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  1. UGC, I only quoted you to make sure you were notified. I owe you an apology. When I said the following... ...I assumed that you were the one who edited out the foul language. It has been brought to my attention that it wasn't you who edited it out. So...I do apologize for attributing that to you when it wasn't you. However... Shame on you for using foul language. Personally, I never saw the foul language that you used...and I'm glad that I didn't. I don't need someone...especially someone who claims to be a Christian...putting thoughts in my mind that wouldn't have been there before. Is the use of offensive and foul language part of your cultural relevance...or is a part of you? You know...you have to get on their level...their culture...in order to be able to connect with them and teach them? If so, I find that quite interesting. I've talked with gang members, murderers, rapists, active military, and homeless people (just to name a few). Strange that I never had to use dirty, foul, and offensive language in order to be "relevant" to the "culture" that I was dealing with. Hey! The Ebonics bible and The Message are "culturally relevant". ...ah, but then again, what do I know? I need more life experience according to you. By the way..."cultural relevancy" is a worldly philosophy that goes much deeper than "to the Jew, I became as a Jew, etc"...but it sounds impressive to use that terminology. Now...as you've intimated twice in this thread...first, that you were going to step away from this forum (even though you didn't). Secondly, you said in your last post (so far) that you're going to step away from this thread. Well, I'm actually going to. So if you want to respond to this or my previous post, feel free to have the last word. Contend me in my place. Carry on...
  2. Back to the topic... These foods do not belong together... Vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup ...so if anyone needs to get rid of them, send them to me, and I'll take care of them for you.
  3. Well...I hate to have to admit this, but my assessment of you appears to be correct...and I was hoping that I may have been wrong. I was cautious about your style of interacting with others here, but I actually agree with some of what you say. However, you've lost me now. You have no idea who Scott Markle is, do you? You obviously don't, because of your own words. In your gusto to "contend", you have made some very misguided judgments against Scott that come no where even remotely close to the truth. You maligned his character (which is above reproach). You maligned his biblical knowledge (which is vast). You maligned his intent (which is honorable and godly). You maligned his methodology (which is biblical). You basically maligned the whole man when you didn't have a clue what he believes or promotes. Oh yeah...you "contended" alright. You really showed him. ...and you showed us your folly. Shame on you. Perhaps next time you might want to back off from being so quick to be contentious...I mean so quick to "contend"...before you stick your other foot in your mouth.
  4. Hebrew National for the win! There are no better! Thank you HC! It's nice to have someone BUTTER me up instead of trying to EGG me into a sustenance battle. I RELISH that, so thank you!
  5. Gregg, the examples that you've given had to do with earthly/physical happenings. Salvation is spiritual. Man can do nothing of his own merit or works to earn salvation, nor can his merits or works cause him to remain saved or cause the loss of salvation. His merits and works can make his relationship with God stronger, or his merits and works can break his fellowship with God...but not his relationship with God. The word "saved" is an interesting word...it is a past-tense verb that defines past, present, and future happenings... I was "saved" many years ago. I am "saved" today. I will be "saved" in the future. No man can pluck us from his hand...and "no man" includes our self. Christ said that if any man will come to him, he will not cast them out. To say that we can lose salvation is to say that Christ is a sinner. Lying is a sin.
  6. BALONEY! Please allow me to LEEK a little iinformation for you. The last THYME that I MUSTARD enough energy to KETCHUP on important things in life, it was needful, because I had been working 12-16 hours a day...7 days a week...for several years. I had to STEW over my predicament for quite some time afterward. I was tired, and my countenance was PASTE-like. LETTUCE move beyond this. Perhaps we can learn to SQUASH our differences, and STEAK a claim; in that, to KETCHUP or not to KETCHUP...there is no question. We all must KETCHUP on some things at some point. Posted with love, respect, and admiration to my brothers and sisters of Online Baptist. If I could give you each a FLOUR, I would. Respectfully, NN
  7. I use the verb "intimate" (mAte...as opposed to mUt) and its various tenses. DaveW is an Australian; perhaps "intimate" (and its various tenses) are normal parts of daily conversation in Australia. I have to say...though I can't speak for others...when I read DaveW's post; in which, he used the verb "intimating"...it was plain to me what was meant. It read perfectly and succinctly with what he was trying to convey. Sometimes...especially when trying to stand up for biblical values and righteousness in this day and age...we all to often...purposefully...look for sin to combat in every nook and cranny...when it's not warranted. I'm guilty of it myself...
  8. HERESY! My dad...being the good parent that he was...made me eat beets once. Before I did, I asked him to please not make me eat them; I'll throw up if I do. Of course, he thought I was just trying to get out of eating them, so he made me go ahead and eat them. I'll spare the details, but he never made me eat them again. ...and I haven't eaten another bite of them since. By the way...ketchup is the chief gourmet condiment of the United States.
  9. Okay. I'm done now...I may have gone a little overboard. Sorry. I'll ketchup with you later.
  10. Alright all you ketchup haters...ketchup antagonists...ketchup dismissifiers! What'cha you gonna do when you need to... Ketchup on your family time? Ketchup on your homework? Ketchup on your bible reading? Ketchup on your to-do list? Ketchup on your sleep? See...you can't deny it. Ketchup goes with everything!
  11. That's it! I'm starting a new movement...a new charity...a new cause! Save the Ketchup Donations accepted at nonicolaitans.org to help save ketchup from extinction.

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