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  1. She ended up using the typical 2 Corinthian's verses about love. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!
  2. My daughter is getting married in July. She has asked me to say a verse or two. There's no way I can just choose ONE verse! What I'd like to do is talk quickly about the "trinity of marriage", God, man and wife. A way of emphasizing the importance of God being the rock of the relationship and without him in the marriage, it will be very rocky relying on only themselves. Can anyone give me a few references/ verses to back up what I'm trying to say? I have a concordance I'm using looking up key words. Thanks for any advice!
  3. I agree with the false teaching or quoting by unlearned Christians that Jesus made alcoholic wine. My other pet peeve it the Judge Not heresy. Nobody seems to know the following verse or that there is righteous judgement.
  4. I'm looking for suggestions for a daily devotional for my husband and I. We don't have children so that's not a priority in the devotional. I want a devotional that we read a passage or scenario and it has questions for us to both answer to each other. To help better our communication with each other.
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