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  1. With total understanding of your concerns, it would seem any tampering with the order and placement of the Scriptures as we have them in the KJV would seem sacrilegious, or even border upon blasphemy. However, as we apply the laws of logic, truth and reality to this issue, we realize that when the original autographs were inspired and put into writing, they were done so without chapter and verse divisions. The original manuscripts also were void of the topical headings most editions of the KJV possess and were doubtless void of the references and cross references that have become so common in the more elite editions of the KJV in print today. That being said, we might also add the order and placement of the books of the Bible that we have come to know and accept as standard in KJV editions are likewise not inspired. It was only the content of the scrolls that was inspired by God. The order of the books as we have them were man made as was the chapter and verse divisions of each of those books. These works concerning the order of the books of the Bible and the addition of the chapter and verse additions were all created as editions to make the study, memorization and reference to the Scriptures more easy and clearer to understand. What Brother Reese has done has in no way tampered or in any way compromised the truth or the inerrancy of the of the holy writ any more than what was done by the early church fathers when they placed the books of the Bible in their categorical order and then inserted the chapter and verse divisions. He has simply taken the work of earlier scholars such as James Ussher who documented the chronology of the events recorded in the Scriptures with data and references that are no longer available for study. Mr. Ussher's work has been accepted as most accurate by a host of scholars of history who by philosophical nature view history from the Christian or honest and true perspective and that not tainted by philosophies more narrowly drawn from the perspective of atheist or agnostic who do not believe in the existence of a Supreme Being or an Intelligent Creator of all matter and life. Many of those historians who have accepted Mr. Ussher's work as reliable were not of the Christian persuasion or of the Jewish faith, but were men who saw history and its chronology as being congruent with the record of the Bible. The great value I have found in reading Brother Reese's work in the Reese Chronological Bible is the placement of the Word of the prophets, psalmists, our Lord and the apostles in the timeline of events as they happened. For example, it is most interesting to read Mr. Reese's placement of the Psalms of David in their chronological order with the events in the life of David. In many cases one would have thought David would have written words of praise during the events of success in his life, but more often than not, Mr. Reese, through his deep, thorough and most accurate research has these psalms placed during some of the darkest moments of David's experience. I have found the Reese Chronological Bible to be of tremendous value to me in my personal Bible Study, in the value of how the Lord dealt with David spiritually during these times has been of unfathomable worth to me in the encouragement and confidence I have in the Lord to speak, guide and encourage me through the times of trial and difficulty He in His providential wisdom has appointed me to experience. I challenge you simply to read and examine this work and see for yourself if it will not be a blessing to you in your relationship with the Lord. I suppose one reason we have so many various translations and versions of the Scriptures themselves on the market presently is due to the variety of personality and understanding of individuals. Personally, I trust the King James Version and the Greek text from which it was translated as being the preserved standard of the Word of God. I arrive at this conclusion for several different reasons. One is the character, the organizational structure of the translation project, and the spirituality and character of the translators themselves. Another is the text of original languages these translators used as their source from which to translate the Word of God into the English language, the Textus Receptus or the Received Text. Another is the historical blessing of anointing of God's Spirit upon this translation as compared with that of every other available translation. There are a host of scholars who will laugh until they hurt when they read this post, but my godly father taught me from childhood that "the proof was always in the pudding", and that any wise person will not argue with obvious success. I do possess copies of nearly every English translation of the Bible, including several paraphrased editions of the Bible. I do study these translations and paraphrases but always "in light of" the KJV as being the authoritative text. Each time I enter the pulpit and preach the message God has urged and unctioned me to deliver, I use the KJV as my primary text. I have found the Reese Chronological Bible to be an invaluable resource in sermon preparation in placing the Scriptures in a most proper perspective in time and events. I highly recommend it to you for your personal Bible Study and for your preparation for preaching or teaching if you are charged with such responsibilities. I met Brother Reese personally many, many years ago when I was a student at Hyles/Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana, where he was a current member of the faculty at the time. I am almost certain he was in the process of compiling the edition of his chronological work at the time. I found him to be a most dedicated student of the Word of God and a most committed man of God to Jesus Christ, a man who displayed every day and every moment a close, unabated and intimate love relationship with Jesus Christ. He was a person of greatest integrity and character. I am persuaded to believe he performed this work out of his deeply abiding relationship with the Lord Jesus and that is precisely why the Lord has blessed it so much since its publication. The pundits will criticize this work, the skeptics will question it, and the authorities will probably continue to be jealous of its propagation, nevertheless, it's record stands, and has stood the test of time, just as the testimony and commitment to Christ of Brother Reese has stood the test of time. Perhaps this work is not meant for you, perhaps it is not meant for everyone, but only some. I would like to think of it that way. But in my reading of this volume in its entirety several times over, I have yet to find one place where I felt the editor was in error or where I would have disagreed with his placement of the Word of the Lord in any chronological setting. I could be wrong, I am far from being an authority on such matters, but I know this, I have listened to the arguments of several who are considered authorities or experts in this field, as they found items of disagreements with Brother Reese's placements of the Scriptures in various places of chronological point. After hearing their opinion, I was not persuaded in the very least to agree with their professional opinion, for the most they convinced me of was that from the beginning of his publication of this work they felt intimidated and challenged by it and thus set about to attempt to discredit it as much as they could. Again, I could be very wrong in my accessing of this work, but what I have posted tonight, I have posted with an honest heart that is without prejudice or prefixed agenda. May our dear Lord bless you, guide you and clarify your questions regarding this issue. .

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