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  1. I agree with the false teaching or quoting by unlearned Christians that Jesus made alcoholic wine. My other pet peeve it the Judge Not heresy. Nobody seems to know the following verse or that there is righteous judgement.
  2. Growing up, the church I attended only had Sunday morning service (with sunday school). Maybe a lot of people don't realize it's different sermons each time? They don't see the importance of attending as many services as you can. Providing good health. Our church is broadcast live online. So if we miss a sermon we're able to catch up online. Not very many churches at all that do that. Not every one is at the same stage of spiritual growth to want to attend 3-4 times a week. As you grow spiritually, speaking for myself, you can't get enough true Biblical preaching!
  3. I'm looking for suggestions for a daily devotional for my husband and I. We don't have children so that's not a priority in the devotional. I want a devotional that we read a passage or scenario and it has questions for us to both answer to each other. To help better our communication with each other.
  4. My Christmas tree is decorated with little churches, couple angels and almost every ornament has a Bible verse on it. I don't worship it. I didn't cut it down from a forest. I bought it in a box. It's plastic. Everyone who sees it always comments what a great idea for Christians to decorate it with Bible versions.
  5. Good news to report. She and I discovered we both like to color. I like coloring the journal/ art coloring Bibles and she like to color the very detailed coloring books. So for Christmas I got her a journaling/ coloring Bible. She seemed to really like it. She lets me pray for her whenever I want. I hold her hand and she bows her head and closes her eyes. So I don't think she believes in reincarnation that much. Every week I ask her if she wants to come to church with me, she always says no. I asked her many times to come to Christmas eve service. Always said no. I pray I will break her down a
  6. I've become good friends with a lady who lives down my street. I actually met her soulwinning one day just passing out a tract and an invitation for church. She was sitting outside on her porch, which made her easily approachable. The next day, she was sitting outside again and we talked again over many days, just chit chat. She knows church and my Christianity is important to me. Today, she had butterfly suncatcher on her window. I told her how much I love butterflies and how the represent salvation from being a disgusting worm to a beautiful butterfly. I started asking about her religious
  7. I talked to my pastor and they used a $50 word press theme. He learned how to do it on wpbeginner.com You could let a young person, familiar with current technology, set it up for you.
  8. I will ask our pastor who they used. A 14 year old boy runs all our video/facebook/live streaming/youtube live, website, etc.! So it can't be too hard.
  9. Do you (whomever wants to respond) think that miracles, signs, healings and prophecy are still occurring today? I know the IFB position is no. But we all know miracles occur everyday. Speaking for myself, I've had quite a few dreams come to reality. Or are things we see now, such as healings, not necessarily healing miracles, but just the will of God playing out? If the will of God is going to prevail regardless, why continue to pray for a healing or miracle?
  10. We're going thru a old testament devotional this year. Yesterday I read Numbers 5 & 6. It got me thinking. Since the Jewish laws for Israel, particularly talking about Numbers 6 about adulteress and the laws for lepers, the tests worked back then. However, shouldn't it be a sign to the Jews now that the old laws are passed away? Or do they just pick and choose which to follow?
  11. I agree, I usually don't read long posts like that. Usually, they're someone pushing an agenda not embraced on this site so I'm always skeptical. However, I read a little of it, now I'll print it to read whole thing later.
  12. Does anyone know of good apps for IFB on iphone apps? I found FBN radio/ music.
  13. Why waste your time reading or writing fiction? Real life is always better than any fiction story to read. I prefer to read printings, books, etc. that are meant to improve my life with Christ and better understand the Bible. Our church is currently going through the Old Testament this year, day by day.
  14. I do believe in miracles. But catholics have to SEE to believe. That's why there's so many catholic "miracles". Was this a catholic building or church?
  15. Quote


    You may have already answered this question, in that case, I apologize for asking. But what Bible version do you use the most in your personal life? Or your favorite top 3 versions?

    1. robycop3


       I generally use the NKJV the most, but I also use the NASV quite often, and sometimes the KJV. However, I STUDY all the versions I can, to gain a better overview of Scripture from an eclectic mix of translators.

    2. Miss Daisy

      Miss Daisy

      What is the NASV? new amplified simplified version? 

    3. robycop3


      New American Standard Version

  16. If you're still unbelieving, ask God to prove himself to you. ( Mathew 7:7)
  17. A friend of mine who is and has always been IFB, married a supposedly saved man from the church in Indiana, (Hyles). About 3 years ago they married. They courted for 3 full years before marriage. Now he's decides to be a Messianic jew and do all the kosher food and whatever else they observe. Her family thinks he was never saved to begin with to so easily have fallen into their traps.
  18. There's a newer search engine to use that doesn't track and monitor and save all your info like Google does. It's called DuckDuckGo. I've been using it since I found out about it about 6 months ago. I don't get popups like I did with Chrome or yahoo.
  19. Invicta, thanks for the info! Maybe that's what happened with mine. I'll never know but I'll never use a Linux system again until I get a programming degree. ALSO, there's a great new search engine called DuckDuckGo that doesn't save and send your information like Chrome does. No ads pop up either.
  20. Thank you. Yes, your right. They're great parents. On the other side of the family, I have a cousin who had 5 kids, 4 dads. And they were all taken away by CPS rightfully so. The stepdad's teenage son was raping the 10 year old. Very sad. They've all been adopted by other families. But she's not "fixed" and will have another baby I'm sure as soon as she finds a donor. The kids all knew their extended family and were not able to be adopted by any relations because they knew they would see their mother at family functions or knew the mother would find them or the crazy grandmother would. She a
  21. First, let me preface this with the fact my grandmother's funeral is today and we a lot of family in town. Last night, a few of us got together for dinner at the hotel. I have one cousin and his wife which were there with their 6 kids. And his older son. He was going to go into the Catholic priesthood, but just before that, he learned his girlfriend was pregnant. He had one child with her. He married his wife and they now have 6 small children. However, from what I know is he has never been self sufficient, providing for his family on his own. He believes God will provide. And he does. But a
  22. "A little leaven leaventh the whole lump" (Gal 5:9) Steven Anderson is a lot of leaven!
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