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  1. "A little leaven leaventh the whole lump" (Gal 5:9) Steven Anderson is a lot of leaven!
  2. Our Sunday services are live on YouTube. We have a facebook page and a screen behind pastor with messages and reminders. I think it needs to be shut off during the sermon. I don't think it's needed either. All the news, etc. is in the paper bulletin. Thankfully, people viewing online can't see the screen from the lights hanging above. I'm also one who would prefer everyone use a paper Bible. No one is going to learn the order of books on an e-book. We have one lady who specifically uses an e-bible because she has very bad vision, which is fine. But teens and new believers need to learn the basic placings of the Books of the Bible. Which is not possible if all you have to do is enter the verse and it just pops up. But my pastor puts his sermons on a pad and if the pad's not working, he's lost. And we have to wait for it to load, etc. This is the first church where the preacher doesn't go from an actual book. He should print out his highlights and reference so he's not totally dependent on technology. Nothing better to hear when pastor says "please go to such and such" and you hear the ruffling of pages.:)
  3. I ended up taking two laptops to be fixed by a professional. Thankfully, he downloaded Windows 7 on mine. My husband's already had Windows 7, but wasn't working either. He fixed them both. Now I don't even have to deal with Linux again. I remember using it about 11 years ago and had no problems with it then. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  4. When I first got my iphone 6plus, I stupidly uninstalled Safari because I didn't know what it was. I've tried going to the App store and there's no options for reinstalling it. Any ideas to reinstall it?
  5. I think every saved person has lost friends after getting saved. I didn't when I was saved when I was 22. But I was viewed as weird after salvation and couldn't answer questions about Christianity like I could now. After beginning my current IFB, when I started getting serious with my Savior, my Bible learning and my commitment to church however I did lose friends because I didn't believe in any of the new age beliefs (I never did but I was very vocal about it now). My family gives me the most grief, they're saved but liberal churches.
  6. Yes, I recently used Bionic Beaver also on a computer that said I had no OS. It's free downloads. Although I had to order a disk, since I could't open laptop. Worked fine. Definitely takes getting used to! I hate Windows 10 and have been trying to get my other 2 laptops to download back to Windows 7 or 8.1.
  7. It’s not always a low priority or affairs of the world either. When I first attended my church, I was a lot healthier and mobile than I am now. I did as much as I could. And attended every service. I don’t need to list everything I have done with my church. I’m now married and he’s not in good health either. Especially this year, winter has been brutal in northern IL. The cold is very painful for both of us. Our Wednesday service is not until 7pm. Which for us is late. We go to bed between 8-9pm. Services are recorded and we can watch the next day. A lot of our members are elderly and can’t drive at night also. We need to quit judging so much and assume people don’t love God or isn’t a priority. We don’t know the dynamics of every family.
  8. Why wouldn’t they want to be friends with you after you were saved? Were they saved?
  9. I think the main problem is that those preaching and teaching and leading are not truly saved. Making them unable to tell others about the true joy of salvation. Also, if you’re divorced and you’re questioned about and told people’s opinion they don’t believe in divorce or remarriage. Who would come back to be judged by the PAST? It can’t be changed. The worst thing I’ve experienced with IFB is the judgmentalism of being divorced. Nobody knows what I went thru or how hard I worked to keep the marriage. To be looked upon as a failure and unworthiness to be marry again is heartbreaking.
  10. Churches I’ve been to in the past I would call and talk to the pastor. If I were on vacation or move I would look at their website and statement of belief. Like others have said they’re correct that they can be very vague so I would call. I’d be disappointed if I walked into a rock concert or liberal church or female pastor and would just leave.
  11. It usually takes five minutes and $20 online to get a license to perform marriages and call yourself a pastor/ preacher. Sad days in America. People in prison do it all the time
  12. Is there a way I could access OB quickly on my iphone? Is there an app to download? Or any other suggestions? Right now I’m going to google and typing in site and then logging in. There’s got to be a faster way
  13. That’s exactly what happened to my old church. I’d left the area for about 15 years when I returned my old church was replaced by black curtains so it was dark as night in there. Rock concert music, fog machines and singers in mini skirts rocking out with a pastor with punk hair and ripped jeans. I still attended because they had a great youth pastor, who was in his forties and my daughter loved going to all the activities. Then the pastor decided the youth pastor wasnt as hip and cool as he wanted the new image of the church to be and fired him. That caused a split from the older core members from the young crowd. We and a lot of the older crowd left. Discouraged by church politics I didn’t go for a few years until I went to my church now. The church I left has been plagued with infidelity rumors about new pastors and singing directors and the young girls singing on stage. But it remains the same rock concert appealing to the flesh and lust of lost sheep.
  14. I was on here a few years ago and learned a lot! I had trouble for many years getting OB software to work on my laptops and just gave up. Now I don’t have a working computer but am using my iPhone to access OB. Hopefully, I won’t have anymore problems. Looking forward to catching up with users I remember and meeting new ones. I’m no longer a “miss” but a “mrs” happily since 2016!
  15. The other person in a divorce is not always open to reconciling. May already have someone new. May be the reason for the divorce. People shouldn’t be punished the rest of their lives for making mistakes. God forgives. Why don’t Independent Baptist? That’s VERY JUDGMENTAL and very hurtful. Just because you may have never divorced doesn’t mean you or your marriage is perfect. God uses broken people every day. Broken people are a lot more accepting than self righteous pious people looking down their nose to someone divorced.
  16. No, I invite her every Sunday but just excuses. I think maybe the next time our church has a lunch after services she might go, that's when she came last time.
  17. my condolences. sorry for you and your family's loss.
  18. Thank you for prayers! I'm in her hospital room right now. The surgery went well. God is the Great Physician. She was and is in the best hands!
  19. we're to be at the hospital at 6:30 am. So I would assume probably not begin until 8/ 8:30 ish. Thanks for prayers for her!!! I'lll keep you updated.
  20. Please pray for my mother who is 63 and having a total knee replacement done Wed. morning. She has a blood clottiing issue that complicates it also. I'm just very nervous about this surgery in general. Afraid they'll find something like cancer in her or something. She's my best friend forever. I'll be with her during her hospital stay and I will stay at her house a few weeks while she's in recovery. She won't be able to drive for 6 weeks. PLease pray on Wed. morning.
  21. Gas jumped here (Illinois) overnight about 80 cents more a gallon. $2.99. Kicking myself for not filling up when Rose first posted the alert.
  22. You're fooling yourselves if you think the RCC doesn't have the power it once did. Almost all the RCC does is from paganism in it's churches, it's mass, everything. Wolf in sheep's clothing.

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