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  1. Hahaha! I tried it first at a restaurant -- it had plenty of spice (yummy) and it was also rich. When I go to France one of these days, I'll be sure to pick some up. :)
  2. Thx -- this sounds delicious. Will try it and report back. :)
  3. Does anyone know of a recipe for bread pudding? I like it but have never made it before and I would like to try it for Christmas dinner. Thx.
  4. Did not know that. Thx.
  5. Great! You are new and nice. I tried to send a message to u but I have not been able to figure out how using the Kindle yet. :| Please feel free to send them to me if u care to. Oh btw my name is Myrna. ;)
  6. Amen! I noticed some of the items u have poated -- I've got lot's of reading to catch up on. Just when I thought I was the only soul who likes to read . . . :)
  7. ok . . . at first i was ready to say no way Wow - what a wonderful spirit-inspired way to deliver eternal security! i read the first chapter and i'm buying it! Blessings all around to those who read it.
  8. Funny thing . . . my preference is to read the bible KJV. I really don't see the point to the other versions out there except to water down the truth of God's Word. I read classic Christian fiction and non-fiction, good sermons, history, etc. Very multifaceted in my reading. However, whatever I read must pass through the filter of the only truth there is -- the truth of God's Word. All scripture is profitable . . . pls forgive the way I operate here on the technical side . . . working from a Kindle . . . only device i have for internet use. . . ;)
  9. I just want to say hello to everyone!! Hmmm about me . . . am a little timid but I do love the Lord, love my church home (Indpendence Baptist of Clinton) and I love to read.

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