anything that will babysit for them. Tomorrow is "Father's Day", yet how many men are more than simply biological parents of their children? Then, I read Jerry's post. I believe that from the moment of conception, abortion is murder. No qual
  5. With your permission, that will be on our church sign soon.
  6. Luke 22 KJB 44 And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground. 45 And when he rose up from prayer, and was come to his disciples, he found them sleeping for sorrow, How many followers of Christ are sleeping today when they should be: 40 And when he was at the place, he said unto them, Pray that ye enter not into temptation. To me there's so much saddness within those verses. Jesus knew in ways we can't begin to comprehend what was ahead of Him. Not only the pain His physical body would have to endure. Also the
  7. Reading the comments that follow the article reinforces what you posted. Or, perhaps, not reading them, thus staying out of the gutter. Sad................
  8. Currently my favorite fast food is the Hardee's Breakfast platter. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Especially that sausage gravy. Back to the OP. Wonder how long before bacon and shake will be banned in NY? If you like em, better get em while you kin.
  9. Guess I'm in trouble, again. I'd probably be thrown under the jail, if I get caught. Right pocket is home to a utility knife similar to this one. http://www.lowes.com/pd_226104-16878-53258_0__?productId=1268945&Ntt=utility+knife&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl__0__s%3FNtt%3Dutility%2Bknife&facetInfo= I use it just about everyday for something. Dispenser of blades are in my left pocket, along with a traditional pocket knife. Then, there's the miniature Swiss Army knife that stays on my keyring. And, if I'm going to be doing any work in my shop, there's usually a multi-function too
  10. What's next? Burn those Bibles because they are a threat to national security? Of what country, as it certainly isn't ours?
  11. Wonder if I can sue for "emotional distress" because I read that? Jerry, you should have known, in advance. Anyone else want to join me in a class action lawsuit? After our attorney's drag out our suit for years, we stand a good chance of putting a nickle, and maybe even a dime in our pockets. After all, it isn't about the money. It's the principle. Jerry you should have known better to post anything that causes "emotional distress" to the members of this forum.
  12. No, they are not losing their minds. Their goal is very clear. To control every aspect of our lives from the time they allow us to be born until the time they withdraw life support. The ones who are losing their minds are the "majority" who are allowing this to happen.
  13. I read the original quote at the source. Chose not to reply in that venue. This is just my 2-cents, FWIW. IMHO, there are some situations where it may be more damaging to Christian witness to make a reply than to just standback and watch/listen. Those firmly in the grasp of satan have the ability to negate and vilify Christians. Yes, true Christians have the armour of God to shield them. However, the undecided, who are also reading/hearing, don't have that protection. Without true understanding, will they turn away from the confrontation (abuse) they know/fear they will bear if they turn t
  14. Splitting hairs...... Labels applied to sexual deviates doesn't change the wrath of God. Separating the variations into labeled groups, allows mankind to decide which ones are more acceptable to society than others. It's more OK for two consenting adults than if one person (any age) doesn't consent. Does God make a distinction between rapists depending on the age of the victum? Or, how much a thief steals, when condemming a thief? Who is offended when petty thieves and "master" thieves are compared? IMHO, only the ones who are guilty of taking what doesn't belong to them. If I steal a pen f
  15. Same thought along a little different line. If I expect foreigners to adapt to our norms (what little is left), then shouldn't I do the same when I'm in another country? IMHO, it's a matter of respect when we are in another's home. Whether I'm visiting an individual's house or their country, the principle is the same. If I don't show respect for you, how can I expect it from you, at the same time?
  16. Sign that the end is drawing near? More and more are being outspoken in their movement towards one world government, not only here in the US. Every time a republic/democracy (as much as I dislike using that word with regards to the US) country yields to the UN and/or World Court for internal civil matters we are a step closer. So whether it's using another countries laws on murder as the basis for court decisions or adopting international policy on climate change, the accumulating effect is the same, IMHO. A "global economy" has been formed where countries are no longer independent, as the
  17. A local pastor's wife, in our small town, visits the place where lottery tickets are sold, so often, it's become a topic of conversation. "Every time I go to ............. she's there buying lottery tickets." We've seen her there on numerous occassions, so we know first hand that it isn't just busybody gossip. And, I'm afraid, for them, as a couple, they may end up losing everything they have. Not only material possessions, her actions must be having a negative affect on his ministry. Much like the person who gives testimony and follows that with visits the local ABC store. (Small town -
  18. Depends on where you live. It would be a mighty big one for someone who lives in an apartment.
  19. Is that 10 per person who votes him out of office? The kind that comes in packs will be easier to ship and distribute.
  20. In a few hours, I'll be in a Sunday school class. Today's lesson is taken from Malachi 2:1-16, titled "Do you honor your commitments?" (quarterly: Lifeway Christian Resources) One of the many problems I have with this lesson is this. Mal 2:2 KJB (not the Holman version used in the lesson) 2 If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the Lord of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart. According to the lesson, we aren't to criticize others
  21. I remember the days before REA set poles and pulled electric power lines across our rural area. Water was pulled from the well, one bucket full at a time. Mama cooked on a wood fired cookstove. She used a washboard and boiled clothes in a washpot. Kerosene lamps provided light needed to eat supper before going to bed early, after setting the wind-up alarm clock. Sometimes, in summer, there was a 25 lb block of ice in the icebox. Mama used an old fashioned wooden dasher in a churn to make butter and REAL buttermilk. She ironed clothes with a flat iron that was heated on the wood cook
  22. How small is that percentage? One out of a thousand, one out of ten thousand, one out of a million? It isn't about the "need" to keep tabs on us, as the odds are about like being struck by lightening or winning the lottery. It's about using any excuse to force the 99.8% into submission because of the .02%. In Franklin County NC, ONE complaint about prayer at graduation exercises banned prayer at any school function by everyone in the county. It isn't that the world of the lost don't have a clue, IMHO. It's that the world of the lost don't care, as satan has them firmly in his control. So
  23. Same place it's been with all the other shredding of the Constitution efforts by those in power, from the local dog catcher to the leaders in every branch of the federal government. There's more outrage expressed by the general population when their favorite ball team(s) or Dancing/Idol contestant(s) lose a competition. There's more outpouring of concern when a Jackson or a Houston (insert any "big name" entertainment figure)'s death is announced. There's more outrage when a pastor takes a stand in the pulpit against sodomy or a "white" security guard kills an innocent black young man. (We s
  24. I doubt it. IMHO, too many, of all ages, are addicted to that device. Again, IMHO, it's become an influence on too many lives, as powerful as a compulsion, in some, to play the lottery or other forms of gambling, for example. IMHO, it's another form of entertainment, for the most part, that overrides every other consideration. Whether it's an issue of courtesy, privacy, safety, or just plain old common sense, that ring tone is gonna override everything else.
  25. Definitely! Our words through our fingers carry even more weight that those issued from our mouth, in most cases. Unless some recording device is present, our vocal words only impact those within earshot at the time they are spoken. When our words come from our fingers, whether at a keyboard or a pen, there's a permanence about them. Sure, they may be short lived, as in an email to a friend, or take on alife of their own when posted on the internet. God used the fingers of men to record His word. Satan uses the fingers of men to try to make God's word null and void.
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