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  1. On Saturday, August 10th, 2019...my Dad passed away from this life into the loving rest of Jesus Christ.

    This was also my dear wife's birthday. Though he hasn't known who I was for several years, he still had the same loving and happy disposition as before. 

    I count myself blessed to have been the son of this great man. He was my teacher, my inspiration, and my hero...he was...

    ...my Dad.

    Dear Lord, thank you for allowing me to be his son.

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    2. HappyChristian


      Oh, NoNi - I am truly sorry for your loss, but so thankful you know where he is. And I'm thankful you have the memories that you do.

    3. DaveW


      Hey brother, I will be praying for you.

      Another friend of mine's dad went to be with the Lord last Wednesday - another great saint unrecognised by most, but known by the Lord, a faithful servant of the Lord.

      These are the ones who many never hear about but who faithfully serve the Lord, not for the recognition of men, but for the glory of the Lord. Men like these will hear those words "Well done thou good and faithful servant.."

    4. No Nicolaitans
  2. Hmmm...quiet here again, but I'm not saying anything this time...I learned my lesson. :laugh:

  3. The crickets have begun to chirp...


    Where're the heretics when you need them? LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

    1. 1Timothy115


      Where are the boys who pervert the sheep? They're under the haystack fast asleep!

      If that were only true. However its more likely they're plotting how to fleece the sheep.

    2. DaveW


      Hey NN - you just had to ask, didn't you???????


    3. No Nicolaitans
  4. Alright all you heresy-huggers...I may not be active on here right now, but I'm still watching. :)

  5. Sometimes, I just have to step away from all of the theological discussions and disagreements and just ponder the wonder that Jesus Christ died for me. In that simple truth lies the deepest comfort one can know.

  6. Just happened to see that today is your birthday! Happy Birthday my friend!

    1. HappyChristian


      Happy birthday, Dave!


    2. DaveW


      Why thank you both. ;)

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