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  1. And allow me to say one more thing. My use of color was very much a 'contending for the faith' because it was red and red is a common color at Christmas and red is the color of blood Jesus shed...so you are WRONG on that point, again. As to the font size, I have failing eyesite and I use a large print Bible and it is not uncommon for me to use a page magnifier in tools or use larger font because it is easier for me to read and as a form of emphasis to my posts. Jesus used a 'loud voice' at times; should He have been restriced in the Temple because the religious leaders or administrators of
  2. Read your own words!!!!!! You.....YOU have decided my using of 'red' is an ugly color. Then I suggest you have a problem with God who created the color red and He does not consider it ugly and your own site because colors are available and an alternative to using the normal black as a usual color. You...YOU have decided 'giant fonts' are excessiive. Then, again, I suggest you have a problem with God who created printing of various sizes and He does not consider different forms of expression ugly and your own site because font sizes are available and an alternative to using, what, this
  3. Everything I post on this site is 'contending for the faith'. I don't have or believe I have an exact record of my post which put me on this probation but I can imagine it was my posting on Christmas which if my memory serves I was told and I am paraphrasing not to use 'colors or sizes' in my posts which were considered excessive. As moderator of the site you should have a record of my posts and could relate to me why it was believed I was simply arguing and not fellowshipping. If you know your Bible you may recall the Apostle Paul getting in the face of Peter for talking out of both side
  4. Those who have responded might want to be careful or you might be put on 'moderator queue' as I have been for contending for the faith because the admininistrators of this site believe we are here for fellowship and not arguing which is a definition of contend.
  5. In 2 Peter 2:1 we are told in the last days there will be those who are false teachers and will bring in 'damnable hereresies' and this is an example.
  6. What I am against is false doctrine which Easter and Christmas clearly are. The suggestion I am against Sunday School or Bus Ministries is just nonsensical and having nothing to do with doctrine.
  7. My name is David; I am a blood bought, truth taught, King James Bible reading, Independent, Fundamental, Separated born-again Baptist believer in Jesus Christ. If it is not in Scripture I don't believe it. I don't believe in or practice Christmas, Easter or altar calls because none of it can be supported by Scripture. They are all 'traditions of men' and Jesus called such practice vain and making the Word of God of no effect.
  8. I have heard the 'Romans 14' passage excuse used before and taken out of context the passage will pass for an excuse to celebrate Christmas to 'selfish seekers' who wants God on their terms. Being 'sincere' has never been grounds for acceptable worship of God. Cain was sincere when he brought his offering (Genesis 14:3) and God rejected it. Saul was sincere when he spared the best sheep and oxen (1 Samuel 15) and God rejected it. The Pharisees were sincere when they made the Word of God of none effect with their tradition (Matthew 15, Mark 7) and Jesus rejected it. The rich young ruler w
  9. When you say,' Jesus man was born into existence...' that is a given. I know what Bible says about the birth of Christ. You are straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. I also know my Bible. As for knowing the context of those who celebrate the birth of Christ I know the context. Those people are either ignoring the truth of Scripture, are ignorant of the Scripture or are rebellious and going about developing their own Scripture to support what they believe. I do not have 'distaste' for my brother and sisters but rather grief as Jesus did when He cried, "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, tho
  10. My name is David; it is not my given name but the name I have adopted for personal reasons. I lived the life of the prodigal son spoken about in the Bible but for different reasons. I am 61 and retired at age 50 from being a Federal employee for over 25 years because I was so sick of the corruption. I joined an Independent, Fundamental Baptist church at age 40 (approximately) because it was the closest example of what a New Testament church should be but I left that church 11 years later. I have not joined a congregation since and don't intend to because I believe now even an Independent
  11. Christmas is a 450 billion dollar a year idol in America. It constantly amazes me Independent, Fundamental Baptist churches support this pagan-originated holiday and at the same times say the Bible is their final authority for faith and practice. There is not one verse in Scripture which supports or seems to support the celebration of Christmas. There are so many red flags in Scripture which warns the reader to avoid sin, to avoid being like the heathen, to not love the world,etc. And yet because Christmas is so popular the Christian world eagerly compromises their testimony and rationaliz
  12. It is not Obama that scares me but the idiots who vote for him.
  13. It always bothers me when Catholics call themselves Christians; they either don't know their Bible or are just deceived.
  14. Christmas never has been and never will be Christian. There are two birthdays celebrated in the Bible and both by an evil people and for a wicked ruler; both ended in murder. Christmas is the biggest lie passed on to the Christian church since the serpent deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Bible is full of verses commanding us to not be like the heathen, test the spirits, etc., but Christians still follow this pagan practice because it is popular. The Christian world is a joke to the lost world because the Christian church is being influenced by the world and not the world be
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