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  1. Happy Birthday// May God bless you in a special way



  2. No, I invite her every Sunday but just excuses. I think maybe the next time our church has a lunch after services she might go, that's when she came last time.
  3. my condolences. sorry for you and your family's loss.
  4. Thank you for prayers! I'm in her hospital room right now. The surgery went well. God is the Great Physician. She was and is in the best hands!
  5. we're to be at the hospital at 6:30 am. So I would assume probably not begin until 8/ 8:30 ish. Thanks for prayers for her!!! I'lll keep you updated.
  6. Please pray for my mother who is 63 and having a total knee replacement done Wed. morning. She has a blood clottiing issue that complicates it also. I'm just very nervous about this surgery in general. Afraid they'll find something like cancer in her or something. She's my best friend forever. I'll be with her during her hospital stay and I will stay at her house a few weeks while she's in recovery. She won't be able to drive for 6 weeks. PLease pray on Wed. morning.
  7. Miss Daisy

    Gas Prices

    Gas jumped here (Illinois) overnight about 80 cents more a gallon. $2.99. Kicking myself for not filling up when Rose first posted the alert.
  8. You're fooling yourselves if you think the RCC doesn't have the power it once did. Almost all the RCC does is from paganism in it's churches, it's mass, everything. Wolf in sheep's clothing.
  9. Trump has name recognition on his side. I'll be watching debate tonight.
  10. where do I do this at? I upgraded a few days ago. I don't like having to look for stuff I used to know right where to go. I use google chrome with it, not Edge.
  11. Does anyone have any suggestions for online places to purchase some posters for my Sunday school room? They have to be cheap, because it'll be out of my own pocket. Thanks for any ideas!
  12. do you have to subscribe to get it to play?
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