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  1. Prayers needed again for me as I've been having strange digestive and intestinal/ colon problems! Haven't been to the doctor yet and fearful of going there!? This has been going on since end of July and just gradually has gotten worse!? I think its medication related!? But not sure!? Thanks Janine Parker
  2. I just want to take this time to Praise God for all he's done for me and my family I ask this IN Jesus's Name Amen
  3. Praying I know what its like to have lost relatives! My family is in a false religion Catholics
  4. Now my Mom needs prayer as she's got low sodium in her blood and is dehydrated and in hospital now too.
  5. Please pray for my dad Terry Stewart as he got knocked down by a door at a business place and broke his hip and they are doing emergency surgery tomm. This is very upsetting as the man that hit him with the door didnt even stop!??
  6. I had my hysterectomy done yesterday April 20th.  All is going well so far!  Praise God!  Thank You all for the prayer  and concerns! God is good all the time!
  7. Thank You all for the prayers!  Praise God!  Now pray i can have surgery as I think I'm getting a cold??
  8. The church is going ok, wish we had more people!  Alot of people in town criticise it for being in a garage but we fixed it up and its very nice!  You cannot even tell its in a garage!
  9. UPdate Praise God!  I haven't been bleeding for around two weeks now!  So I'm not sure if I'm going to go ahead with the hysterectomy or not!?  as I'm only 41??  Thank You all for the prayers!  Please continue to pray for me and the doctors on my situation, so that I make the best decision!  Thank You all!  May God Bless you all!
  10. Hi, My name is Janine and I'm a King James Bible believer, also belong to a Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in Illinois called Messiah Baptist. My husband and I started this church in our garage we fixed up into a church. Small but nice ! Our town was in need of a Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. I am glad to be a part of this site! Thank You
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