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  1. that is a great question, I'll be looking forward to the answers
  2. Since I wrote the former post I have discussed my thoughts with my new pastor and found out that he doesn't like the plan either. He has started a soul winning class that I am now attending so soon I will be more confident in speaking. It is great to know that our job is to tell and the Holy Spirits job is to convict and save. It was also great to avoid the troublesome confrontation.
  3. I don't know who Cloud is, but I've been to Chappel's church, I didn't see anything wrong with the music there and I am very strict on music. I think that CCM really needs to be defined though, some music that use to be considered CCM is really not that bad compared to the CCM today. We really need to remember sometimes that alot of our old hymns were sung to the tunes of the bar music Some southern gospel is the same music that I danced to in country bars. By the way, where is Cloud from?
  4. It's a great plan for door to door but it needs to be tweeked a bit.
  5. I don't think that they are getting 'lost' before they get 'saved'. The gospel plan is good but I don't think they are establishing what sin is, and I don't like the ' now so and so, 'if you will trust Jesus to take you to heaven when you die, just bow your head and close your eyes with me right now...(bowing head) ...now if you mean this with all your heart say this prayer after me' bit Maybe I'm making to much of it, but I feel as if they should be told what sin is (disobeying God) instead of just doing something wrong' .
  6. I just got back from soul winning and should be rejoiceing since five people said the sinners prayer; I just wish I could believe that they really got saved
  7. Singing I usually don't sing anything but what's in our hymnals but would like some songs other than those. Thanks for the links
  8. I tried restoring the laptop again and it didn't do any good. it was about twenty years old anyway so I purchased a new one today. I too don't really care for win 7 but then I didn't like win 98 or xp either. I hate getting use to new things
  9. well it is over ten years old so it's probably time, it's a shame, it was a nice computer
  10. I restored as new. I tried doing it again but it won't stay on long enough to run the disk
  11. Where is a good place to purchase Christian sheet music?
  12. I have an old Toshiba Sattelite that is giving me fits. I used the restore disks on it and now it keeps rebooting itself down at will. Any ideas or is it time to buy a new one?
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