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  1. I got a vines, it looks pretty good. Thanks everyone!
  2. Bro Ryan


    Im looking for a comfortable bike to ride around town, i live in the downtown area of my town. Id like to cruise around on warm days and get some excersize to.
  3. Thats a pretty neat clip, thanks for sharing
  4. You all have given me some great ideas on places to put some tracts and how to use them. Thank you. :goodpost:
  5. Good posting, I just ordered the strongest strongs concordance, hope I like it! :goodpost:
  6. Wooooow, thats actually kind of funny! I couldnt find it until I read the description telling me where to look.
  7. Im in the promised land, ALABAMA. LOL
  8. Bro Ryan

    Joel Osteen

    Just trying to figure it out? Does he a backbone at all?
  9. Thats hilarious, thats a good one!! :ROFL:
  10. Just something im interested in knowing, Do you think you need to spend more time than you are now?
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