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  1. Rural NC here. Not much of anything is out yet in our area. A few yard signs here an there for one or the other. Suspect that'll change in the next couple of weeks or so. But I doubt we'll see the Obama "frenzy" that was stirred up in our local small towns last election. Polls: Last election, I stopped watching my, then favorite, local news channel. Reporter was almost gloating as she reported the latest poll gave Obama a huge lead. That particular poll was the only one with such numbers. All the other reputable polls had only a small % difference between the candidates. FWIW, learned a long time ago how polls can be swayed one way or another, depending on how the very same questions are asked. Not to mention the demographic being polled with the intent of obtaining desired results. BTW, that station used to be the home of Jesse Helms when he was the editorial director. (teenager years) There, also, used to be a difference between news and the "editorial page". By last election, "editorial" was the news, whether small town newspaper, local TV news, and beyond.
  2. John, thanks for the link. After looking around for awhile, I'm going to recommend several items for our church to consider. They range from using their bulletin inserts to incorporating "Creation Moments" and newsletters into some of our Bible study sessions. It was only after being challenged by my pastor on what I "thought" I believed about God's role in creation, that I learned the truth. That involved 50+ years of being "educated" on the facts supporting evolution. Teachers all the way through college taught them. After college, a constant flow of information from many sources reinforcing those facts. Especially, from television "documentaries". There's one more fact that I know. There are other members of my church who have been as thoroughly indroctinated as I was. Isn't it time that each of us, whether layman, teacher, or pastor, start taking more proactive steps towards leading others to the TRUTH?
  3. No, not so wierd. Just another in a string of "discoveries" that may turn out to be nothing more than a forgery. Without supporting documentation, one sjunk the size of a cell phone, isn't enough to do anything more than feed the wild fires of speculation. Possible origins are Egypt which also make it suspect. To be lumped with the gnostic writings of that region and era that some claim should also be part of the NT.
  4. Fixation, it's much more than "women's rights activists". So much more................! The ACLU, among others, is using "discrimination" to destroy the very fabric of this country. It's using the legal system to browbeat anyone who can't afford the legal expenses needed to "take it to court". Often the very threat of legal action is enough for the averge Joe (whether man or small organization) to kneel before them. Heard on the news recently that is isn't agains't the law for women to go topless in public in NC. (Haven't confirmed.) How long will it be before a woman files suit because she was denied entry into some event with a bare top? She's being discrimated against because of her choice of attire. Before you say ... see women's activists! .... switch example of attire to a man wearing only a codpiece. Same principle. Anything that excludes anyone for any reason will be illegal, if this pattern continues. That is if God continues to withold His wrath. BTW, Girl Scouts admitting boys won't be much of an uproar. They're already doing it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/11/girl-scout-cookie-boycott-transgender_n_1199260.html
  5. A hunter who fails on an individual trip to the woods, gears up for another hunt to bring down his intended trophy animal. A missed shot just reinforces his resolve once the target has been centered in his sights.
  6. If BHO gets the opportunity to finish fundamentally transforming America how much "opportunity" will be left to form a 3rd party? Do you think the ruling party will allow enough of the Constitution to remain to allow anything resembling true opposition to rise up in the land? We already have "hate speech", limits on assembly, end runs around Congress, a large portion of the population "entitled", a left leaning Supreme Court, liberal media, monitoring of electronic communications, massive databases tracking people's lives, increasing limits on the sale of ammunition (subtle way to restrict effective gun ownership)..... the list can go on. How far away are we from pastors being put in jail for reading from the KJB scriptures on the subject of homosexuality? If a pastor's sermon can be labeled "hate speech", how easy has it become to label any anti governmental activity, as "hate speech", as well. Without freedom of speech and freedom of assembly will the formation of a third party be possible? While we still can, shouldn't we be discussing these issues rather than shooting the messenger because she's female? Revelation 22: KJB 20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
  7. It is a blessing to hear that a couple has been given the opportunity to live for 50 years as husband and wife. That's a living testimony giving glory to God. May our Lord continue to bless your union.
  8. IMHO, as long as you have your body covered with modest clothing, our Lord would prefer that you come to worship Him than to stay at home. While the subject of women in pants is often discussed, (another IMHO) God looks at what's in our hearts before looking at what we have on our bodies. As long as we (men and women) are dressed to reflect that the Holy Spirit is in our heart, that's what counts. That is modest clothing in both fit and coverage of the flesh for both genders. Better half and I went shopping earlier this afternoon at a discount store for some household items. While there, checked out the women's clothing section. I've got a question for all the ladies here. Based on what I saw, how does a woman find suitable clothing to wear, period. And, especially if shopping on a budget. Everything I saw, had something wrong with it. If the skirt was long, the neckline plunged to obscene depths. Or, if the skirt was long, it was knit with a slit on the side. In the appropriate size, every wrinkle on the body would show. Or, if it was a decent cut, gaudy sequines, gaudy colors, huge belts, etc. still kept it out of the ream of being modest. BTW, we came home with just those household items that we needed. Back to your question. And again, in my humble opinion, wear what you have, as long as it is modest. And, that includes ladies slacks. Personally, I'd rather see a woman worship our Lord in modest slacks and a sweat shirt, than what I see some wear that doesn't have a divided bottom section. You'll know them by their fruit.
  9. Oldtimer


    You've made a good point, Jerry. In the news this morning there's much talk about spiking gas prices, across the nation, as a result of this storm. Plus, this storm isn't over yet, as it tracks northward, then is expected to turn to the east, bringing flooding rains with it. Earlier you said: Aren't all storms, floods, earthquakes, plagues, droughts, etc. judgements from God? Didn't He release these forces upon the earth when man fell from grace? Is it just coincidence that the eye of a hurricane was over New Orleans the day that was to begin a celebration of depravity? No, I can't even begin to presume that I know the will of God and the "why" of that storm at that place and time. Perhaps it was to show New Orleans that regardless of how much effort they put into "bigger and better" dikes/pumping stations, He still is in control. Isaiah 9: KJB 10 The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars. On another note, with the upcoming elections, much focus is on the nation. As a nation, are we being punished for our "national" transgressions? Has God withdrawn His blessings on America? Can we turn the nation around and bring about a revival through prayer and ballots? Perhaps. Perhaps, not, depending on how America fits into God's master plan. Especially, if we are approaching the time Christ will return to call His people home. Let's not forget that while our focus is on the nation, as some of it should be, most of it should be elsewhere. As members of the body of Christ, we each have our individual responsibilities, as directed by the Holy Spirit, to do His will. On a given day, your's may be to bring the gospel to a neighbor and mine may be to help a neighbor get the ox out of a ditch. Let's not miss that calling because we're looking (listening) too intently on what's happening at a national level.
  10. If you do read it, how about adding your review, pro or con. TIA
  11. Oldtimer


    Agree with the others - all things in moderation. Even water can kill you if you drink too much of it. "Caffeine free" soda loaded with high fructose corn syrup may do far more harm to the body than coffee or black/green tea. Or, a glass of wine with dinner for that matter. And that also includes drinking A cold beer on a hot afternoon. (gasp!) Double decker chocolate milkshake with whipped cream, sprinkled with chocolate bits is far worse, IMHO, than a cup or 2 of black coffee in the morning. Maybe one of those should be included with "strong drink" or hard liquor for the effects is has on the body. I haven't looked it up for scripture reference, yet. Wouldn't "strong drink" be anything beverage that reduces inhibitions, thus increasing the likelyhood of yielding to temptation to sin in other ways?
  12. I'm not familiar with black powder, muzzle loaders, etc. Plus, it's been almost a year now. Just remember those in the know about the firearms used back then, making comments about this fellows lack of knowledge. Some of his comments about what he (the soldiers) carried and how it was used with the rifle. My impression, from what they said, is this was just a fellow in period dress, giving a "canned" presentation without actually knowing what he was talking about. This was in addition to a Yankee giving Southerners the history of the war. Uhmmmm, sounds like you'd fit right in with some of the members of our church. With hunting season coming up, heard some conversations tonight, before Bible study, about various rifles they either use or are thinking about buying.
  13. Irishman, those with computers now have a choice. Just as we have a choice to stay with the KJB rather than relying on modern versions for the scriptures. The choice is to look up and study "original" documents. For example, the Federalist Papers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federalist_Papers http://www.ericdigests.org/pre-928/papers.htm http://www.constitution.org/fed/federa00.htm Other examples, are collections of letters written by various founding fathers, early history books, civics books written when civics was a serious subject of study. Go back in time when the word "democracy" was not used to describe this country. As a side note: You mentioned the civil war. Last fall we went on a guided tour of Gettysburg. Tour leader was a Yankee talking to a bus load of Southerners. Yep, the tour leader gave us the Yankee version, which was OK, except when it was a "modern" Yankee version. FWIW, my impression was that the tour company made a mistake in assigning guides. As, several times the guide fumbled (for lack of a better term) in her spiel when she knew she wasn't being "politically correct" with a bunch of Tar Heels. And, another example. Ate dinner that night at a restored inn. Inn provided a speaker dressed in a Union Army uniform and gave an "impressive" presentation. We happened to have several civil war buffs in our group who were well versed in the firearms of that era. His "impressive" presentation was riddled with errors according to folks who have HANDS ON experience with his subject matter.
  14. Just got home and have to leave again shortly for church. So, a quick reply, for now, to your question. Question: Why just harp on the sodomite issue? Answer: Look at the title of this thread. :wave:

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