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  1. It seems a little negative, but I'm sure y'all can agree they did a pretty good job on this one
  2. Perhaps the IFB logo could be smaller on the front and fit the first sentence on the front as well :smug:
  3. I can't say that ALL rock is evil but much of it is such as Black Metal, Death Metal, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and several other groups and genres that have been associated with devil worship and anti-Christian morals. Its best to stay away from rock but not judge those who listen.
  4. No where in the Bible does it say honour thy father-in-law and thy mother-in-law
  5. They were brother and sister - that is plain disgusting. The young woman I speak of is not the man's sister!
  6. Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. As for the laws that were "specific to ancient Israel" were the ten commandments not a part of these laws? Lets just lie and dishonor our parents all we want, right? is that what youre saying? Sorry I just dont get your way of thinking
  7. A pastor? Could have fooled me, but okay I apologize. I will delete the above 2 posts.
  8. I know this is a sensitive subject, but I was curious none-the-less. Which is a bigger threat to Christianity and humanity - Catholicism or Islam. As far as I'm concerned Catholicism is a bigger threat considering all those little boys who got molested and the fact that the Pope is the False Prophet. However perhaps Obama being the anti-Christ is worse. Opinions?
  9. I agree 100%. I'm not sure where I read this but apparently there was a study showing that the majority of muslims and catholics have mental conditions.
  10. According to the Creation Museum, Canaan and his descendants populated Africa. As far as you insuating that I'm a racist, I am most certainly not! And regardless God instructs us to judge
  11. The difference with what I said and what you said is that what I said is a joke. You implied that men are stupider than women even though our Lord made man first. Want to blaspheme the Lord anymore?
  12. First off, sex before marriage is sin. I'm not saying that I agree with rape because I dont but the Bible says nothing about rape being a sin. I dont mean to question whether you are a true Baptist, but it seems that you don't know your bible too well. Nothing a good long read and a few prayer sessions wont help. I seem suspect? I'm not too sure what you mean boy but I hope you find your answers.
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