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  1. If you do read it, how about adding your review, pro or con. TIA
  2. Upon the recomendation of a friend, I've just finished reading this book and do recommend it. I've also listened to a 5 part interview about the book, and have done some look up of reviews of the book, both pro and con. First and foremost, it is written as fiction. That is evident from the beginning, so no one should be deceived from that standpoint. Someone complained about a lack of "character development" in the story line. They missed the point. The focus of this book isn't about the charcters in the book, themselves. Enough info is given to carry the story line. That was all that was needed. The book revolves around Isaiah 9:10 (KJB) 10 The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars. There's been much discussion about the species of tree that was toppled when the Twin Towers fell. This is a relatively minor point, IMHO. I haven't researched it in depth and will tell why in a moment. From what I understand, since the NY tree doesn't grow in the middle East, there is a species there of the same family, which is comparable in qualities (strength/durability). Thus, it serves the purpose given in the verse quoted above. If we question that in depth, we also open the can of worms regarding the name of the tree chosen by the KJB translators. The author's point was that the replacement cedar was "better" than the one toppled. Just as hewn stone is "better" than bricks. One thing I like about the book are the extensive footnotes that allow many points made in the book to be checked. Dates of events following 9-11 for example. Some may write those off as just coincidences. A word that I rarely ever use anymore. With God at the helm, it's growing increasingly difficult to shrug off happenings as "just coincidences", whether in our own daily lives or elsewhere. As we read and study the Bible, we can often see parallels between what happened in blibical history and what we see happening today. This author has chosen to draw a parallel between Isaiah 9:10, 9-11 and afterwards. Oh, and at the founding of this country, too, that ties some seemingly unrelated events together. Whether you agree or disagree with the parallel, IMHO, the book is well worth reading. Simply because it will make you think, if you allow that to happen. Accept it as history is repeating itself or challenge the premise. Use the scriptures, use the references given, and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Form your own opinion, as you are led to do so. In closing, I read a borrowed copy that I had to return as soon as I finished reading it. I hope to have another copy soon to read a second time. This time with a pen, paper, and keyboard at hand. It's one of the few books that I've encountered in recent years that I want to read again. (Other than the Bible, as I'll never "finish" reading God's word.) Just my 2-cents for whatever pennies may be worth to you these days.
  3. It's now 97 and the sun is getting low in the sky at quarter to 7 in the evening. Supposed to be 101 tomorrow. The good news is that it's supposed to be in the low 90's next week. BTW, our average high, this time of year is 90. We sure could use some of those days that cause the average to be only 90!
  4. Jerry, they don't build them like they used to! Prior to getting a gas pack we had electric heat with a 3 ton AC unit in our home. Installed in 1984, we replaced it in 2009 when the AC compressor failed. Like you, replacing the compressor couldn't be justified. Especially, since we were told the heating side wouldn't last another season -- two winters earlier. At the time we researched our HVAC options, we were told the average life expectancy of units, these days, is 10 years. Told the same thing about household appliances when we had to replace our 1984 refrigerator about 4 years ago. So far, the original washer/dryer, water heater, and built in wall oven are still going strong. As is my grandmother's 1966 gas stove. (It's in my shop.) Times have changed. We've been dealing with the same HVAC company since 84. Bought the gas pack unit from them in 2009. If the original owner had been alive, the most he would have charged us was their standard service call fee. Over the years, several times a service call for xyz has been no charge. There's no way he would have slapped another $81 for labor on the bill for walking to his truck to get a no charge replacement thermostat. His son now runs the business. Regardless of all of that, it is still a blessing to have a comfortable home at the flip of a switch. It's sad that those who have never had to chop wood for heat or sweat it out in a southern summer, don't realize how much of a blessing they receive everyday. Recent news coverage of a 20 hour local power failure was a good example. Even with a local church supplying bottled water and ice to the affected housing complex, risidents were irate that the local utility didn't supply portable cooling stations and transportation to an air conditioned shelter. Mayor visited the complex and called for an investigation! Yesterday, I thought about 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine as we pulled box fans out of storage to prepare to hunker down till repairs could be made. (Didn't know the cause of the AC failure and thus didn't know if repair parts were available locally or would have to be ordered.) Similar thought processes have led to having alternatives (backup plans) in place when famine strikes all types of modern convenience blessings. If (when) the need arises to be able to revert back to life as my grandmother knew it. Not only for ourselves. As Christians, to also remember there are widows and orphans around us. And, to realize there are sluggards among us, too. Further, to pray our Lord will give us "the wisdom to know the difference" if/when that decision has to be made. Thanks for letting me use this thread about the heat to mention 7 & 7 years and our responsibilites for each of them. Are we prepared for famine, not only for us and our family. Can we also offer a cup of water to a thirsty child? Matthew Chapter 25, specifically verse 40 (KJB) 40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. In closing, let all of us who have air conditioning be thankful for this blessing as we go about our day and sleep at night. Lord, may we never take it nor all our other blessings for granted.
  5. Today's high was 98 with heat index of 107-109. Tomorrow 93, then two days of 100 to follow. Lost AC late yesterday afternoon. It was hot inside and outside when I left home this early this morning to help a friend. Work to be done without benefit of AC, BTW. Came home early afternoon to a hot house. AC repair promised for Thursday. Another restless/sleepless night in store. Phone rang. HVAC repairman would be here in 20 minutes. Snapped the old thermostat out of the base and popped in another one. 30 second repair. Cool air! The house is slowly cooling down, as I type. It's truly a blessing to sleep in a cool house at night. On a side note: Thermostat was under warranty. Replacement unit was no charge. Total bill for the service call. $170.00 Service call $89.00 + Replace thermostat labor $81.00 It's still a blessing to sleep in a cool house at night.
  6. John, you said it far better than I can. About 18 months ago I thought I wanted/needed a study Bible. Picked one out and better half gave it to me at Christmas. It's starting to fall apart and will soon be replaced with one only containing scripture and maybe a concordance. 1. Only after receiving it and reading the "fine print" discovered the following. "The Zondervan KJV Study Bible is an adaptation of the Zondervan NASB Study Bible. Both of these titles are adaptations of the NIV Study Bible: 10th Anniversary Edition. The following acknowledgements recognize the contributions of those individuals involved in the development of The NIV Study Bible." "The Zondervan KJV Study Bible is the work of a transdenominational team of conservative Biblical scholars." "Doctrinally, the Zondervan KJV Study Bible reflects traditonal evangelical theology. Where editors were aware of significate differences of opinion on key passages or doctrines, they tried to follow an evenhanded approach by indicating differences." "In finding solutions to problems mentioned in the book introductions, they went only as far as the evidence (Biblical and non-Biblical) could carry them. So what do I have in terms of the "study" portion at the bottom of every page of KJ scriptures? 2. A "study" Bible isn't the one to use in a Bible study class. Far too often the note on a verse references another verse, and sometimes that one references another. While trying to eventually get back to an explaination (note) on a verse, the class instructor has moved on, leaving me behind. In the meantime, what I've missed may be far more important than what's in a study note. 3. I've noticed the same things with regards to people who accept, without question, anything that's put between the covers of a Bible. And the same thing with folks who want to be spoon fed mashed carrots from a baby food jar. It's a sad fact that many professing Christians claim it's too hard to understand the scriptures. Yet, at the same time they know how to use every bell and whistle on their cell phone type gadget. (After owning a cell phone for almost a year, I finally learned how to add contacts this past week.) In a few hours, Sunday school will be in session. If today is like most Sunday's it will soon become apparent that the same issues associated with study Bibles will be in the classroom, too. Those who haven't bothered to read the quarterly lesson. Those who accept without question the lesson commentary, while I want to shout THE BIBLE DOESN'T SAY THAT! Those who quote TV preachers, and other TV "experts" as if they were gospel themselves. And, those who keep looking at their watch. Sorry, I think I got on a rant this morning. I'm just a layman struggling with what I see, read, and hear around me. Can't begin to imagine the struggle of those who will be in the pulpit this morning.
  7. 76 right now (6:05 am). Was 99 yesterday. Thank the Lord this heat wave is to break today and rain is in the forecast for later today. Side note: I grew up on a farm and we didn't have air conditioning. Thus, being able to escape the heat (especially at night) is truly a blessing to be counted. Thank God that He gave mankind the way to escape the heat for eternity.
  8. I have a King James Study Bible, and rarely ever use the "study" part of it. That is once I read the following after buying the Bible. "The Zonderman KJV Study Bible is an adaptation of the Zonderman NASB Study Bible. Both titles use the same basic note structure that appears in the NIV Study Bible, 10th Anniversary Edition." Most of the time I use the following Study Aids: Noah Websters 1828 American Dictionary http://www.1828-dictionary.com/ (Also includes 1913 definitions) Bible Gateway with default set to King James Bible - use as a concordance and to compare scripture in other versions Those are the primary ones that I use. Additionally, here are a few others bookmarked. Archaic King James Words: http://www.christiananswers.net/dictionary/KJVwords.html King James Bible Concordance: http://www.thywordistrue.com/bible_concordance.php King James Dictionary: http://www.biblestudytools.com/dictionaries/king-james-dictionary/ Blue Letter Bible: http://www.blueletterbible.org/ King James Bible on Line Dictionary: http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Free-Bible-Dictionary.php Hope you find something useful for your needs from these.
  9. Isn't that exactly what the fed wants? Give everything to them to setup and manage? Why not just hand over any shreds of states rights that MAY remain to the feds and be done with it?
  10. Powers given regulatory agencies and czars is producing an effective end run around Congress. Its ability to goven is becoming null and void. The same method is being used with the Supreme Court. The "balance of power" between the three branches of government is rapidly disappearing. How long before 2 of the 3 will exist in name only?
  11. That bears repeating with emphasis! As far back as I can remember, our parents gave us as much responsiblity as our age would permit. As the elder of 5, not only did I experience this, I watched it happen as my siblings grew. An often heard phrase: Act your age! You're too old for that.
  12. Do the want a traffic light? Or a bridge to nowhere?
  13. And the rest of the story...... There were multiple victims involved in this teen's activities.
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